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December 1999 Newsletter

Merry Christmas!

Thank you so very much for your prayers and support over the past year. We are grateful to our Lord to run the race of faith with friends like you. Whenever we are together, allowing theology to become biography at the gates of hell, our hearts are encouraged and the battle we fight seems filled with joy. That is because you are there. You have allowed the miracle of Christmas to take place daily at abortion mills, schools, city halls, courts, the halls of Congress, and the streets in every city. Yes, you have allowed the Word of God to become flesh through your very person. Please take time this Christmas season, gentle warriors, to allow the Christmas miracle to be born afresh in you. Allow the Lord who saved you to refresh your spirit with the fit of His Son Jesus. Enjoy Him!

The Miracle of Christmas Moving in the Lynchburg City Jail

John Reyes has allowed his theology to become biography in the Lynchburg city Jail and 12 men have already given their hearts to Christ while 17 others have rededicated their lives to Him. John begins his mornings by meeting with several of the men for prayer at 7 a.m. At 9 a.m. he does a Bible study through the book of Proverbs. At 12:15 p.m. (Jerry Springer is on television at this time) John does another Bible study. God's Word is becoming flesh in the city jail. The is the Christmas miracle. We are certain that many of the guys and officials in the jail will be sad to see John leave. Our prayer is that he will be released by December 1, 1999. See the John Reyes update page for latest information here.

The United States Department of Justice Filled with Fury

In its relentless pursuit to silence the Gospel of Jesus Christ out side child-killings centers, the Justice Department is bringing several of us to trial in Washington, D.C., on December 9 for alleged violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) law. As with the Dayton, Ohio FACE case, to be tried in February of next year, the Justice Department has been less that discreet in its desire to smash and obliterate Operation Rescue. It is seeking a national injunction against all of us that we may never again go near an abortion mill in this country. In seeking to repent the miracle of Christmas from taking place at a abortion mills (the Word of God becoming flesh_, the United States Department of Justice finds itself shaking its fist in the face of Almighty God! This is probably not a good idea.

Homosexuality vs. Christianity...Should we build bridges or storm the gates?

Mel White, a strident advocate for homosexual rights, an ordained clergyman, and a member of the Metropolitan Community Church, led his band of "merry men and women" to Pastor Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist church on Sunday morning, October 24, 1999. The ostensible purpose for his visit was to stop the violence being perpetrated upon the homosexual community by the Christian Church. For Mr. White thought meant demanding that Pastor Falwell stop proclaiming homosexuality to be a sin that leads to spiritual and physical death. IN white's mind, this kind of rhetoric is spiritual violence that leads to hate crimes. God's Word has become a hate crime?

Unfortunately, Pastor Falwell was lured into meeting with MR. White and invited him and his "Soulforce" (200 men and women of the homosexual clergy and laity) to attend Sunday services at Thomas Road Baptist Church. With good intentions, Pastor Falwell attempted to build a Gospel bridge to White and the homosexual community. In attempting to "build a bridge", however, he inadvertently muddied the spring of the Gospel of Christ for many.

Naturally, the media interpreted the meeting as a desire to find " common ground" between homosexuality and Christianity. "Disagreeing, Agreeably," blurted the Headlines. The picture on the front page of the Lynchburg News and Advance portrayed White and his "Soulfoce" singing and praising the Lord along with the worshipers at Thomas Road Baptist Church.

The homosexual community felt quite at home at Thomas Road - how sad! They were there not so much to seek God as to spread an insidious lie. These ravenous wolves were allowed to join the flock and they didn't even have to wear sheep's clothing. They listened attentively to Pastor Falwell's sermon from Proverbs 13 and uttered several amens. They left the service that morning knowing that they had accomplished their mission. Their longtime adversary, Jerry Falwell of Teltubbies infamy, had appeared to become an approving friend.

This, of course, was totally untrue but it appeared to be so. Pastor Falwell does not tolerate the homosexual lie. He has worked long and hard to speak the truth concerning homosexual sin and its homosexual lie. He has worked long and hard to speak the truth concerning homosexual sin and its devastating effects. He has stood on God's Word and been the instrument God has used to usher many enslaved in homosexuality to freedom in Christ. but, in his desire to appear reasonable and loving, he built a bridge to the enemy's camp and he and his church fell into a well-laid trap.

For the homosexual community, appearance is everything! With the help of the media, , it appeared that Pastor Falwell was lending his approval to Mel White and his wolves. The homosexual lie again received national prominence. The media was a most willing dupe to make the facade appear real.

This is what inevitably happens when one attempts to "build bridges" into the enemy's camp. The purity of the Gospel message becomes muddied. Rather than allowing Gods' word to stand on its own in the denomination of is, we attempt to soften the message to make it more palatable to those it is supposed to convict. In an effort to be nicer than Jesus, we strip the Word of God of its convicting power to turn men from sin, and we allow them to wallow in it, "loving" them all the way to eternal damnation. We call this love, but God calls it hate! Lev. 19:17; Pr. 27:5-6.

"...For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?" 1 Cor. 6:14. there is no "common ground" between light and darkness, and we should not be building bridges to find "common ground" with sin. Mel White did not come to Thomas Road Baptist Church seeking God. He came seeking approval of his own sinful life-style. Some bridges need to be blown up and this is certainly one of them! We are in a battle to crush the lies of Satan not to negotiate peace with him.

