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July 1999 Newsletter

July 1999


It appears that Judge Arcara and Attorney General Elliott Spitzer are intent on keeping the 60 foot buffer zones around local abortion mills in Rochester and Buffalo. They are intent on silencing the Gospel of Christ near these mills. The American judiciary has become the last gasp of a dying abortion industry.


From as far west as California, as far south as Florida, and as far north and east as New York, gentle warriors for our Lord converged to press the gates of hell in Wichita, Kansas. Theology became biography at the doors of George Tiller's child-killing center, local high schools, Barnes & Noble bookstores, and the evangelical church. It was a joy to join with saints who have faithfully continued the battle for the lives of pre-born children. This battle in Wichita was begun well before the Summer of Mercy in 1991 where over 2,000 gentle Christians were arrested for laying down their own lives and freedom that others might live. The Summer of Mercy in 1991 proved to be a watershed event in the pro-life movement. It forever divided those who believe abortion is a political issue from those who believe the killing of God's image bearers is a Gospel issue.

How one sees the problem determines how he fights the battle. We at Operation Rescue see the battle as first and foremost a spiritual one. Genesis 3:15 tells us that the seed of the serpent "my rights, my body, my choice" is at war with the seed of the woman "not my will but thine be done". This war is manifesting itself physically in our land in many ways: abortion, radical feminism, homosexuality, euthanasia, kids killing kids, etc. We believe that the only institution ordained by Almighty God to come against this enemy is the Church of Jesus Christ. We believe that the battle must be won in the streets long before it will be won in Congress. Therefore, we bring the Gospel of Christ to the gates of hell, wherever they manifest, and allow Jesus Himself to win the victory. The gates of hell cannot prevail against His Church!

Bob and Donna Lippoldt, Cedric and Sandy Boehr, and several faithful sidewalk counselors presently engaged in this war in the streets of Wichita have reported that, since the Summer of Mercy, over 839 precious pre-born children have been confirmed saved. Mr. Tiller's business has been cut in half from what it was in 1991. When the Summer of Mercy came to Wichita, there were three abortion mills operating full time. Today there is one (Tiller's), and another that is open only on Fridays. This is not because new laws have been passed protecting pre-born children. It simply bears out what we know is happening across our land. The abortion industry is crumbling, and it is crumbling because faithful Christians are living out their faith at the gates of hell!

"In our Bible reading schedule for today, June 19, 1999, I found myself engulfed in 1 Chronicles 22 where King David desired to build a house for the Lord. (David Drye loved the Bible reading schedule and would have been reading these very words today if he were here.) King David was told that, though he had it in his heart to build a house for the Lord, it was not for him to build it. This would be reserved for another - his son, Solomon.

"1 Chronicles 22:5: "… My son Solomon is young and inexperienced, and the house to be built for the Lord should be of great magnificence and fame and splendor in the sight of all the nations. Therefore I will make preparations for it.' So David made extensive preparations before his death."

"Drye Family children, your mom and dad have made extensive preparations to build and extend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ into all the earth. This vision has now been transferred into your hands. The cross of Christ has been passed into your hearts. A new anointing has come upon you to fulfill the vision and complete the work your parents have passed on to you. Your mom and dad have run their lap of the race and it is your turn now. They cannot be made complete without you. Hebrews 11:40 makes it clear that those who have gone before us cannot be made perfect without us. The race is not finished until we run our lap. Run with perseverance the race marked out for you.

"He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge." Proverbs 14:26.

"David and Anne have left for all of us a refuge. Though they went down in an airplane Monday afternoon, they went down standing up in the Name of Jesus. This refuge they have left gives us a safe place to go when we face the incredible trials and tribulations that surely come when one follows hard after Christ. This refuge will inspire you, his children, to run the race. It will inspire all of us here today.

"David and Anne's race on this earth has been run. Their fight has been fought and their task completed. They now join the Church Triumphant, that great cloud of witnesses who, not loving their own lives so much as to shrink from death, have testified that God's Word is true. Many were their victories and many also were their defeats. Many were their tears and many were their joys. But the Name of Jesus was always lifted high through their lives.

"… And by faith he still speaks, even though he is dead." Hebrews 11:4. Though dead, David and Anne are more alive right now than they have ever been. Their lives are speaking to us today. I am listening. I know you are too.

"Goodnight for now David, Anne, Mark, and Kelley, we will see you in the morning!"


As Christians we are called to be salt and light in a world that is rotting on the inside from the consequences of sin and being attacked on the outside by an enemy who has come to rob, kill, and destroy. The world in its wisdom is in utter darkness and without hope in this battle - no answers, no solutions, no way! Just listen to the talking heads and politicians as they try to make sense of the tragedies taking place in our high schools today. It is into this hopeless, decaying world that the Church of Jesus Christ is called to bring salt and light. We are called to do battle with the sin that destroys from within and the enemy who destroys from without. We are called to take captive our thoughts and make them obedient unto Christ (2 Cor 10:5). Then we are called to crush the head of the enemy robbing, killing, and destroying (Gen 3:15, Rom 16:20).

