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Walk Across America Articles from Front Page

Walk Across America Articles from the front page

This page contains quite a few articles that are also found on the Walk Across America site only with a particular photo and different formatting. The link below takes you to the official Walk Across America site where you will find a comprehensive list of ALL the reports from the start of this historic walk in San Clemente, CA to its finish in Washington, DC. The Walk site contains hundreds of pictures from across our nation taken as our team walked along the road and through cities & towns. To view the Photo Gallery just click on Photos on the navigation bar.
- Note that these articles on this page and the Walk site are in descending order from finish to start.

The Walk Across America

Get all of the latest information and articles about the Walk Across America

It is Finished!
But the Battle has Just Begun

Walk Report – August 30, 2004 By Kristene O'Dell
Posted August 30, 2004
After 2400 miles on foot in six months time, the mail has been delivered! Flip, Rusty, and the rest of the “Walk Across America ” team entered Washington, D.C. on August 28, 2004. Below is the final report from Flip and Rusty.
Flip said that they arrived in Washington, D.C. and were met by Missy Smith and a group of pro-lifers from the area. On Friday morning, they headed to the abortion mill. They went to a Planned Parenthood located on the fourth floor where Gib was assaulted and Flip nearly ran over by a man in a car. Flip said that there were many comments from people who had never seen the pictures of aborted babies. They were in disbelief that these pictures really depict an abortion. Flip said that if we don't show them, who will? People are not going to see them in a doctor's office, or at school, or on television, or anywhere else.

Walking parable travels through area
Both of these articles, this and the one below (posted August 28), were in the Altoona Mirror as the WAA team journeyed through New York state on their way to Saratoga Springs in August. This second article was in the religion section while the other was in the news.
Altoona Mirror
August 13, 2004
(c) printed by permission
Posted September 7, 2004
Benham, who refers to his organization as gospel-based, said Christians need to stand firm against sin.
“Every behavior is out of the closet, but when Christianity comes out of the closet, it's ‘Katy, bar the door!” he said. “Wherever the enemy manifests itself, whatever gate, we know that we are dealing with a gospel-based issue.

Walk Accross America
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted September 7, 2004
Church in the streets of Saratoga Springs holds Ecclesiastical CourtWe had an awesome time in Saratoga Springs and vicinity with Fr Francis and our prolife brothers and sisters. The Solemn Assembly Sunday night was led by Flip Benham and Rusty Thomas with a call to repentance to prepare our hearts for the upcoming week of ministry. After early morning Bible study and breakfast an Ecclesiastical Court was held in front of the Federal Court in Albany. That afternoon we went to Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and NYS Capitol Park. We were able to give out some literature at PP and talk to some clients going in. Some left. We believe lives may have been saved.

Judgment, Mercy, and Justice Enter Washington, D.C.
August 27, 2004
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America will walk into Washington, D.C. on Saturday, August 28, 2004. The “Walk Across America Prophetic Tour” began in San Clemente, California on March 2, and is now reaching its final destination. A graphic and prophetic picture of God's call to America has traveled by foot 2400 miles. A broken set of the Ten Commandments, a baby killed by abortion, a white horse (Judgment), a donkey (Mercy), and a final horse (Justice) will bring God's message to our nation's capital.

Jesus Weeping in the Moon
Walk Report 8-25 by Kristene O'Dell
August 27, 2004
The Walk Team is 48 miles outside of Washington, D.C. As they camped out at a small Baptist church the night before, Flip said that his son Johnny came to him frightened. Johnny told him that he had just seen Jesus weeping in the moon. He wanted to know what that could possibly mean. Johnny does not normally say that he sees visions and was shaken up a bit.

Walk Report August 24, 2004
After the Oh Saratoga regional event
August 27, 2004
After leaving Oh Saratoga, the Walk Team spent some time with the Connecticut folks. On Sunday, they had church in Danny and Marilyn Carroll's backyard. Here is what Marilyn said about that:

Walk Report August 21, 2004
Flip's thoughts paraphrased by Kristene O'Dell
August 27, 2004
For those who think Americans are still basically friendly to the Gospel of Christ, this trip has proven otherwise. We get confronted with well meaning mearothers and sisters all the time concerning the use of our aborted baby signs at the mill. They tell us that there is another way to get our message out that is not so offensive. They believe that our methods are what cause all the commotion and that there is simply a better way of doing things than ours. Of course, most of these brothers and sisters are not out in the battle to see what it is we actually do. But nevertheless, they are convinced we do not do things in a “Christian” manner and bring consequences upon ourselves.

