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June 1999 Newsletter

June, 1999


World and national events of the past couple of months have been absolutely horrifying as we are witnessing God's hand of remedial judgment move in mighty ways to bring His people back to Himself. In the world, we find our nation being summarily disarmed and disheartened as we are engulfed in skirmishes all over the globe and in a fruitless civil war in Kosovo. Nationally, kids are killing their friends in government schools with increasing fury (according to Time Magazine there have been 188 violent murders in high schools in the past five years). Abortion, drugs, and violence continue to savage our young and euthanasia is rapidly becoming the solution for our old. Storms and tornadoes of horrific magnitude are ravaging the mid-West. The Republican Party is sunk in a quagmire of pragmatism, unwilling and unable to stand for Christ. God is speaking!

Yet, in the midst of despair, a small group of gentle warriors made their way to Buffalo and Rochester, New York, in mid-April to allow their theology to become biography in the streets of both of these cities. They came to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord and that, apart from Him, there is no hope for our nation or our world. Buffalo armed itself to the hilt for this confrontation. Injunctions, lawsuits, and Gospel-free "buffer zones" flew through the judiciary. What was legal the week before our arrival became illegal the day we stepped foot in Buffalo. Hundreds of policeman, SWAT teams, police helicopters, bomb-sniffing dogs, mobile command units, FBI, BATF, and U.S. Marshals were on hand to ensure that abortion mills would continue to kill children. Gentle Christians had become the most dangerous people in our nation! I wonder why?

At Women's Clinic in Buffalo, NY
The most dangerous people on the planet


Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every gate where the enemy is robbing, killing, and destroying is the mandate of Operation Save America. We brought this powerful Gospel to the abortion mills where the smallest and weakest are being slaughtered. We brought it to the federal courts that have declared war on Almighty God and those called to be His witnesses. We brought it to "Barnes & Noble Booksellers" that use God's little children as sexual toys to satisfy perverted adult lusts. We brought it to government schools that expelled God and banished Him from the school yard and are now being filled with bloodshed and violence. We brought it to the City Halls of both Buffalo and Rochester and held these cities in contempt of Almighty God and His Law. We brought it to the Church of Jesus Christ that is looking for peace when there is war.


"Stand at the gate of the Lord's house and there proclaim this message: 'Hear the word of the Lord … Reform your ways and your actions, and I will let you live in this place.'" Jeremiah 7: 2-3

April 25, 1999, marked the beginning of our nationwide "God is Going Back to Church" campaign. Once a month, on a Sunday morning, a selected evangelical church (dynamic in its preaching and teaching of Christ) that is within seven miles of an active abortion mill will be presented with graphic pictures of aborted babies, live babies, Scripture signs, and brochures entitled Sing a Little Louder.

For a long time now we have been unwilling to go to this gate. The reason? We wonder who are we (Who am I, Lord?) that we should confront God's church? Secondly, we are afraid that we may cut off all supply and support of our own ministries. But in reality there is no entity more responsible for ushering us into the era of Roe v. Wade than the church of Jesus Christ. We have failed in our responsibility to our God, to His church, to our children, and to our nation. We have allowed an enemy to enter the gates of our cities because he was first allowed to enter through the gates of God's house. "The kings of the earth did not believe, nor did any of the world's people, that enemies and foes could enter the gates of Jerusalem. But it happened because of the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests, who shed within her the blood of the righteous." Lamentations 4:12-13.

Our first church visit was to the Faith Tabernacle in Lockport, New York. Upon seeing the signs and brochures being passed out, Pastor Wayne Dent (a very pro-life pastor) invited Pastor Mike Warren and myself in to preach to his congregation for both of the services. Krisdene O'dell was asked to sing and God did an awesome work. We were absolutely overwhelmed at the response as Pastor Wayne called his congregation to the altar. When the Lockport News asked him about the graphic posters displayed in plain view of young children he said, "This is reality - harsh reality! How do you go about dealing with graphic violence …We worry very much about the protection of the children in our lives, but what about the protection of the children in the womb?" He told the Lockport News that this visit by Operation Save America served as a "wake-up call" for him and his congregation. Pastor Dent sent us off with enough money to buy everyone lunch.

