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Hillary Rodham Clinton is God's Man

Hillary Rodham Clinton is God's Man
By Flip Benham

It appears that the political arm of the Christian Right is attempting to save the Republican Party from its own inevitable self-destruction.  It cannot be done!  The Republican Party has no intention of honoring God or His Word, and God has every intention of bringing this Party to an ignominious end.

The election of Hillary Rodham Clinton as president of the United States of America in 2008, will be the seal and the end of a failed Party that sold its birthright for a mess of pottage.  It had ample opportunity to stand for God and His Word.  It controlled the presidency, the Senate, and the House, yet it chose to compromise those issues (abortion, homosexuality, Islam) for which the world and the devil are steadfastly contending.  It chose peace with the devil, rather than war with him.

Winston Churchill said it best when he confronted then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain with his cowardice and betrayal in dealing with Adolph Hitler. Chamberlain returned to England proclaiming , "Peace in our time!"   Churchill responded, "You sir, had a choice between shame and war.  You chose shame and you will have war."

The Republican Party has chosen the way of shame when it should have been at war.  It has correctly assumed that the Christian Right had no where else to go but Republican and therefore could be bought for a very low price.  Unfortunately, this assumption has proved true time and again, as the Republican Party continues to lower the bar for those seeking the Party's nomination.  Now the frontrunners for the Republican Party's presidential nomination are pro-abortion.

Pastor Jerry Falwell, a strong political arm of the Christian Right, is having "pro-choice" Rudy Giuliani speak to the graduating seniors at LibertyUniversity in 2007.  I wonder why?  He had John McCain speak to last year's graduating class.  These two will never stand for life - they are politicians.  Pastor Falwell is selling his birthright for a mess of pottage.  But he is preparing the way for the Christian Right to vote for a pro-abortion Republican.  

Are you astonished at how cheaply we can be bought?  Innocent babies are being "legally" slaughtered in abortion mills across this land, homosexuality is parading its sin like Sodom in the streets of America, and Islam, (the religion of peace), has prostrated Christianity, (the religion of hate), all under the watchful eye of the Republican Party.  The Republican Party does not value the same things you value.  The Republican Party does not care about you, me, or our God!

Now, another arm of the political Christian Right has correctly assessed the mess the Republican Party is in and is trying to tip the scales in a different direction.  Dr. Dobson has brought forth Newt Gingrich as a possibility to run in the 2008 presidential election.  Why Newt?  He is pro-life (sort of).  Otherwise, we Christians will be trapped by the Republican Party into voting for a pro-choice candidate.  Never mind that Newt is working on his third marriage. So what if he has been involved in several peccadillos over the years - he's pro-life isn't he?

Dr. Dobson is trying to straighten that which God has made crooked.  It will not work.  God has one word for the Republican Party and for those who are trying to fix it - ENOUGH!

Newt has forfeited all opportunities to have the support of the Church of Jesus Christ in a run for president because character matters to God.  Newt might serve well as an advisor to the president, after he rights the wrongs perpetrated upon others that he made a covenant with.  But he has forfeited all rights to hold the highest office in our land.  Why?  Character matters to God.  There are unalterable consequences of sin.  Newt can be forgiven to be sure.  But we must not vote for him. 

Well then, Hillary will be president for sure, and just look at her character.  Yes, she will be president but it will not be with the approval and blessing of the Church of Jesus Christ.  She will be a sign and a judgment upon the Republican Party and, in particular upon the Church of Jesus Christ, that the salt has lost its saltiness and is good for nothing.

Hillary's election my friends, is God's doing.  Yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton is God's man!   She is the hammer God is using to bring His Church back to Himself.  That's right!  Hillary is the hammer God is going to use to bring the Church of Jesus Christ and those lost in the Republican Party morass to repentance.

Long before the Republican Party sold its birthright for a mess of pottage, the Church of Jesus Christ surrendered its birthright to enemies of the cross of Christ.  We dare not mention the name of Jesus at any Republican function for fear of being viewed as politically incorrect.  We dare not stand where God wants us to stand (on His Word) on issues such as abortion, homosexuality, or Islam for fear of being viewed as unelectable. 

We have surrendered rather than fought hard and lost.  We have chosen the path of cowardice and compromise and then expected God to honor it.  It will never happen!  Now we must face the horrible truth of what we have done and what we have become.

Dr. Dobson and Dr. Falwell are seeking to save the Republican Party - God is presently destroying it from the inside out!  It would do these two powerful men of God good to stand down and let God have His way.  He wounds us only to bring healing - let the wounding begin and let it begin with me.

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