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Troy Newman is Not the Director of Operation Rescue

Troy Newman is Not the Director of Operation Rescue

Yesterday our offices received a phone call in which the caller said he didn't know that Flip Benham would be stepping down as the Director of Operation Rescue. He was recently informed that Troy Newman was now the leader.

This is patently false. Troy Newman is not now, nor has he ever been, the Director of Operation Rescue. He simply stole the name.

Therefore, we must try to explain this confusion: Flip Benham is and has been the Director of Operation Rescue /Operation Save America since 1994. Randall Terry was the founder of Operation Rescue, and then the leadership was passed to Keith Tucci, (who was the director in 1991, during the Summer of Mercy in Wichita, Kansas). In 1994, the leadership was passed to Flip Benham and that is where it remains.

The confusion comes when Operation Rescue West, a one time affiliate of Operation Rescue, dropped the “West.” Newman has taken a name that clearly does not belong to him.

This was possible because of our earlier attempt to establish a difference between the national office and local ministries of Operation Rescue. We took the name Operation Rescue National so that local ministries affiliated with us could name themselves accordingly (such as Operation Rescue Alabama or Operation Rescue West). We did not, however, give up our identity as Operation Rescue.

Flip Benham is the current Director of Operation Rescue and Operation Save America. Is Flip the one doing an event in Wichita this month? “No!”

Some of you might believe you are coming to an Operation Rescue sponsored event in Wichita this January. You are not! Flip Benham, Keith Tucci, and Operation Rescue leaders from across the nation will have no part in this event. This is not the organization that was leading the Summer of Mercy in 1991, or 2001. This is a group of about five or six people using our name to promote their event. It is not and never has been the Christian ministry you know as Operation Rescue.

For further clarification you may call Pastor Mark Holick @ 316-303-0095 or Donna Lippoldt @ 316-516-0777.