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Katrina and Rita - Can You Hear Me Now?


September 23, 2005


  Katrina and Rita – Can You Hear Me Now?

    “God is roaring to us in America!  Can we hear Him now?” asked Rev. Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Save America.  “This time He is using Rita to get our attention.  He has something to say to a nation that has “legalized” child sacrifice.  His mercy and patience with us is nearing an end.  We have been warned, we have experienced His judgments, yet we have been slow to listen.  We must end abortion now or suffer the ever increasing consequences.”

“Our call as a nation is to repent – not to rebuild !  For those who are shouting into the wind ‘rebuild, rebuild,' we have one word – REPENT!   Jesus said the same when confronted with the major disasters of His day, …unless you repent, you too will likewise perish.' (Luke 13: 1-5).  A nation built upon the principles found in the Bible, and blessed beyond all comprehension by the God of the Bible (Jesus), cannot expect continued blessing when it sheds the blood of innocent pre-born children.” 

“When we kill His unborn children, euthanize the lame, handicapped, and old, elevate false gods to equality with Him, and parade homosexual sin like Sodom, we are dragging God's Name through the sewer of our own sin.  He will not be silent.  How can we possibly hope to avoid His wrath?  How can we not see His hand of judgment upon our land?  What utter arrogance, what utter ignorance of the God of the Scripture.”  

<> A point to ponder:  God has more disaster than our federal government has relief!

Can you hear Me Now?  Try 2 Chronicles 7:14.

For more information:  Rev. Flip Benham (980) 722-4920