Procession Attempts to Rouse Christianity
@Altoona Mirror by permission
Posted August 28, 2004
Wednesday morning, 13-year-old Jonathan Benham was striding purposefully north along the shoulder of Pleasant Valley Boulevard in Greenwood. Carrying a model of the Ten Commandments, he was going fast, but without strain, as if his body had become a walking machine, conditioned by traveling on foot more than 2,000 miles from California since March on the way to Washington, D.C.

Walk Across America July 13 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted July 14, 2004
We've lost the Columbus church that was going to host our nightly rallies. Flip asked to have the saints pray about this and to remind everyone that this is not our battle but the Lord's. He said, "We planned our way, but it's up to the Lord to direct our steps." (Proverbs 16:9 paraphrased.) More and more old friends are coming to their camp to visit. John Reyes is there. So is the Heldreth family. Flip said more are due to arrive today. He sounded eager to see everyone and said, "Tell the folks to come on, we're waiting!"

Walk Across America July 12 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted July 13, 2004
Janet and Judy were on their way to sing at a church Sunday morning when they saw our Walk team and said they just had to stop and talk to them. The women who are missionaries and teachers had just returned from witnessing at a South Dakota Indian reservation. Janet told Flip she was having trouble with her eyesight and was seeing double. She said she saw eight presidents at Mount Rushmore! She was concerned that she wouldn't be able to read the music at the morning service. Flip prayed with her asking God to restore her sight. Sunday night Gib came in and asked, "Did you pray with two ladies this morning?" Flip said he did. Gib told him they wanted to see him. As soon as he came out, Janet said, "I can see! I see one!" She and Judy were rejoicing.

Walk Across America July 9 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted July 12, 2004
While he was preaching outside the Free Methodist Headquarters on Wednesday, Flip challenged employees who were listening with stories about B.T. Roberts and other pastors who criticized the Methodist Church because it did not denounce slavery. Roberts was defrocked in 1858. He and other abolitionist pastors formed the Free Methodist Church in 1860. Many early Free Methodists were active in the Underground Railroad. Flip said, "Today the Free Methodists are into growing and planting churches, but Christ will grow His Church, there's no reason to be worried about this." He said, "The Church needs to go back to confronting the culture with the issues of the day. It needs to stand against the slaughter of unborn babies." He ended with this sad word picture, "Though your convictions were mountain peaks upon which you once stood, they are now caves in which you hide."

Earthquake hits Midwest
And it walked into the Midwest under the names of Judgment and Mercy
"It’s all good"

By Angela Michael and words from Flip
Posted July 3, 2004
Picture of James Lord In between speaking engagements, Flip, Rusty and the WAA team met Angela at the gates of hell at the annual St. Louis "Sodom-fest" held with a "gay-pride" parade at Tower Grove Park. An approximate 7,000-8,000 were in attendance this day. Proclaimers standing along the parade route were jeered, cursed and even squirted with giant water-guns for standing for the Gospel, all in full view of toddlers and young children. Where’s the tolerance? We entered the enemies’ camp in peace but were met with hostile spiritual warfare.

Walk Across America June 28 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 29, 2004
St. Louis Planned Parenthood was treated to a second go-round with our Walk team on Saturday. Afterward the team went to the Hope(less) Clinic in Granite City where a baby's life was saved, thanks be to God! Flip said police brought a horse trailer around and "tried to put our animals in jail, because they're 'farm animals.'" He told them, "These aren't farm animals, they're parade animals!" That did the trick. Justice and Mercy retained their freedom.

Judgment and Mercy Come to the Gateway City
June 25, 2004
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, America’s most effective prophetic Christian witness will walk into the Gateway City Friday, June 25, 2004. The Walk Across America, Judgment and Mercy, began in San Clemente, California and is entering St. Louis on its way to Washington D.C. The Gateway to the West is now the Gateway to the East as the prophetic message to America passes through the city.

Walk Across America June 21 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 23, 2004
God prepared the way for the faithful today. They walked to the capitol building in Jefferson City which Flip described as one of the largest capitol buildings in the country. No other building in the city is allowed to be taller. He said it was very rainy which made walking up to the capitol difficult, but as soon as they arrived the weather cleared. The Lord had even saved them a parking place right in front of the building where they could park the RV with the big speakers going full out.

