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2005 Articles Part 2

 2005 Articles Part 2

The Lie Before Christmas
Written by Savanah Michael
Posted December 27, 2005

This poem written by young warrior Savanah Michael of Granite City, Illinois almost slipped through the cracks but we found it and presentt it here for you to read. Its message is still relevant. Enjoy!

Special Poem to be Read at Liz's Grave Site Today
From Rusty Thomas
Posted December 24, 2005

The Lord richly bless you!  I just got off the phone with Brother Flip.  I read to him this special poem that was sent to me by some precious friends from California, Chet and Joann Gallagher.  I'm preparing even as I write to gather up the Thomas Nation and for the first time, except for my oldest, Shekinah, we are going to visit Liz's grave stone on this Christmas Eve.  We will bring a poinsettia plant and at this special, yet emotional time, I will read this poem to the kiddos.  Please pray for us as we face this Holiday season without the one who went out of her way, time and again, to make it so special for the Thomas Nation.

Slappy Holiday, The Best Article on Christmas - This Year. Gene Edward Veith writes for World Magazine and helps put some meaning back into this most wonderful of Christian holidays.

The Chameleon Church - Abortion is only the symptom of the problem
Written by Angela Michael
Posted December 23, 2005
New Dimensions Christian Center 618-875-3421 As we rolled up to the crime scene a blanket of snow covered the dismal surroundings and our eyes focused on the “New Dimensions Christian Center” church van from E. St. Louis, Illinois, parked on the abortion mill lot. Three women had gone inside, Nolan informed me.

Church Van in Abortion Mill Parking Lot
Written by Flip Benham
Posted December 23, 2005
New Dimensions Christian Center 618-875-3421Church van parked in front of the Hope Abortion Mill in Granite City, Illinois. If you have ever wondered how Christians can bring their Bibles into an abortion mill believing that God approves of their very difficult decision, you need look no further than to the pathetic preaching of our seeker friendly pulpits.

Baby Malachi Witnesses at Walgreens
Written by Angela Michael
Posted December 20, 2005
Ten gentle Christians stood in the cold outside Walgreens in Glen Carbon, IL, where two of the four pharmacists suspended without pay had worked, and exposed the truth that Walgreens' policy towards God fearing pharmacists is wrong.

Dr. Gary Wohl Observes Operation Save America in Action
Written by Dr. Gary Wohl
Posted December 19, 2005
I spent six weeks in Concord, NC, this fall with Flip Benham and Operation Save America. The intensity of ministry and the depth of commitment on the part of those involved was something that was truly inspiring to me. Also, the entire experience was an eye-opener to the true battle going on in our nation.

Celebrate Christmas with time instead of money
Written by Jo Scott
Posted December 14, 2005
This year the uproar over whether it's a “Holiday Season” or a "Christmas Season" has overwhelmed the news with complaints from both the Christian and secular consumers.  What if, next year, Christians said nothing of the retail store's seasonal political correctness, but quietly stopped spending money and started spending time to put Christ back into Christmas with our own families

The Battle Against thse Homosexual Agenda Must be Won!
Posted December 14, 2005
To: editor@charlotterighteous.com
I stumbled upon your website this evening and was compelled to drop you a note. I am a California resident and I work with the state's largest gay & lesbian civil rights organization … I watched your video clip of the pride celebration, and, I must say, I believe you guys are taking things way out of context. See response to this email. Warning: offensive language

Denver Anti-War Protest Confronted
Written by Jo Scott
Posted December 10, 2005
On Nov. 29th, 2005, Jason Troyer, driving the truth truck, circled the Bush picket in down town Denver. The Mad Hatter and Alice showed up along with some of the other characters from “Alice in Wonderland.” It sure seemed fitting.  They were protesting the cruel treatment of our troops, but they were also in favor of abortion, therefore in favor of killing off future troops.

