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Rachel's Park Memorial National Vision
 Operation Save America


Rachel's Park Memorial
National Vision

"They have also healed the wound of my people slightly, saying,
'Peace, peace!' when there is no peace." (Jeremiah 6:14)

Operation Save America is now the official covering for the Rachel's Park Memorial national vision. The Church of Jesus Christ and Pro-life ministries have an opportunity to prepare for unprecedented ministry opportunities as abortion comes to its inevitable demise. According to Life Dynamics, in 1991, there were over 2000 abortion mills operating their grisly trade in America. Today, there are less than 800 furthering the American holocaust. Without any laws being passed to ban abortion, clearly the gates of hell are not prevailing against God's minute, obedient Church.

This battle is drawing to a close and abortion will go the way of every other tyrannical, murderous, and oppressive system. At some point, America will have to come to grips with our complicity and complacency concerning this grave evil against our own defenseless children. Many will be reminded of this horrendous sin against God and their brutal crime against their own nameless sons and daughters. Thus this deep, festering wound that has polluted and defiled our beloved land must be adequately cared for. We must not find ourselves in a position that the prophet Jeremiah warned against, "They have also healed the wound of my people slightly."

Rachel's Park Memorial is specifically designed to deal with the deadly wound abortion has afflicted against our children, the family, the Church, our government, and our culture. In Waco, TX, even as I write, the first Rachel's Park Memorial is being constructed. Church on the Rock and my Pastor John Wachsmann donated a couple of acres of Church land to help make this dream become a reality. This first park, we pray, will serve as a model and proto-type for others to emulate. Our goal is to see the vision and mission of Rachel's Park Memorial spread throughout America, one park in each state of the Union.

To those who may be interested in seeing a Rachel's Park Memorial built in your state, we are providing a four-fold vision statement, a layout of the park, and the inspiring testimony that sparked the vision and mission of Rachel's Park Memorial. Let us know how we can serve to help establish this ministry in your area. For more information contact Rusty Thomas, assistant to Flip Benham of Operation Save America at (254) 836-1037-(Home) (254) 498-5100-(Cell) or you can e-mail me at elijahmin@ifriendly.com.

Four-fold Vision for Rache's Park Memorial Layout for Rachel's Park Memorial Inspiring Testimony of Rachel's Park Memorial