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June 2006

June 2006

Another Abortion Mill Closed! All Glory Be to God!

Summit Medical Center, the abortuary that has been killing children in Birmingham, Alabama for the past 24 years, has been shut down for good. That's right! The Alabama State Health Department walked into the doors of Summit Medical Center at 11:00 A.M. Wednesday morning, May 17, 2006, and closed the doors of this horrific business forever.

Minzor Chadwick, a faithful sidewalk counselor at Summit for the past 14 years saw the Alabama State Health Department arrive in a white van. Two department officials entered the building and, in a few short moments, all the clientele began to leave. Minzor was told by the security guard, “This will be very good news for you. The Health Department is closing this place down!”

Here is what happened: In February, 2006, a young lady had come to Summit Medical Center for an abortion. A sonogram was administered by a non-physician (against Alabama State Law) and she was told she was 6 weeks pregnant. In reality she was 8 months along. She was then administered the lethal drug, RU 486 by a non-physician (against Alabama State Law). RU 486 is known to have caused the deaths of 7 women since the FDA approved it.

Pastor A.J. Johnson, Jim Pinto, Flip Benham, Johnny Hunter at Summit Medical Center
Note signs in window, “This clinic stays open” – not any more!

Six days later this woman was rushed to a hospital emergency room in Birmingham, and there delivered a dead 6 lb. 4 oz. baby. The Health Department was notified of this incredible horror. Six weeks later, after an investigation, Summit Medical Center was shut up tighter than a drum on May 17, 2006.

Praise our Living God!For those of you who do not remember, Summit Medical Center was the focus of our National Event during Holy Week in April,1994. Through the faithful witness of the Birmingham sidewalk counselors (Dave Lackey, Minzor Chadwick, Janet Spears, Charles Eiland, Elenore Stisha and so many others) thousands of babies have been saved, and today the city of Birmingham is almost abortion free. Our God is an Awesome God!

Today, there is one abortion mill left in the city of Birmingham - Planned Parenthood.

When Operation Rescue first arrived in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1994, there were five free-standing abortion mills in the city. Today, there is only one. It was not political initiatives that brought down the Goliath of abortion in this city, but gentle Christians living out their faith in the streets. Abortionists like Tucker, Lucero, and Robinson are all gone. When Christians show up at the gates of hell, God shows up and does exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or imagine.

Dozens upon dozens of employees have left Summit Medical Center to go into other work. The powerful and persistent witness of the sidewalk counselors over the past twenty years has won them a hard earned respect from abortion industry employees. Twenty-two of the abortion mill employees, that we know of, have given their hearts to Christ. How did this happen? The theology of the church house became biography in the streets. Simple Christians, living out their faith in the streets, freed God's hand to move in extraordinary ways.

David Lackey is the Director of Operation Rescue in Birmingham. He was witnessing for Christ in Africa with Dr. Pat McEwen when this wonderful miracle took place. He called me on the telephone as soon as he heard the news from Minzor. “Jubilant,” is not an adequate word to describe Dave's excitement. He could clearly see the hand of God moving in a miraculous and totally unexpected way because God's people are delivering God's message in God's way.

Flip Speaks to Graduates of Nebraska Christian School
By Dan Woods, Nebraska Christian School Superintendent

    Flip at Nebraska Christian Graduation

Nebraska Christian School is building lives for eternity. Today's youth are lost in a secular culture that neglects discipline, order and principles. Their minds are consistently grabbed by the loud, materialistic and even vulgar voice of society that values possessions, experience and gratification more than the Lord Jesus Christ. Our school is on a mission...and as administrator of that school, I am on a mission. My mission is to engage today's youth with the timeless charges of Scripture, encouraging them to break from today's secular culture and equipping them to stand on the truth of Jesus Christ.

Flip at Nebraska Christian Graduation

This weekend, Rev. Flip Benham spoke to a packed house at the Nebraska Christian School graduation ceremony in Central City, Nebraska . The stage was set for heaven to open up....and did it ever open! The crowd of parents, family and friends gathered from across the state to watch 39 seniors receive their diplomas. It was crowded and h ot in that little gym on the plains of Nebraska and it was going to get warmer. The first speaker was Becca Brill. She stepped to the plate and made a Gospel presentation that opened up heaven. No one sitting in that place will be without excuse. Next up was senior, Sam Krug who spoke of the great leaders of this class and their great accomplishments. He concluded that this all is meaningless without the Lord. Sam gave Jesus the honor and glory for it all.

