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Woman leaves Tiller's by Ambulance –Code Blue
Witnesses of Incident Being Harassed!!!

Press Conference -TODAY – Tuesday – January 25th,
12 o'clock – noon at Tiller's clinic 5101 E. Kellogg
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America
Contact:Pastor Mark Hollick 316-303-0095
Donna Lippoldt 316-516-0777

Woman leaves Tiller's by Ambulance –Code Blue
Witnesses of Incident Being Harassed!!!

On the morning of January 13th, a woman from George Tiller's clinic was transported to Wesley Hospital with her condition being reported as “Code Blue.” The Sidewalk Counselors who were at the scene took pictures and observed (Sidewalk Counselors are pro-life women who stand outside of the abortion clinic offering literature and free assistance to the patients going in).

By medical definition, “Code Blue” means the patient is being resuscitated and is in critical condition with no vital signs. The ambulance arrived at the scene of the “Code Blue” call with neither lights nor sirens on per the request of abortionist Tiller's staff. The clinic staff that placed the call to 911 was also extremely evasive with the 911 dispatcher and refused to give basic requested information.

(Operation Rescue/Operation Save America is able to provide the 911 C.D. and transcript from this incident at the press conference. Also, pictures taken at the scene.)

One week after the above mentioned incident, the city police met with Tiller and possibly his attorney. According to Wichita city police, Tiller has demanded that the city suppress the Sidewalk Counselors first amendment rights by banishing them from part of the public sidewalk where they have been able to offer help for almost fourteen years. The city police have agreed to follow Tiller's demands. Subsequently they have warned and threatened the Sidewalk Counselors who simply offer compassion to women in crisis pregnancy situations.

I've been sidewalk counseling for almost 14 years, and I don't intend to be intimidated by George, his attorney, or the City of Wichita. We've sued the city and won before, it looks like we're headed that way again.” Donna Lippoldt – Administrator of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America

“This is chilling, to think that the city of Wichita is protecting George Tiller from people who are representing churches in this community, by offering alternatives to abortion. We will not succumb to threats by this city that has treated pro-lifers unfairly for years. Maybe it's time to bring all the national leaders of Operation Rescue back to Wichita .” Pastor Mark Hollick