A Night with Bulls and a Day with Vets
Walk Across America June 18, 2004 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 20, 2004
The 'Walk' crew spent last night in a pasture of Brahman bulls in Syracuse, Mo. Flip said, "Those things were monsters! You've never seen anything so big!" He said he woke up and went out into the pasture about one o'clock in the morning and "...four of these 2,000 pound monsters walked by. I tell you, I was never so scared in my life!"

Walk Across America Report - Warrensburg to Sedalia, MO
June 16, 2004 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 20, 2004
The team visited Sedalia Planned Parenthood today. When folks in the tattoo parlor across the street heard our sound system and came out to investigate, they were very irate at encountering the Living Parable. They began blowing their car horns to drown out the sounds of the Gospel being preached. As Flip put it, "The tattooed and pierced come out to stand in the gap for Planned Parenthood."

WAA Team Rocks the World's Boat in Sedalia, MO
The Sedalia Democrat
Posted June 20, 2004

After leaving Kansas City the Christians with our "Walk" team did what Jesus said Christians are supposed to do everywhere – rock the boat of the world’s false peace in their sin with the gospel of Christ. This is what Jesus did when He proclaimed the Word of God which convicts us all of sin and points out our desperate need of a Savior. Those who are blind to the fact that they are dead and perishing in their sins always resort to attacking the messenger verbally if not both verbally and physically.

Justice and Judgment
Posted June 19, 2004
By Elsie Darrah
Hi, I am Elsie Darrah in Nortonville, Kansas. ... I have a 21 year old registered chestnut Tennessee Walking Gelding, Darrah's Delight "Sunny", that I can no longer ride because of my health problems (3 back surgeries and Parkinson Disease). I have owned Sunny for his entire life. I asked Flip and Gib if they might allow him to fill in for Judgment on this ministry. When his travels are over I would like you to have him placed in a therapeutic riding program. Sunny is a well trained horse that has taught many people how to ride and drive a horse. He has been in parades carrying the American Flag in 5 states and used as a trail riding horse for many years.

Walk Across America Team Leaves Kansas City
June 14 & 15

Posted June 19, 2004
By Liz Thomas
The WAA Team is leaving Kansas City, which has given them quite a story for their journals. As the Team was nearing the Kansas border, Flip began feeling compelled to make a change of plans and to take a northern trek up to visit Kansas City. ("A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps." -Prov.16:9) When they arrived, Judgment, the horse, came up lame, which hindered their progress. They had to get him checked out and things were not looking too good for him. There's a possibility that Judgment may not be able to continue the Walk, which is sad for all the Team. They have literally fallen in love with this animal. They are asking for your prayers for him and for wisdom in how to proceed. ... P.S. We've received news that the Lord has provided another horse to take Judgment's place while he gets taken care of! Read on if you'd like to know this amazing story, posted by Brenda Spurlock of OSA. They just crossed the Missouri border as well!

When Christians come out of the closet it's Christ or Chaos
In the secular media it's Chaos in a controlled spin

Follow up media hit piece and May 26 Walk report included
By Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted May 28, 2004

What is bashing anyway? A woman driving by in a car stopped to scream at the men and youth with the "Walk" team sharing Jesus, "Stop spreading lies!" is not considered bashing but pointing out the truth that no denomination can save you – only Jesus can save somehow is? We won’t go into the language this woman was using in front of children but would somebody please help me understand? It just seems that something is wrong with this picture.

The Inextricable Connection and Why Our Complacency Must End
May 25 Walk report from Hutchinson, KS included
By Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted May 27, 2004

Last weekend in Wichita a very large funeral was held for a 3-month old baby that was brutally beaten to death. Some of the members where I attend church and serve are related to this family. Our Sunday morning service was one of testimonies and several words from the Lord. The Holy Spirit has opened the hearts of many with a couple of saints testifying to the connection between murder in the womb by abortion and the violence and murder we see in the streets. The connection between the violence of abortion and the violence done to the family by abuse, be it by individuals or the State, was also testified to. The message last Sunday also addressed the increase of violence, child abuse, perversion and the tyranny of the State (SRS) and connected it to the failure of Church to maintain its presence in all the gates of authority.

Operation Rescue - America's Most Effective Christian Witness Returns to Wichita
May 27, 2004
Operation Rescue is returning to Wichita on Friday, May 28, 2004. The Walk Across America by Operation Rescue began in San Clemente California and has passed through five states on its way to Washington D.C. Wichita is the half-way point of the walk that calls America to humble herself and turn from her wicked ways so God will heal our land. Judgment and Mercy, a graphic and prophetic picture of God’s call to America, will enter Wichita Friday, May 28, 2004.

