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The Muslim Invasion Continues: Muslim congressman says Quran influenced America's founding fathers

Tim Hanline has written a poignant article concerning the first Muslim to be elected to Congress in the United States of America - Keith Ellison. 

Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat, noted that he was sworn into office using the Quran that was owned by Thomas Jefferson.  True enough, Jefferson owned it, but Ellison purposely failed to mention one salient point.  The reason Thomas Jefferson owned the Quran was to determine how to fight an enemy off the Barbary Coast (Muslim pirates who robbed, raped, and pillaged, for Allah and not for booty).  Jefferson sent several ships and the Marines to battle Muslim hordes and pirates off the “…shores of Tripoli,” In 1804. 

I own a Quran given to me by CAIR, and I can assure you it is not for my personal edification.  America has been at war with Islam long before September 11, 2001. 


The Muslim Invasion Continues: Muslim congressman says Quran influenced America's founding fathers
By Tim Hanline

This past Friday, the first Muslim congressman Keith Ellison informed the Free Press that the Koran influenced the thinking of Thomas Jefferson.  This spin is reminiscent of Bill Clinton's scandal with Monica Lewinski when liberals took every opportunity to portray Thomas Jefferson as a philanderer as if by doing so, Bill Clinton's crimes and capital offences would seem less abominable. 

Well, now that we know that Thomas Jefferson was an Islamic adulterer, we can stop evoking him – even though he was our only founding father.

But seriously…

If it is not already abundantly apparent to the casual observer, Islam is bent on domination of the entire world by force if necessary.  This objective is at the core of their doctrine and brain-washes their children.  The Koran commands that Muslims cannot peacefully coexist with Christians and Jews, and Muslims are commanded to murder or enslave everybody who does not convert to Islam.

We must inform ourselves of this demonic religion and be ready to give an answer when anybody asks, “What is wrong with Islam?” 

Islam claims “Jesus was a prophet,” and according to Islamic teachings prophets cannot lie nor can they claim to be “the son of God.”   However, we all know from the written testimony of His own disciples that our Messiah claimed to be and is “the Son of God.”   This is a blaring contradiction that Muslims have difficulty intellectualizing.

Muslims serve a cold and impersonal god, and this stands to reason since “Allah” is actually the “moon god.”  How wonderful it will be when Muslims realize that their own Creator warmly loves us very much and even counts every hair on our heads.  He wants to save all men including Muslims and even sent his Son, “the Sun of Righteousness” as Malachi put it, to take the punishment for our sins in order that we might be made righteous.  That's love!

Whereas Muslims want to kill us, let us show Muslims true love by telling them the truth about their false prophet Mohammed, the truth about their Creator who loves them very much, and the truth about our Messiah who atoned for our sins out of love for us!

As Flip Benham has pointed out, Islam is a judgment against a salt-less, lightless church that attempts to justify many abominations and even tolerates the wholesale slaughter of millions upon millions of the most defenseless among us—the unborn children.  Let us therefore put away our own idols and obey only the voice of our Father in Heaven as we witness to our Muslim neighbors.  Religious doctrines and traditions will not win over Muslims unto salvation.  Only the Word of our Father in Heaven – only the truth can set them – and us – free.


Ellison: Quran influenced America 's founding fathers



Detroit native Keith Ellison, the first Muslim Congressman, told the Free Press Friday that he used the Quran during his oath of office because the Islamic holy book helped influence the founding fathers of America .

Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat, garnered international attention Thursday when he used a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson during his ceremonial swearing-in ceremony for the House of Representatives.

The Quran is "definitely an important historical document in our national history and demonstrates that Jefferson was a broad visionary thinker who not only possessed a Quran, but read it," Ellison said in an interview with the Free Press. "It would have been something that contributed to his own thinking."

Ellison was criticized by some commentators for using the Quran during his oath off office. Ellison said he decided to use Jefferson's Quran after receiving a letter from someone who told him about the copy, which is with the Library of Congress. U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode, a Virginia Republican, slammed Ellison for using a Quran.

But Ellison said Friday that Jefferson's Quran "shows that from the earliest times of this republic, the Koran was in the consciousness of people who brought about democracy."

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