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Confronting Soulforce "Equality Riders" at Bob Jones University
Confronting Soulforce "Equality Riders" at Bob Jones University
By Rev. Flip Benham  •  April 7, 2007

In a blatant attempt to plagiarize and imitate the Black Civil Rights Movement, Soulforce, the “in your face” promoter of and proselytizer for homosexual sodomy, has taken the “Freedom Riders” bus ride concept of the 60’s and perverted it. On two bus tours this spring the “Equality Riders,” as they call themselves, from Soulforce will be traveling to 32 Christian College campuses to spread the devil’s lie that homosexuality is God ordained and a civil right.

We were privileged to engage the “Equality Riders” at Cleveland Park just a few miles from Bob Jones University before they made their media strike at Bob Jones. (Note: these two bus tours are, by in large, media stunts for a press that is more than willing to equate the promotion of homosexual perversion with the plight of our black brothers and sisters who fought long and hard for their inherent civil right to be called “a man.”) The pictures of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi on the top of the Soulforce website: www.soulforce.org should give us a clue as to what it is up to.

Sincerity Cannot Set the Sinner Free!

When we arrived at the park we were amazed to see the most marvelously decorated bus. It was not the school bus that many of us expected, but a beautiful custom made coach. We noticed several folks gathered in a circle close to the bus and we joined them. In the circle there were college students from several universities (these were the deceived, or lambs) and a few adult same sex couples (these were the deceivers, or wolves).

We found most of these students to be sincere and very adamant in their belief that homosexuality is a God given gift. They sincerely believe that they are engaged in a battle just like those who marched for civil rights in the 60’s. A young lady named of Mandy spoke to the group and reminded us all that today was akin to October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This event at Bob Jones University was likened to the Reformation? Please!

Mandy read Soulforce’s 57 theses documenting the abuses that Bob Jones University, and institutions like it, had heaped upon the homosexual community. Bob Jones was considered a purveyor of homophobia and homophobic doctrine. It was considered a purveyor of the notion that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered identities are sinful. It was considered the cause of many homosexual suicides.

Far from being open and accepting, this Soulforce document revealed the true agenda of the “Equality Riders.” It was a non-negotiable dictum issued to Bob Jones University to cease and desist from its sinful Bible believing behavior. An amazing judgment from those who claim to be so non-judgmental!

What was the perceived sinful behavior emanating from Bob Jones? The clear exposition of God’s Word, and delivering God’s mail just the way He wrote it. For daring to say that homosexual sin destroys the lives of those who practice it, and destroys nations that approve of it – Bob Jones was being censured.

The Intolerance of the “Tolerant”!

The radical homosexual agenda has never been about tolerance and acceptance. It is a blatant attempt to call that which is evil, good and force everyone to chant the same mantra. There is no tolerance for any other view. Therefore, according to the “Equality Riders,” Bob Jones University has no right to exist if it continues to speak the truth about homosexual sin.

Several of the ‘Equality Riders” in our circle had their Bibles opened and talked freely about the (jesus) they knew and believed in. It was not the Jesus of the Bible, but one they nevertheless sincerely believed in. This false Gospel pervades the thinking of most in the group. I did not speak to one “Equality Rider” who did not believe that he was a Christian. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought you were part of a Christian youth group.

Just before leaving for Bob Jones we all joined hands and prayed - those of us from OSA were binding demons, and praying for opportunities to witness the Gospel that would set these precious students free from the lies that were blinding them. It is utterly amazing how the devil has so deceived them. We ended by praying the Lord’s Prayer. Can you believe this?

They would not allow us to ride on the bus with them so we joined our (Independent Baptist, King James Only) brothers – about thirty of them – who were at the entrance of Bob Jones University given all of us heaven. They were calling sin, sin! They weren’t apologizing to anyone for what the Word of God clearly states. You gotta love these guys!