Former Abortion Mill Employee Shares the Truth
Posted December 10, 2005
Mark Bomchill, once a security guard and insider for an abortion mill in Minnesota, is now proclaiming God's truth about the slaughter of innocents.  He recently went to Ireland with Ultrasound, a student Pro Life group.

~ From all of us in the Benham Family

December 2005 Newsletter
Posted December 5, 2005
is all about what happens when the Word of God becomes flesh. Christmas is a living parable of what happens when God (Jesus) comes to dwell among men. Though this is wonderful news for those of us being saved, it is very bad news for the devil, his minions, and those who choose to follow him. The coming of Jesus spells the end for the devil. This is precisely why the world hates the true meaning of Christmas.

Prolife Seminar in the Netherlands Witnessing Opportunity for OSA
Posted December 3, 2005
Next week Operation Save America missionaries to the unborn will join over 200 other ministries for an international prolife seminar in the Netherlands. Participants include Dr Pat Mckewen and David Lackey, Pastor Mike Warren, Pastor Sam Greene, Scott Heldreth, Gib Killion, Flip Benham, Abigail Benham, Shekinah and Destiny Thomas, Michelle Ball, and Kristin Sugar.

My Jail Experience at Yale: Merry Christmas
Posted December 3, 2005
We were storming the gates of hell (Planned Parenthood) in New Haven, Connecticut, on Saturday morning November 19, 2005, when I was arrested for holding a Baby Malachi sign on a public sidewalk across the street from the abortion mill. This was the first time I had ever been arrested for holding a sign on a public sidewalk. I spent several hours in jail and then was miraculously released with a “Promise to Appear” bond. This was amazing because I had no identification and was an “out of state” resident. God, however, has friends in every city. I was asked to appear in court on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., which meant I was going to have to change my airplane ticket. Danny and Marilyn Carroll graciously took care of this for me.

Posted December 3, 2005
A miracle has just taken place here in the city of Concord, North Carolina. We would be remiss if we did not shout it from the housetops. Below is an email from our superb attorney and Director of the American Liberties Institute, Rick Nelson:

Wichita Still Stirred Up by Gospel Proclamation
Posted November 23, 2005
Pastor Mark Holick writes an excellent apologetic defending why we go to the streets and why we proclaim this wonderful absolute Gospel that Jesus Christ is Lord! Be encouraged, strengthen your weak knees, follow hard after Christ, and smile. ~ Flip ~

Mia Michael Stands for Jesus in the Lion's Den
Written by Mia Michael
Posted November 23, 2005
We lined up on the sidewalk where the parade would pass by, holding signs including two graphic abortion pictures. Soon after that people had gathered around us. They were yelling and cursing us because we dared to remind them of the innocent blood that is being shed two blocks away at the Hope abortion Clinic. It was like being in a lion's den… For details about the failure of Police to protect Mia and bring the person who injured her to justice, read Angela Michael's report.

Flip Benham Arrested for Malachi Sign in New Haven, CT
Marilyn Carroll & Marc Caiani reporting
Posted November 22, 2005
Saturday morning we were off to Planned Parenthood in New Haven. We took our normal positions for sidewalk counseling and had the sound system for praise and worship and street preaching. Pastor Flip was on Whitney Ave holding a Malachi sign in one hand and his Bible in the other. A cop came up to him and told him to get off the street so he complied and went on the sidewalk. The same cop was later ordered to tell him to remove his sign or get arrested. When this cop went back to Flip he did not give him any ultimatum, he just took his sign and told him to get in the car.

The ABC's of Granite City, Illinois
Assault, Battery and Cowardice
Granite City Mayor, police and city officials look on as young girl is brutally attacked

Written by Angela Michael
Posted November 22, 2005
Angela, Angie, & Ken with banner We hear over the daily news reports coming out of China of the atrocities and the persecution of Chinese dissidents. Well, Christian persecution is alive and well right here in anytown USA but I noticed it didn't make the evening news. Why, in Granite City it didn't even make the daily police blotter.