The Church of Jesus Christ is the only institution ordained by God to fight the battle raging within our hearts and the devil raging from without. It is the only true salt. Unfortunately, the Church has abdicated its responsibility to be salt in the earth and light in the world and has become good for nothing and trampled under the feet of men (Mt 5:13). Not only are we being trampled under the feet of sworn enemies of our Lord who support abortion, homosexuality, euthansia, ad nauseum. We are also being trampled under the feet of another so-called friend --- Conservatism! As our nation attempts to defeat the spirit of murder presently savaging our nation, the Church of Jesus Christ has delegated the job to those who cannot win the battle. Enter modern day conservatism!

Conservatism looks like salt, talks like salt, acts like salt, seeks the vote and friendship of salt, yet, when the test of taste comes, it is revealed for what it really is -- a tasteless enabler of perdition! That's right! Conservatism enables true salt to remain in the saltshaker while it attempts pragmatic deal-making with an enemy bent on destroying God's children. Conservatism will work hard on bills like partial birth abortion, parental notification, etc, but will never stand firm for all children whether they are two months old in the womb or two seconds old. Conservatism is a pathetic substitute for the vibrant salt of real Christianity. Conservatism poses no threat to the enemy from within (sin) nor the enemy from without (the devil).

Rush Limbaugh had no problem supporting republican and conservative Kay Bailey Huthchison for U.S. Senator of the state of Texas, even though he knew her to be pro-abortion, because she was a fiscal conservative. Rush believes that conservatism is the answer to America's woes. "Right to Life" organizations in the state of Texas worked hard this year getting the "parental notification" bill passed and signed by George W. Bush. It was hailed as a great victory for the pro-life movement. Florence Shapiro, the senator who sponsored the bill, is republican, conservative, and pro-abortion. She is being hailed as a pro-life icon.

Conservatism will confront the enemy with the evil he promotes but, on the day of battle, will always retreat. Conservatism always tries to reason and compromise with the enemy seeking some "common ground". Conservatism is politics answer to Christianity. Its modus operandi is pragmatism. Principle is abandoned and obtaining and maintaining political office is its summum bonum. In order to become more appealing these days it calls itself "compassionate conservatism".

The outcome of the Church of Jesus Christ allowing conservatism to fight the battle savaging our nation is that we are losing but at a slower pace. Conservatism's goal is to lose as slowly as possible while maintaining office. If Al Gore will take us off a cliff at 90 mph, George W. Bush will take us off the same cliff at 45 mph. The fact of the matter, however, is that we are all going off the cliff.

Conservatism is pretend salt for it has never found a cause for which it is willing to die. It will never fight to the death the mortal enemy of God's children. Death for conservatism wipes away any hope of continuance. Life or political office must be preserved at all costs. "He who seeks to save his life will lose it." Therefore, conservatism will always lose in the Gospel battle we are called to fight.

This is not so with Christianity - true salt! We fight the battle against our enemies from both within and without unapologetically in the Name of Jesus Christ. We hold no office so dear that the principles of our Lord would be ever be compromised. If we die in this battle we know that the victory is ours for our Lord fought to the death and He now lives. He dealt the enemy a death blow and made a public spectacle of him. True salt will live up to the character of her Lord and be unashamed of Jesus and His Words in this wicked and sinful generation. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ. They shall, however, forever prevail against conservatism.

Conservatism is a pitiful and exquisitely deceitful substitute for Christianity. It is pretend salt!

SCRIPTURE IN SCHOOLS WEEK (SIS), September 19-25, 1999

The Bible is going back to public school during the final week of September 1999. We are asking kids nationwide to bring their Bible to school and read it during study times and at lunch. We are asking that teachers and staff do the same. You do not have to seek permission from school officials to implement SIS in your school or community. Organize with other Christian students and youth groups. The idea is to have dozens of kids in your school join with millions of kids across America in bringing Bibles to school.

We will be joining Bob Pawson, SIS Project Coordinator, to bring the Gospel to the very gates of hell. Pawson is also encouraging adults to bring their Bible to work during that week. Do it all year long!

- We will flood America's schools with God's Word.
- Keep our Bibles in school all year long.
- Read our Bibles in school --every day.
- Use Bible references for class work and assignments.
- Restore Biblical literacy to America's students.

Bob Pawson says, "Perhaps America's next 'Great Revival' shall be started by children and teenagers in that most unlikely of places: her government schools."

For more information: E-mail: SISProject@aol.com or SIS Web site: http://members.aol.com/SISProject/index.html

Keep pressing the gates in Jesus' Name,

Flip Benham