After the warm up was over, Pastor Flip opened up the preaching with the fact that satan wants to kill all of us. He let the parents and seniors know that 33% of their classmates had already been killed by abortion. You could have heard a pin drop in the crowd of 900+. He continued with the fact that the devil now wants to steal, destroy and take us out of the picture. That's right! There is a war raging for the hearts and minds of the youth of America. Flip encouraged fathers to lay their lives down for their children and for the young men in the audience to run to the roar. Every eye was fixed and every ear was at attention as Pastor Flip proclaimed the truth of God's Word.

I have been in the education business for over twenty years, and this graduation was the best. It gave honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. There were several public school kids in attendance and a couple of them said that you will never see that kind of graduation ceremony in a public school setting. It really isn't rocket science. When you kick God out and say that He is not welcome, then don't expect heaven to open up. Praise the Lord for a time of Pastor Flip giving 'em heaven!

Lord willing, we'll see many of you in Jackson , MS in July. I plan on bringing my family and maybe of couple of our students from Nebraska Christian. Keep stormin' the gates!

Speaking of Jackson – NOW is Coming to our National Event!

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is bracing itself for a showdown this July 15-22, 2006, in Jackson, Mississippi. The broken down lie of the pro-abortion movement is coming unhinged at the thought of Christians bringing Jesus to the streets. The radical feminists, those who have not already expired of old-age or irrelevance, are apoplectic. All around the country the enemies of Christ and His children are running for cover. Why? Christians are coming out of the closet, storming the gates of hell, and beating back the devil's lies with the Word of God.

When the theology of the Gospel of Christ moves out of the church house to become biography in the streets, the demons flee and the devil shrieks. Listen to “his” latest whine - this from the mouth of Olga Vives, VP-Executive of the National Organization for Women (NOW). She gave the keynote address at the Midwest Regional NOW Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in May, 2006. She stressed the need to take action to stop Operation Rescue this July.

At the top of the list is a counter action against Operation Rescue that will take place in Jackson, Mississippi the 3rd week of July. There will be an attempt to shutdown the only clinic in the state that provides abortion services.” “WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!”

Olga is encouraging any and all activists to plan on being in Jackson that week and take whatever action is necessary to make sure that clinic stays open.

The only problem for Olga is that (NOW) has become a bastion of haggard, old, bitter women, who appear as if they have been sucking on a persimmon for most of their adult lives. This is not an attractive calling card to enlist young women into the movement. The abortion industry is close to the grave and so is (NOW). We want to be there to help push them both in.

According to the latest Zogby poll conducted in February, 2006, it has become evident that America is changing her mind about abortion. Americans believe that abortion ends a human life by 59-29%. 50% believe that life begins at conception while 19% say it begins at birth.

  • 71% said it was wrong for the Senate to confirm only pro-abortion justices
  • 69% want no federal tax money used for abortions
  • 69% favor parental notification for girls 16 and under
  • 56% support a 24-hour waiting period for an abortion
  • 86% oppose sex-selected abortions


Text Box: If you want to see a very clear manifestation of the battle between two seeds (Genesis 3:15) just note the reaction of the pro-abortion crowd to the precious rendition of the Star Spangled Banner sung by Gianna Jessen.  Jesus, thank you for Gianna's willingness to be your witness for unborn children and thank you for Representative Ted Harvey's courage to have Gianna before the Colorado State House.  Gianna was aborted by her mother but miraculously survived.  She struggles with cerebral palsy as one of the many after effects of her mother's abortion.  Instead of bitterness however, her life is filled with the joy of Christ!Gianna Jessen

“Gianna Jessen sang the Star Spangled Banner and was introduced on the Colorado state house floor today by Rep Ted Harvey who explained that she had been a late term abortion by Planned Parenthood.  You could have heard a pin drop when Ted mentioned she had been aborted after the standing ovation they had given her for her song,” said Leslie Hanks, Right to Life Colorado.

Ted's parting shot was, "I just wanted to put a face on the celebration of Planned Parenthood." Planned Parenthood was to be honored by the House that day. He told about the late term abortion by saying "I'm Ted Harvey not Paul Harvey but I do want you to know the rest of Gianna's story!"

Gianna stumbled a bit on the words to our national anthem and said she was very nervous, but she got her bearings back and carried on with the whole legislature joining her.  She had to lean on Ted as she sang due to her frailty from the cerebral palsy.  What a moment!!

Those House members on the pro-abortion side, however, were irate! Alice Mauldin, House Majority leader, called Gianna's appearance, “Despicable.” Representative Mark Larson said, “I came this close to standing up and saying something.”

We were born for a time such as this! See you in Jackson this July 15-22 and we will storm the gates of hell together, just like Gianna.

Keep storming the gates of hell!