Truth was Blowing in the Wind in Colorado Springs
Written by Jo Scott
Posted November 16, 2005
Jennifer points out the abortionist's neighborhood. Winds blew, leaves flew and the truth sailed across Colorado Springs proclaimed by a small band of Christian warriors on Saturday, November 12, 2005. Leader Mike Gamble joined by Ken and Jo Scott with a “Truth Truck,” and Colorado Right to Lifer's Leslie Hanks, Sue Sutherland and Phillip Hendrix, and others, turned theology into biography in the streets of Colorado Springs.

Standing for Jesus at "The Last Abortion Clinic"
Posted November 14, 2005
Here is a report from our own Melody Miller who was there when the PBS folks showed up to do their filming for “The Last Abortion Clinic” in Jackson, Mississippi. She brings out the absolute importance of fasting and praying before we embark on storming the gates of hell at abortion mills. We have seen the truth of this message over and over again. Many of us are fasting every Monday for the national event

Sin, Like Yeast, Permeates the "Church"
Written by Dennis Green
This wolf was in the process of killing one of its young. As I tried to intercede on behalf of a baby scheduled to be killed, this creature lashed out at me. I honestly thought that this would be the day that I would be physically attacked as he and another man charged up and began screaming at me, nose to nose, from three inches away. As I sought to speak to a woman around this screaming individual, he made his true identity known. This was a “Youth Minister," that sought to use Scripture (out of context) to attack me and defend his choice to have his girlfriend's baby killed.

Storming the Gates at Starbucks
Starbucks Coffee has been a closet enemy of our Lord Jesus for years. Remember, the real bottom line for Starbucks is money, so the company has been careful to try to avoid alienating the Christian community. Christians, after all, love coffee and the coffee at Starbucks is considered one of the best. Starbucks has now, however, come out of the closet. It has reached the place where it believes that Christians will be more loyal to their coffee drinking then they will be to their Lord. What utter arrogance! Reminiscent of one who was in heaven and then was thrown out because of his blatant rebellion against God.

PBS Documentary: Right Story - Wrong Conclusion!
Written by Flip Benham
Matt Trewella and the Missionaries to the Preborn have been in this battle a long, long time in Milwaukee.  On Saturday, October 29, 2005, the Summit abortuary closed its doors forever.  This is a tremendous testimony and a great encouragement to all of the faithful saints that are allowing their theology to become biography at abortion mills across our nation.  Well done Missionaries to the Preborn! This is wonderful news indeed!  It is much needed at this time, since the initial airing of PBS's “The Last Abortion Clinic” on Tuesday evening, November 8, 2005.

Welcome to Our World Dr. Dobson and "Love Won Out"
Written by Flip Benham
I wonder what the Tremont Temple Baptist Church did to makes these poor, sweet people so mad? Could it possibly be that the Gospel of Christ was exposing a sin that all too many of us are attempting to cover-up? The battle for homosexual rights hinges on the silence of the church of Jesus Christ. We are witnessing the criminalization of Christianity!

Life After the Comma
God is still speaking because He has changed His mind…or so says Eden Theological Seminary
Written by Angela Michael
Posted November 10, 2005
Operation Save America director Reverend Flip Benham and the remnant delivered God's mail at Windows on Washington, as Eden Theological Seminary held their $125.00 a plate fundraiser in the ambience of a renovated, historic building, to raise money to train pastors and pastorettes to promote abortion and homosexuality. On most Saturdays outside a notorious abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois you will find these lost seminarian students holding their purple signs “pro-faith, pro-family, pro-choice,” or “I'm pro-choice and I pray.” They are leading these young people straight to hell as they escort and counsel pregnant girls inside Hope Clinic.