They were used by God to open doors for us to speak into the lives of these precious lost lambs because they felt that we were more compassionate than the Bible preachers using the bull-horns. Note: Without the prophets of God proclaiming the pure unadulterated Word of God we would never have been thought of as the good guys.

Our approach was to dialogue with these kids. They wanted dialogue and we were there to dialogue with them. It wasn’t long before we realized that they didn’t really want to dialogue. When the claims of Christ became cogent and powerful they moved into “silent witness” mode. Some of the wolves (the older sodomites and those wearing clerical garb) came and stood in between us. Satan is always afraid of losing his own to the true Gospel of Christ.

Pseudo Martyrdom!

We then watched as three of the students tried to enter Bob Jones. They were warned by an administrator and then by a policeman. When they continued on they were arrested. The arrest consisted of a very kind putting on of handcuffs, an escort into a police paddy wagon for 15 minutes, and then they were released.

I could not help but think that these kids were living their lives for a lie, but with great zeal. I grimaced as I reflected on our Christian youth today who know the Truth but are bored to tears with no zeal at all. We have given them nothing for which they can lay their lives down.

The media was everywhere covering this story and they were coloring it just the way they wanted to until Peter LaBarbera came on the scene. He lifted the Name of Jesus high when given the platform. Peter is a great friend of Rescue and is a rescuer himself. He has been fighting the radical homosexual agenda for a long time. He spoke powerfully to the media and point by point tore apart the lie that was confronting Bob Jones University. Check his website: Americansfortruth.org

A Bob Jones University van pulled up in front of the entrance and two Bob Jones students began unloading tables and lunches for all of the “Equality Riders.” On each of the boxes was the name of each one of the “Equality Riders” with a personal letter attached. It was such a wonderful and gracious gift, yet the proud (holier than thou) “Equality Riders” turned up their collective noses at this gift. They would not accept anything other than complete obeisance to their dictum.

Can Someone Please Define Dialogue?

Though their stated goal is dialogue, they displayed no interest at all in dialoguing with those who can give a reason for their faith. Lust is their god, it runs them, and they are demanding that all worship at the same altar. Nothing less will do.

The “Equality Riders” have become what they say they hate. They are judgmental, bigoted, narrow-minded, intolerant Pharisees who want to force their dogma down everyone else’s throat. What they hate most of all, is true biblical Christianity. This they absolutely will not tolerate. They will do everything in their power to undermine it. Every Christian University must accept homosexual sin or face the wrath of kids used by Soulforce to promote the devil’s lie.

ISN’T THIS WHAT ISLAM DOES? Using the young to become suicide bombers while the older wolves sit back and take youthful zeal without knowledge to rob, kill, and destroy. Wait, isn’t this what the devil does?

ISN’T THIS WHAT ABORTION DOES? Using the young to kill their children and their progeny while older wolves sit back and take youthful zeal without knowledge to rob, kill, and destroy. Wait, isn’t this what the devil does?

ISN’T THIS WHAT HOMOSEXUALITY DOES? Using the young to promote sexual perversion in the name of civil rights while older wolves sit back and take youthful zeal without knowledge to rob, kill, and destroy. Wait, isn’t this what the devil does?

Their language may talk about the love of (Jesus) but their actions give us a different story. Though they confess Jesus continuously with their lips, their hearts are far from him. They are the devil’s stooges.

The heart-breaker here for those very lost and youthful students who call themselves “Equality Riders:” “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If the light within you is darkness, how great is the darkness? Matthew 6:22-23.

Yes, the light within these precious and sincere “Equality Riders” is darkness. They are sincere believers in what they say they believe. They use the Bible and Jesus Name often. But they are sincerely wrong. Just like those who boarded the mighty Titanic - they too were sincere in their belief that the ship would not sink, but they were sincerely wrong. It is only the truth that will set them free.

But if you think you already have truth and yet are steeped in sin – how great is that darkness!

Homosexuality - What are Christians to do?

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