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Newsletters 2000

December 2000

Our Christian Mandate to End the Murder of the Innocent
The Great Divide in Our Nation
Chaos in Palm Beach
Gospel Confrontation at Willow Creek Church
The Hollow Men of Willow Creek
Willow is Not at War With the Devil; Just in Disagreement
The Problem is Not Just at Willow Creek
The Folks at Willow Were Nice - Sort of.
Theology Became Biography Once Again at Willow
28th Roe Memorial, January 19-22, Cleveland, Ohio

November 2000
Passing the Cross of Christ to Future Generations
2001 Bible Reading Schedule
It Takes A Village to Kill A Child! FDA Approval of RU486
Physicians Dispensing RU 486 Will Be Exposed
Thanksgiving, A Day to Remember
Upcoming Events

October 2000
Welcome to the Gentle Revolution!
Radical Homosexual Pastor Presses Charges against National Director of Operation Rescue
In Birmingham, Alabama...
In Bridgeport, Connecticut...
In St. Louis, Missouri....
The Treachery at Willow Creek Church Continues - We will storm the gates in Chicago, October 22, 2000
Update On the Benham Twins
Upcoming Events

September 2000
Theology Becomes Biography at the Gateway to the West
Treachery at Willow Creek Church
History, A Forgotten Lesson
Who Stands Fast?
Let's Finish It! - Return to Wichita, 2000 Summer Event

June 2000
Storming the Gates of Hell in Washington, DC
The Gates of the Church
The Gates of the Court
Spiritual and Practical Implications of these Two Cases
Gospel Confrontation in St. Louis - The Battle Waits for You!

May 2000
Storming the Gates in St. Louis, July 30 - August 5, 2000
Event Speakers
Hotel Accomodations
Bringing the Gospel to the Gates of the United States Supreme Court
Clinton Administration Weighing in on Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
Christians Denied First Amendment Rights
United States of America vs. Operation Rescue, May 15, 2000

April 2000
National Event in St. Louis, Missouri, July 30 - August 5,2000
"Washington University", St. Louis - We Gave 'Em Heaven!!!!
CDC to Bring the Church to the U.S. Supreme Court
Update on Dayton FACE Case

March 2000
God at Work in Dayton, Ohio Face Case
A Week for Life at Moody Bible Institute
God is Going Back to School, March 1, 2000
A Congressional Outrage - U.S.Senate Abandons Christian Witness
Lessons Not Learned from Columbine
operationsaveamerica.org - Our New Awesome Website!

February 2000
Finally, A Truly Pro-Life Long Distance Phone Carrier
Thank You for Helping John Reyes With His Tuition
Roe Meets Wade in Court
Flip Benham Speaks at Moody Bible Institute
Upcoming Events

January 2000
A Thank You from Gentle Warrior, John Reyes
The Department of Justice Bows to the Hand of Almighty God
Wisdom for the Republican Primaries