Violence at North Meck - a Biblical Perspective
Written by Tim Hanline
God opens up the doors for so many opportunities to witness for Him when we take this battle to the very gates of hell. The "God Is Going Back to School" campaign is a very powerful tool that provides us many opportunities to bring the unchanging standard of God's Word into the battle for the hearts and minds of our kids. When asked, "By what standard?" Our answer is always, "Jesus is the Standard!" Following is another response to North Mech student “Kitty Girl's.” (Click here to read her email)

Court rules sex surveys of 7-year-olds OK
Posted November 8, 2005
The one speaking through the mouth of Judge Stephen Reinhardt is the same one who spoke through the mouths of Pharaoh, Goliath of Gath, Herod the Great, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Osama Bin Laden, ad nauseam.  It is the devil himself and he wants control of our children. Come men of God, unsheathe the mighty Sword of the Spirit; together let us tear down this perversion that has set itself up against the knowledge of the Almighty.

Why Are Kids Killing Kids?
OSA Brochure
Burning Supreme Court decisions that removed God from our schools. Blood is coursing down the corridors of high schools across America. We have no one to blame but ourselves. In Buffalo, NY, Flip Benham spoke this message for the first time on April 18, 1999. He asked some to pray that he would be as a laser beam that would hit its mark as he delivered this message. Two days later, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold pulled off the second deadliest attack on a school in US history—the Columbine High School Massacre.

Christians Issue Proclamation to Presbyterian church over abortion and homosexuality
President of Illiff School of Theology pickets for homosexuality
Posted November 6, 2005
Jason Troyer stands by the truck. The Gospel was proclaimed at Montview Presbyterian Church Sunday October 30, 2005, by a dozen Christians. They were equipped with Bibles, abortion signs, and a heart for evangelism. Interestingly enough, as their proclamation began they were met by parishioners brandishing campaign signs that were handed out by staff, from inside the church. Their political signs were used to block the abortion signs. Fortunately, they were unable to block the Truth Truck...

Missouri Baby Executed at Taxpayers Expense
Written by Angela Michael
Government failed, society failed and the Supreme Court is not supreme
A valiant effort behind the legal fight to intervene on behalf of this innocent child was waged last week but when are we going to realize we cannot fight this battle in the courts? We will never win. There's never been a piece of prolife legislation that a rabid liberal activist judge has liked. The cause of the oppressed must be brought out of the building and into the streets. It must be won in the court of public opinion by turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Look at history- ...

God Goes Back to Skool School
Truth 101 Taught at Granite City High School
Written by Angela Michael as reported by Julie Baer
Posted October 22, 2005
Tell your teens the truth about abortion The Godly heritage that our once great country was founded on, and former generations raised upon, has now turned to a garden of weeds. Our youth are starving and dwindling among the barren land. Is it any wonder why we see so many young adults and teenagers, some look like they fell into a tackle box, going into this Mecca-of-the Midwest in abortion-on-demand in Granite City, IL to get rid of the “problem” in such numbers?!

It's A Winner! At the National League Championship Series
Written by Daniel & Angela Michael
Posted October 22, 2005
God's remnant outside Busch Stadium King Jesus hits a grand-slam with over 55,000 baseball fans. Bases were loaded in front of Busch Stadium with a small remnant as they brought the truth and delivered God's mail to the streets of St. Louis, Missouri.

Warren Hern Got Plastered Today
October 16, 2005
Written by Jo Scott
Abortionist Warren Hern That is, his picture was plastered all over Boulder Colorado. Two pro life grannies decided to go for a stroll through Boulder. And what a day it was, the trees displayed their glorious fall attire in 75 degree weather while the streets of Boulder were decorated with late term abortionist Warren Hern's Picture along with his own quotes.

Mission Trip to Mount Olive, MS
Written by Shelly Clegg
October 19, 2005
Here is Shelly Clegg's report from Mt. Olive, Mississippi.  This was one of our first stops in our hurricane disaster relief effort.  We had a glorious time there giving a loaf of bread in one hand and the Bread of Life in the other.  If we have friends no where else, we have found some friends in Mount Olive.  Thank you all for giving so much and allowing the glory of God to be so vividly displayed through you. ~Flip

The Difference Between Our Pilgrim Forefathers and Us
Written by Flip Benham
October 18, 2005
Our Pilgrim Forefathers were of a different stock. They knew that everything they had, and everything they ever hoped to be, was dependent upon the benevolent hand of Almighty God. They were convinced that right makes might and not vice-versa. So long as they were right with King Jesus, for whose Gospel they pledged their lives, God's blessing would be upon them. And indeed, it was.

