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William Rehnquist to Retire – the Republican Fix is On


July 8, 2005

William Rehnquist to Retire – the Republican Fix is On

“Note well, it was to the surprise of all that Sandra Day O'Connor was the first to retire from the Supreme Court.” Said Rev. Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America. “In truth her retirement was a well-choreographed maneuver. It tested the waters to find out how the conservative base would react to the nomination of Alberto R. Gonzales. The reaction was not good. But, with the retirement of William Rehnquist, the way is now paved for Alberto Gonzales to be nominated by President Bush to fill one of the vacancies on the Supreme Court.”

Pretty Slick! President Bush is now able to appease both sides of the aisle. This is what he did so well as governor of Texas. He appeases his conservative base by giving it a strong conservative voice (strict constructionist) to replace Rehnquist, while placating the Democrats by giving them Alberto R. Gonzales.

Bottom Line: “The Supreme Court of the United States of America will be left in exactly the same ideological shape as it was before the vacancies of O'Connor and Rehnquist.”

Sure the Democrats will howl foul over any nomination the President places before them. That's what they do best. But all that howling will be tongue in cheek. “ For they know they will have preserved the Supreme Court of the United States of America to continue promoting abortion, homosexuality, and removing every vestige of Christianity from the public domain.”

Reminiscent isn't it, of what Senator Minority Leader Reid did when he backed down the Republican majority who were threatening to change filibuster rules? He howled before the cameras at how much the Democrats had given up to maintain the collegiality and integrity of the Senate and then laughed all the way home.

When will we Christians learn that we cannot depend upon Republicans to fight our Lord's battles!

For More Information: Rev Flip Benham (980-722-4920)