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Press Conference at MS' Last Abortion Mill


March 30, 2006

Operation Save America, formerly known as Operation Rescue, will conduct a press conference at Mississippi's “last abortion mill,” in Jackson, Mississippi. Operation Save America, the leading pro-life “action” organization in the nation, has been leading gentle Christians to stand for Jesus in front of abortion mills for over 15 years, resulting in over 70,000 peaceful non-violent arrests.

We will be calling Christians from across America to come to Jackson, July 15-22, 2006, in an “all out” effort to make Mississippi the first “abortion free ” state in America. “We will not wait for the President, Congress or the Supreme Court to end abortion. Abortion is not a political issue – It is a Gospel issue. Rev. Flip Benham, Director, Operation Save America.

Relying on elected officials to fight the battle that is reserved for the Church of Jesus Christ is futile. Presidents, congressmen and judges will not, and can not, slay the giants of our day. This job belongs to another – Jesus Christ. It is through those who have truly heard His voice and are unashamed of His Name, that the battle will be won!

What:       Press Conference
Where:     Jackson Women's Health, 2903 N. State St, Jackson, Mississippi
When:       Friday March 31, 2006
Time:        11:00 AM
Web:         Operationsaveamerica.org
Contact:    Rev. Flip Benham, in Jackson 980- 722-4920
                 Pat McEwen – (office) 321-726 -0444 (cell) 321-431-3962