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What is God Saying to Us?

What is God Saying to Us?
By Pastor Dale Sochia
Commentary by Flip Benham


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,   I must say this picture speaks for the condition of the church in America. We went to the streets of New Orleans to protest at yet another abortion clinic and proclaim the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. But what was different about this clinic than any other I've encountered in America is that this MURDER MILL once housed the saints of Jesus Christ! That's right, this building which now kills babies was once a Presbyterian Church! I guess if the Church will not go out and take a stand, hell will bring its fury inside the Church!   Pastor Dale Sochia


  Flip Comments : This church building is the absolute antithesis of what it once was.  It has become an empty shell that brings death and not life.  Like the fig tree that Jesus encountered on His way to Jerusalem (Matthew 21:18-22), it had all the appearances of bearing fruit, yet had none.  Jesus cursed that fig tree and, in so doing, pronounced judgment on the temple in Jerusalem.  It too had the appearance of bearing the fruit of the Spirit but bore only death. 

The barren fig tree was a living parable for the disciples of what the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem had become – fruitless!  In the same way today, Jesus is drawing for us a parable of the pathetic estate of His church.  It has all the appearances of bearing the fruit of the life-giving message of the Gospel yet, upon closer examination, it is revealed for what it truly is – a fruitless shell that brings with it only death.  It is to be cursed.    

Yes, in what was once a vibrant, Jesus honoring building, we now have an abortion mill.  Can it get any clearer than this?