Walking Through Bleeding Kansas
By Fr Francis
Posted May 18, 2004
Just hung up from a phone conversation with Pastor Rusty Thomas who with Pastor Flip Benham and some brethren are walking across America . I had heard they were in the eye of one of those big Kansas Plains storms and called to see if and how they were still ticking. They were warned off the road by local weather-watching officers. A church offered them basement hospitality and they experienced the hail, lightning and thunder but thankfully escaped the devil's Tornado twisters. He said that today in Hays Kansas they turned a corner and stumbled upon a Planned Parenthood [aka Banned Parenthood or Planned Barrenhood] and immediately went into Church-On-The-Street mode, preaching against the demons of child-sacrifice. Whereupon 8 police cars suddenly showed up to protect the child-killers.

As We Walk Along the Road
Some of Flip's Thoughts as the "Walk" Continues
Paraphrased by Kristene O'Dell
Posted May 12, 2004
The "Walk Across America" started out in simple obedience to the call of God. As it has progressed, God has encouraged us with His truth in surprising ways. We all understand the importance of the white horse. When a king comes riding on a white horse, it is a time for judgment and vengeance. For those with eyes to see, we see the horrific remedial judgments America is under. We understand the significance of "Judgment the Horse" in this living parable that God has called us to. For many of us, we thought we understood "Mercy the Donkey" as well. We understand that God longs to be merciful to us if we would only repent of our wicked ways in this nation and once again stand on what is right and true according to God’s Word. What surprised many of us was that "Mercy the Donkey" was white. We thought donkeys were brownish-grey. It was as we were reading through our Bibles in the book of Judges that we saw the meaning behind "Mercy the Donkey" being white. "Speak, you who ride on white donkeys, Who sit in judges attire, And who walk along the road." Judges 5:10

'Walk Across America' Under Way
by Steve Jordahl, correspondent
@Focus On the Family

Posted May 9, 2004
This article is a feature by Focus on the Family on our "Walk" team as they passed through Colorado Springs, CO as they deliver a prophetic message to America calling the Church and our nation to repentance. Please enjoy this article and support the fine work of Dr. Dobson and the brethren at Focus on the Family. The OSA "Walk" team was treated like kings at FOF however they were greatly saddened by the state of the Church when they visited the lone abortion mill in Colorado Springs. There are over 60 major Christian ministries reaching the world with headquarters in Colorado Springs. Yet there are only three Christians going to the gates of hell, the lone PP abortion mill open only on Tuesdays. With these major ministries doing so much for Christ - except - stopping the shedding of innocent blood, Flip likens it to pastors who preach to others but lose their own children. We must repent of this sin in America if the Church ever hopes to avert more judgment and the eventual destruction of America by God Himself. Please do all you can in your city and state then lift up this sad situation in Colorado Springs which is so indicative of the Church in America regarding child killing. - Pastor Steve Mashburn

Walk Across America Report - April 30, 2004
By Brenda Spurlock
Ken and Jo Scott and Bob Enyart, the pastor of Denver Bible Church and radio talk show host, treated the team to breakfast this morning. Flip said, "They treated us like kings and queens!" To hear Flip's interview with Bob, go to http://www.kgov.com/.The team made a trip to Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. Curtis sounded the shofar as they walked past the school. Students came to the windows to see what was happening. ...

Judgment Comes to Planned Parenthood
May 1, 2004
Judgment and Mercy, a graphic and prophetic picture of God’s call to America, has come to Planned Parenthood of Denver. Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, America’s most effective prophetic Christian witness will bring Judgment to Planned Parenthood, May 1, 2004. The Walk Across America began in San Clemente California and has passed through five states on its way to Washington D.C.

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, America's Most Effective Christian Witness Comes to Denver
April 30, 2004
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, America’s most effective prophetic Christian witness will come to Denver Friday, April 30, 2004. The Walk Across America began in San Clemente California and has passed through five states on its way to Washington D.C. Judgment and Mercy, a graphic and prophetic picture of God’s call to America, has come to Denver.

Group walking, preaching path to God
Posted April 29, 2004
JANE STEBBINS, Summit Daily News

FRISCO - Flip Benham is on a mission for God. The North Carolina pastor and eight others are walking across America - from California to Washington, D.C. - to spread the word of God and speak out against abortion, homosexuality and Islam. The group passed through Summit County on Wednesday.

