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Muslim Invasion Progresses

Muslim Invasion Progresses
By Tim Hanline

Our friend Flip Benham has pointed out again and again that our Father in Heaven is raising up Islam as a judgment against a saltless, lightless church that sits idly by while a holocaust many times over is being carried out against our unborn fellow countrymen.  As the first Muslim has been sworn in to the United States House of Representatives, it appears that Flip's observations have more and more credence.  It was little more than five years ago that our country watched in horror as thousands of our fellow countrymen perished at the hands of devout Muslims who had hijacked airliners and slammed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as an act of “holy jihad.”  Our response in part: elect a Muslim as one of our leaders.  And he is only the first.


If the church will not execute its mandate to stop this holocaust, then we had better prepare for yet another holocaust - our own.

Slowly but surely, just as the Babylonians invaded and eventually burned Jerusalem during Jeremiah's time, Muslims are invading our land.  There is little doubt that if this trend continues, they will burn our cities to the ground…..

……but at least the murder of our unborn countrymen will cease.