WHY KIDS ARE KILLING KIDS (Columbine High Murders)

This ad (gif file size is 212K) was a full-page newspaper ad taken out in the Sunday edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle on Mother's Day May 9, 1999. It has 259,000 subscribers and 450,000 readers.

Pastor Mike Warren is using this ad as a brochure to pass out at schools during the "God is Going Back to School" campaign in Rochester. Please copy it and put your name and phone number in the blank area and pass it out to as many kids at school as possible. The feedback has been tremendous!

On Monday night, the day before the shooting at Columbine High School, Rev Benham had prophetically spoken that violence in schools was a sign and judgment from Almighty God. We were stunned at the news from Littleton, CO. There is a direct relation between murder in the womb and murder in the schools.

Phillip and Wendy Faustin of Rescue Colorado had gone to Columbine HS twice in the past year in their God is Going Back to School campaign. They said the kids were very receptive and some dynamic Christians even took brochures into the school to pass them out. Today, God has been allowed back into school in Littleton, Colorado. "… He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath … Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Psalms 2:5,12. Will it always take such a tragedy?

(Flip Benham, on May 14, 1999)


The two books found in the possession of Wayne Cody Morita (principal suspect in the abduction, rape and attempted murder of a five-year-old girl) were brought to the attention of Solicitor General Barry Morgan and District Attorney Pat Head months before the tragedy took place.

The two books - The Age of Innocence by David Hamilton and Radiant Identities by Jock Sturges - were personally brought to Morgan and Head in October of last year by Operation Rescue. The blatant child pornography graphically displayed in these photography books added gasoline to the fires of Morita's pedophilic lust.

Months before the abduction, on October 19, 1998, Operation Rescue held a public Gospel proclamation outside the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Marietta, Georgia exposing the sale of this child pornography. When Cobb County policemen arrived and saw the pictures in the books, they immediately removed them from the shelves. Against the behest of outraged parents, Solicitor General Morgan felt the two books were "art" and ordered them put back on the shelves.

Rev. Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue, spoke prophetically to the Atlanta Constitution in October 1998: "The next time a child is taken into the woods and raped in Marietta, this man (Barry Morgan) is going to bear that. The innocent blood will be on his hands."

On March 19,1999, a precious five-year-old girl was abducted from her home, raped, and left for dead. Solicitor General Barry Morgan is guilty of aiding and abetting this rape and attempted murder. He has purposely failed in his civic duty to protect our children. He has blatantly allowed children to be used as sexual toys to satisfy perverted lusts. We are asking for the immediate resignation of Mr. Morgan and charges of criminal negligence to be brought against him.


This is another parcel of our God is Going Back to School campaign. The last full week of every September we are asking millions of students, teachers, and school staff to bring their Bibles to school. We will be joining Bob Pawson, the project coordinator for SIS and former director of Teachers for Life, to encourage our kids to bring God back to school. This is something that each one of us can be involved in without being circumvented by the eight bazillion miles of red tape school officials like to heap upon earnest Christians.

No one can stop you from bringing your own personal Bible to school. It is legal and it is constitutional! We have time between now and September to begin to prepare our kids to bring a weapon to school against which no human hand can prevail - THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT! This will be an offensive maneuver against the gates of hell as we prep our kids to use Bible references for some of their class work and homework. We will encourage them to answer questions from a biblical perspective. We will ask our kids to actually read the Bible during lunch and at certain breaks during the school day.

CONTACT: Bob Pawson, SIS Project Coordinator, P.O. Box 55812 Trenton, New Jersey 08638

Phone: (609) 538-4632; WEB http://members.aol.com/SISProject/index.html

See you at the gates,

Flip Benham