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Barnes and Noble at Plano, Texas

ORN Press Release

Our sign.

Our sign under their sign.

Our sign beside a busy intersection.

Our sign in front of their store.

Barnes and Noble Confronted at Plano, Texas

Mothers and fathers confronted the Barnes&Noble Bookstore in Plano,Texas on December 2, 1998 concerning its blatant sale of child pornography. Photography books by David Hamilton, Sally Mann, and Jock Sturges were ordered and purchased at the store. The Plano Child Exploitation unit was called and the felony crime reported. Unfortunately, the Plano police found nothing illegal with the edited pictures you see on this web site. We showed them the unedited version and they still were unmoved. When a 32 year old man is mounting a 14 year old girl - somebody needs to say something! Not the Plano police. Needless to say, the mothers and fathers who brought this child pornography to the attention of their local police were appalled at the department's lack of concern. The Plano parents passed out brochures revealing the truth of what is being sold in Barnes & Noble and held a huge 10x20 foot banner in front of the store. The Gospel was proclaimed. Little children had a defense. The gates of hell were once again confronted.

Plano Police Department contact information:
Plano Police Department
PO Box 860358
Plano, TX 75086-0358
Phone: 972-424-5678

Plano Star News Article
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Two Plano Police
Plano police...
Three Plano Police
...irritated at us because...
Two Plano Police and a guy
...we were making a big deal about...
Two Plano Police
...children being molested.