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A Father's Heart
A Father's Heart
By Rev. Flip Benham with Bill Schultz  •  April 4, 2007

Last Friday morning, March 30, 2007, we were witness to God’s orchestration of an extraordinary sequence of events at the abortion mill at 700 East Hebron in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was an answer to forty days of continual prayer and presence at the mill initiated by the ladies of “Silent No More.”

A father, whose woman was pregnant with child, desperately desired his child to live but the mother was determined to have the baby killed. He came to the faithful Christian witnesses (sidewalk counselors) at the gates of hell looking for help and prayer. He took the literature and was counseled and prayed for and then went inside the mill. He visibly lived out the heart of a father.

Here is the report filed by our wonderful friend Bill Schultz of Raleigh, North Carolina.


Suddenly the young black man (Sean) is back out the front clinic door, now irately disturbed, profanely crying out to the world as he approaches Flip standing uphill from me in front. His woman refuses to save the baby, will not discuss it with him, and will not come out of the clinic. Whatever has happened inside the mill apparently got him ejected with a threat to call the police.

Flip and Bob Green counsel and pray with Sean and the Lord calms him a bit. It becomes apparent that Sean knows his life is messed up, that he is far from the Lord, and that he sincerely desires to do right. Flip loans him his cell phone that he may call his woman (Serena) still inside. She answers the phone thereby opening up further discussion about their baby (keep this point in mind with later events). This opens the door allowing Sean another opportunity to speak for life. Flip and Bob pray for him and he heads back inside the mill as we all shout encouragement and pray for the quest he is on to save his baby’s life.

Shortly thereafter an ambulance with lights flashing but siren off, comes up the street slowing in front of the clinic. (Note: All across our nation Emergency vehicles are requested to not have sirens or emergency lights on when coming to an abortion mill. The reason, of course, is that the mill does not want undo attention brought to its butchery of women and children.)

Pastor Flip immediately recognizes what is about to happen, shouting to get a camera as the ambulance U- turns, heading for the clinic entrance. Dropping the mike on the grass, I run to the car around the corner for my digital camera. Walking back through the common driveway of the mill and the rear adjoining commercial property, I’m taking pictures of the ambulance unloading a stretcher and a fire truck just arriving. As I make my way behind the clinic and into the rear factory lot, emergency personnel are rushing into the back door of the mill with a stretcher.

Peering through the razor wire, I am able to take photos of the unfolding events: a woman being taken out on a stretcher into the ambulance; the father of the baby running into the rear lot and joining her; the white haired abortionist (with another person) was coming out the rear door of the clinic to observe.

The abortionist seems to have the gaping look of, “What did I do!” It must be serious or he wouldn’t be out here in this manner. The father of the aborted child joins his woman on the stretcher as she is loaded into the ambulance. Then he walks around the emergency vehicles with a woman who looks to be the clinic administrator (or owner). She notices me through the razor wire taking pictures giving a nonchalant wave at me as though this is not a serious matter - what hypocrisy!

The ambulance and fire truck are preparing to leave so I call out that someone needs to get on the mike immediately to let those inside know to get their women and babies out of that death trap. Multiple police cars now begin arriving in front of the mill as a crowd of officers heads into the clinic. We have no idea what is going on.

One officer walks into the mill and beligerently raises his middle finger at the side walk counselors, many of whom are white haired saintly ladies. We were shocked, though not surprised, that a uniformed police officer would behave with such flagrant disrespect and bias. It has become obvious to all of us standing in the Name of Jesus that we are the disturbers of the peace – not those killing babies and butchering women.


We now see why the policemen have converged on the scene. They burst out the front door dragging a black man (we later realize it is Sean who had previously gone in to save his baby). He is thrown on the ground with hands cuffed, and some sort of tape on his mouth.

Pastor Flip is telling them you are arresting the wrong man - he is just trying to save his baby. When they get him to the police cars, Sean is put on the ground again by so many officers over him that I can’t see what they are doing, then they put him onto a trunk lid, and finally into the back of a police car. An official with “police chaplain” on his back is present throughout the entire episode. He is totally unmoved.

Apparently Sean, upon realizing a woman was just butchered at this place and being taken away by ambulance, did what he felt necessary to bring the mother of his baby and his baby out. With anguish and compassion Sean was acting as a real father would. Perhaps for the first time in his life Sean was putting someone else ahead of himself. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay his life down for his friends.” John 15:13.

Many of us were on our knees praying, others were crying, others were shouting out encouragement to Sean. We were witnessing the Holy Week event and Easter miracle through the life of one who had not yet acknowledged Jesus as Savior. Here was a father trying to save the lives of the mother of his child and his child, by laying his own life down.

Pastor Flip is immediately on the phone with American Liberties Institute to reach an attorney to defend this heroic man who has to a large extent put his own life on the line to save his baby’s life.


Soon thereafter, the mother of Sean’s child comes out, gets in her car and leaves. Pastor Flip has her cell number on his cell phone from Sean’s earlier call - dials her and she answers. In honor of the father’s heroic act, she will not have the abortion! - THIS BABY WILL LIVE!

Not only that. Another woman came out and informed us that she was choosing life as a result of the courageous action of Sean. ANOTHER BABY WILL LIVE!

Sean has displayed more of our Heavenly Father’s heart and love toward unborn children than most of us who claim the Name of Christ. As a matter of fact, I would imagine that if the Church of Jesus Christ were to view what Sean did at that abortion mill it would view his actions as very bad form. You see Sean acted the way a man should act if he knew the life of his child and the mother of his child was in danger. He laid his life down for them.


Sean has been cited with two charges of misdemeanor assault and one of misdemeanor damage to property. His bond was placed a $10,000. Our hope was that the judge would grant a bond reduction. We met his mother and Serena (the mother of his child) at the Municipal Court in Charlotte on Monday, April 2, 2007. When Sean came up for his bond reduction and court date, both his mother and I were allowed to speak for him. The Judge was visibly touched but when he read over Sean’s prior convictions (five cases of misdemeanor assault) he was not disposed to lower the bond.

God provided a way for us to help get Sean’s bond posted. When I spoke to him yesterday, I reminded him that God had used him powerfully in saving the lives of two babies at that mill. I also reminded him that our sin has a way of finding us out. Sean has sin issues that only King Jesus can forgive and heal. He lost his own father to a murder suicide when he was only 10. Now his Heavenly Father is calling Sean to Himself.

Please pray for Sean and Miss Serena that they would come very soon to a knowledge of the One who laid His life down that they might live.

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