IN stead of building bridges to homosexuality in order to appear reasonable, and kind in the eyes of the media, we need to be storming the gates of hell. That's fight! This lie, lie that of child killing, is being used by Satan to rob kill and destroy. It is our duty and privilege as Christian to demolish this stronghold, and demolish every argument and pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God ( 2 Cor 10:3-6). We are not to build bridges to homosexuality, we are to totally destroy this lie by the blood of the lamp, the word of our testimony, not loving our own lives so much as to shrink from death. This is biblical love.

Taking the Battle to the Gates of Hell!

There were others that Sunday morning who approached the problem differently than Pastor Falwell. They were not "building bridges," they were storming the "gates of hell?'

Following Jesus' admonition that "the gates of hell" will not prevail against His Church, several Christians brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gates of the largest homosexual congregation in the nation on Sunday morning, October 24, 1999. The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas, is a part of a larger heretical sect called the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). MCC was begun in Los Angeles in 1968 and has spawned groups all over the country. The underlying philosophy of this cult is that homosexuality is an inborn, unchangeable characteristic blessed by God.

We cam to this "church" with our faces low to the ground, the truth of the Gospel of Christ in our hearts and a love for those enslaved in homosexual sin. Our sole desire was to speak the truth in love. Any institution that claims to be the Church of Jesus Christ yet proclaims that one can practice homosexuality and Christianity at the same time must be confronted with that error.

We came to the Cathedral of Hope with large Scripture signs, Gospel tracts, and tracts depicting the violence, death and despair wrought by homosexual sin. We held signs on the public sidewalks and entryways to the cathedral, and many of us attended the early morning service It was packed to overflowing. There was a reading from the Old and New Testament, the choir was marvelous, and if one did not know, he would have thought he was in a contemporary evangelical church with a bit of a liturgical bent.

Pastor Mike Piazza welcomed those of us from Operation Rescue into the service. We were easily spotted because we carried Bibles with us - this is not the norm. he spoke well of Jesus, as if he really knew Him. Pastor Piazza and members of the Cathedral of Hope are preparing build a new 2,000 seat auditorium to handle toe overflowing crowds eager to hear that Jesus blesses homosexuality.

At the end of the service, the Lord's Supper (in name only) was celebrated. Men and women, many whom had struggled long and hard with homosexual desire, moved from their pews and went forward to take communion, They were led to falsely believe that Jesus understood and even endorsed their sinful desires. Homosexuality and the Christian faith were now one. It was all I could to to contain myself as I, brokenhearted, watched men holding the hands of other men, and women doing the same, coming as couples to take holy communion together. The saddest thing was when young children were brought forward with two moms or two dads.

I watched as hundreds came forward., believing the lie, and Pastor Piazza met them there with a large smile. Often times I would see him kiss one on the cheek - the kiss of death. I could not help but think that the very same spirit that inhabited the shell of Pharaoh and the shell of Adolf Hitler was now inhabiting the shell of Michael Piazza - a murderous, blood-thirsty spirit that had come to rob, kill, and destroy. Hundreds were being led to their spiritual and physical deaths, being deceived by a pastor who called evil "good."

I thought of the over 500 funerals Mr. Piazza has officiated in the past five years - many involving young homosexual males who have died from AIDS. I thought of the healthy young men and women coming to this idolatrous table with the false hope that everything would now be right between them and Jesus. They were being deceived by a lie - a monstrous lie! I have no doubt they sincerely believed Mr. Piazza that Jesus loves and blesses homosexuality but they are sincerely wrong! The people on the Titanic sincerely believed it would not sink but their sincere belief did not save them from the objective truth. The ship sunk!

Is God's love for the homosexual unconditional? Yes. Is God's mercy and forgiveness given unconditionally to those continuing in homosexual sin? No. "He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy." Pr. 28:13Mr. Piazza is concealing the sin of homosexuality to the fatal hurt of his congregation by calling it inborn and good. In the name of "love" and appearing "loving," Mr. Piazza is participating in the ultimate cruelty. "...the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel." _Pr 12:10. He is keeping precious human beings, for whom Christ died, from experiencing the mercy of God. It is only as one confesses and renounces his sin that he finds mercy. Homosexuality must be called sin or it will never be confessed and renounced.

The Greek etymology of the English word "confess" is revealing. There are two Greek words that make up this one word: homo (the same as) and logeo (to speak). The word "confession" means "to speak the same as." In Scripture it means to come into agreement with God and speak the same thing that He does. It is based upon my confession then, "god's way is right and my way is wrong." that I meet the condition necessary to receive God's mercy.

Godly confession, in Mr. Piazza's world. cannot be tolerated. If it were, it would mean that God's Word is true and that He is false. It would mean that homosexuality is a sin that must be confessed and repented of. Thought everything else is tolerated in his church of inclusion, true biblical confession is not. Biblical confession cannot be tolerated in the Cathedral of Hope and therefore it is impossible for God's salvation mercy to be dispensed. The Cathedral of Hope would more appropriately be named the Cathedral of Despair.

Keep pressing the gates in Jesus' Names,

Flip Benham

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GOD IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL March 1-June 5, 2000
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