Walk Across America Report - April 26, 2004
By Liz Thomas and Brenda Spurlock
Flip enthusiastically explained why nation-wide media had gathered in Eagle, CO just as the Walk team happened to be close by."Jesus set this up for us!" "This was a God incident, not a coincidence!" Bill Darr was the first to learn and inform the others that the Kobe Bryant trial was taking place in Eagle. So the team turned around and marched into the business district of Eagle right up to the courthouse where the case was being tried. Jim Phillips set up the loud speaker close to the courthouse and "We unsheathed the Word of God," Flip said.

The Unproclaimed Message
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted April 9, 2004
Here are Flip’s thoughts on what is taking place as our "living parable" proclaims the "unproclaimed message." This message is for a nation that is dying on the vine and the true Church of Jesus Christ which holds the keys!
Do those of you who go out to the abortion mill ever sit in your church and wonder why your brothers and sisters really do not understand what you do? Do you sit and listen to sermon after sermon about evangelism, that you agree with, but wish that what was spoken went just a bit further? Are you always trying to explain to others who tell you that you should love people and just evangelize, that you do love people and you do evangelize? There seems to be such a disconnect in the Church today of why we do what we do. Don’t you agree?

Group marches against abortion
By Jane Zhang
The Spectrum.com
April 3, 2004
ST. GEORGE -- Judgment the horse plodded along St. George Boulevard in heavy traffic Friday morning, closely following a boy holding a broken set of the Ten Commandment and a girl gripping a baby basket with a blood-tainted cloth. The three, all members of the national anti-abortion organization known as Operation Save America/Operation Rescue, had trudged hundreds of miles from San Clemente, near Los Angeles, to call for what their leaders call "repentance for the shedding of innocent blood."

Walk Across America April 2 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted April 3, 2004
The team made their escape from Mesquite, NV, rejoicing in their freedom all the way! They cut across the corner of the state of Arizona and are now between St. George and Hurricane, Utah. A cold torrential downpour forced them to stop and take cover early this evening. They're parked at a fair grounds and will spend tonight there.

Flip, Rusty, and Curtis Arrested in Mesquite, Nevada
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted April 1, 2004
We knew we were leaving Nevada today, so we spent the day preaching outside the hotels and casinos in Mesquite, NV. We made our way to City Hall and excoriated them, over our sound system, asking how they could erect such a beautiful city building at the expense of others. The casino industry may bring in revenue for the city, but it leaves broken lives strewn about in its wake. At that point, they told me I had been warned and hand-cuffed me (Flip). I responded with, "You have never warned me." I handed the microphone to Rusty and his words were, "Now, city officials, you have been warned!" Rusty was cuffed at that point. Curtis began to sound the shofar. He too was hauled in along with us. Johnny Benham (Flip’s 12 year old son) was left holding the Ten Commandments and the reigns attached to Justice. (When I picture that, I have to laugh!)

From California to Columbus to Oh Saratoga! New York State Warriors Extraordinaire are cheering Flip and Rusty, supporting them in prayer step and clop by step and clop. By the time they reach us, Saratoga will be filled with its own horse crowd but what's a horse trip around the Saratoga Raceway compared to a clop across America for Jesus, horse, donkey and sore shank? Come on up to horse country and join/click us at Oh Saratoga! as we welcome our footsoldiers and give horsehaven Saratoga a heaven to bet on.


I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice
By Becky Puckett
Posted March 31, 2004
Flip and Rusty with Judgment and Mercy2 Corinthians 5:10-15. I believe this passage of Scripture very much describes Flip’s heart. God takes the foolish things of the world to confuse the wise. Why is God using the living parable of a broken set of the ten commandments, an actual baby killed by abortion, a white horse named judgment and a donkey named mercy to speak first to His people and then to this great nation of America which has been so graced by Almighty God? Jesus said, "For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind…………if you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains." John 9: 39, 41.

When Words Fail, God Speaks in Living Parables
By Flip Benham
Posted March 25, 2004
Mary being wheeled out on a stretcher from inside the abortion millWhen words fail, God speaks in living parables. Why? Because we simply don’t see what He is doing. His Word will either harden or soften our hearts. If we refuse to see His hand in His righteous judgments, our hearts will become hardened and we won’t understand. He desires us to understand His ways, but because we refuse, He is now working against us in America.