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Update from McAllen, TX
Update from McAllen, TX
By Brandi Kirchoff  •  April 7, 2007

As many of you know Ryan and I moved to South Texas last June to attend Spanish language school; and the Lord has definitely directed our steps in so many ways, beyond just learning the Spanish language. When we moved to McAllen, Texas we began going out to the local abortion clinic every Saturday morning. At that time we were the only two witnesses for the unborn that we knew of in the city of McAllen. And it was evident that we were giving the clinic staff at ‘Whole Women’s Health Center’ a surprise visit. Obviously they did not enjoy our presence on ‘their’ sidewalk and called the police the first several Saturday’s that we were present. As we continued speaking for life at the clinic, they eventually stopped calling the police.

Ryan and I have been blessed to attend a wonderful, Biblically-minded Church here in McAllen, Church of the King, and have been so encouraged by the teaching and like-minded believers. When Sanctity of Life Sunday came this past January, Ryan had the privilege of speaking to the body of believers at Church of the King on the responsibility we as the Church have to speak up for those precious unborn children. At the end of the service there were about twelve individuals who signed up to begin to take part in ministering at the abortion clinic. Since that Sunday we held an informational/training meeting and had five saints come to get informed on how they can speak up for the unborn on the streets in McAllen, Texas.

This morning we had seven saints on the streets at Whole Women’s Health Clinic. Praise the Lord, ‘for He is good and His mercy endures forever!’ Two of the women from Church of the King were sidewalk counseling this morning, speaking to the men and women with the boldness of Christ Jesus. We had several Malachi signs that were being held by some of the saints; and one individual, Bruce, has made several signs himself to let the people of McAllen know what is taking place in their city. Last Saturday as we were standing in front of the clinic one lady walked up and began talking with us. She told us she was a nurse in the area and was pro-life; she asked us if she could hold a sign with us.

We ask that you please pray for the saints here in McAllen Texas. Pray that as Ryan and I return to Dallas, the Lord will strengthen and encourage their hearts in truth. The police were called out this morning and showed up to make sure we were obeying the law and to remind us that we need to respect others’ decisions. Those saints who were present with us remained steadfast to continue to spread the truth of abortion and proclaim that abortion is murder in they eyes of God. So pray as well that they may continue to grow in numbers and would not become discouraged or intimidated by the police.

So the Lord has clearly been directing our steps and guiding us by His Spirit to proclaim His heart to the Church. We are so blessed by the saints at Church of the King McAllen, Texas to take part in this battle for life.

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