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Pro Life Communications Lowers their Rates Again!

Pro Life Communications Lowers their Rates Again!

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I know that many of you have joined Pro Life Communications in support of Operation Save America. Thank you! I am sure that, like us you enjoy working with a true pro-life phone company run by true pro-lifers, Joe and Jane Dalton! This combined with great rates, no monthly fees, no minimums and no hidden charges has made our time as a member of the Pro Life Communications family a true pleasure. Now, believe or not, it's getting even better! We just received notice that they are lowering their rates again to 5.9 cents per minute!

This is the perfect time to illustrate something for you that no other telephone company will do or has done. They automatically lower the rates of all of their customers when their rates go down! You don't need to keep up with the market; they do it for you!

The sole purpose of Pro Life Communications is to fund the pro-life effort. It donates 100% of its net profits back into the pro-life organizations that subscribe to it. Over 600 pro-life groups are already benefitting from Pro Life Communications. To you and me this means that between 20-30% of our long distance phone bill would go right to Operation Save America - that’s us. That’s right, not 10% but 20-30%! If this seems incredible to you, it also seemed incredible to us. That is, until we talked to Joe and Jane Dalton. God has called them for this very purpose.

We first met Pro Life Communications in January of 2000. When we heard of a national long-distance company that donates all of its profits to pro-life organizations, we stood up and took notice. Yes, it is absolutely true my friends! Not one penny of profits stays with corporate America! Not one penny goes in the pocket of some executive! It all comes to us! Between 20-30% of your long distance billing is donated to Operation Save America!

If for some reason you are not yet a customer of Pro Life Communications, I ask you to prayerfully consider switching to their services. Regardless of what rate another company offers, you cannot do better than Pro Life Communications. They are the only true pro-life phone company and the only one that donates all of the profits! This should be all you need to know.

I know that there are companies out there that offer 5 cents per minute (so they claim), but there is always a catch. I challenge you to run any and all offers you receive from these companies by Joe and Jane personally. They will point out the catch or catches in your bill and let you know exactly what the billing would have been from their company. Here are the details of their service:

  • 5.9 cents per minute on all interstate calls 24 hrs/7 days.
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • No Minimums!
  • No Hidden charges!
  • No FCC line charge or PIC charge for residential customers (talk about unprecedented)! All calls billed in 6 second increments (most companies bill in full minutes)
  • Tremendously discounted international rates! Please call for rates
  • Your own toll free number billed at the same rates as outgoing calls (no monthly fee)!
  • Calling card rate is 12.9 cents per minute with no surcharge! A calling card that is too beautiful for my words, but I can use His words " Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..." Jeremiah 1:5.

In addition to being a national long-distance company, they are also a national internet service provider. All of the profits from this service are donated to OSA as well.

To sign up with Pro Life Communications, click here now!

To sign up by phone or to receive more information, call toll free (877) 878-LIFE.