Hurricane Relief Update Oct 17
October 17, 2005
One lady, a hurricane survivor, told the men, “You need to hold church service!” So the following day, Thursday morning, they did. About 10 people showed up and shared their testimonies about how God had worked in their lives through their losses. A black woman described her fear of white people based on what she had heard about slavery days. She said she had never been more than five miles from home, but when the hurricane was due, she ended up 130 miles from home. A white man asked if her family needed help, explaining that his family lived nine miles out in the woods. With fear and trepidation, they went with him. The first thing they saw at his home was a Confederate flag. But the woman said she had never been treated so nicely in her life as she was treated by this white family.

Randy Scholfield: Photos Show Only Part of the Truth
Included is Pastor Mark Holick's response
When I was in high school at Wichita South our history teacher showed us a number of pictures of holocaust victims. Naked Jewish people piled like wood, their ribs showing. I'm sure you have seen them Mr. Scholfied. When you saw them did you think, “This is only part of the truth?” Did you ask, “What were the mitigating factors, this is only a snapshot of a moment, the truth can be complicated, maybe Hitler had a good reason?”

Pastor Mark Holick's Response to Mr. McCormick's Article, "Would Jesus yell at high school kids?" dated Sun, Oct. 9, 2005
Your article is full of unsubstantiated accusations and outright lies. In your article, without interviewing anyone or investigating anything, you blatantly called us or accused us of, but not limited to the following: "yelling at high school kids, tense confrontations, hollering, harassing, threatening, shoving photos, making students take the handouts, affirming our piety, coercion, selfish demonstration...

Are There Moral Limits to Protests?
Are there places that are off-limits for protests, even if the purpose is rooted in the claim of faith and salvation? Recent protests by abortion opponents at Wichita high schools and by church members at American soldiers' funerals have sparked emotional comments and responses.  On one side, those protesting say they have a responsibility as Christians to warn people -- regardless of where they are -- about the consequences of their sins.  "If I love my neighbor as myself, I've got to tell the truth," said the Rev. Rusty Thomas, assistant director of the Dallas-based Operation Save America.

Would Jesus yell at high school kids?
By Mark McCormick
Wichita Eagle
OK. OK. We understand that you want people to know you're Christians. I think we could figure that out before you shouted a little louder when the Pledge of Allegiance reached the phrase "under God." But you can't be proud of this behavior.

Letters to the Editor
From Wichita Eagle
All of Wichita is astir in the aftermath of our visit to the Heartland October 5-9, 2005. When the Gospel of Christ moves out of the church house to become biography in the streets – “Katy-bar-the-door!” From just a cursory reading of these Letters to the Editor that appeared in the Wichita Eagle this past week – Christians have turned that city right-side-up in the Name of Jesus. Not only did God Go Back to School, but School showed up on Sunday morning, at church. Not a bad result. Seven young people surrendered their hearts to Christ. In the words of Pastor Mark Holick, “It was the best church service I have ever attended.” - Flip

Would Jesus yell at high school kids?
By Mark McCormick
Wichita Eagle
OK. OK. We understand that you want people to know you're Christians. I think we could figure that out before you shouted a little louder when the Pledge of Allegiance reached the phrase "under God." But you can't be proud of this behavior.

Not only did God Go Back to School, but School Came Back to Church at Spirit One in Wichita, KS
Written by Kendra Wilcox
Our God is truly an awesome God, and He works in mysterious and miraculous ways. When many of the kids “flunked” the message of the Cross at two of Wichita 's local high schools and at Wichita State University, God sent the kids back for some remedial education. He sent them back to the fount of true education and wisdom- back to the Church.
The Lord

Bend it Like Benham
The Texas Observer
In a phone interview with the Observer, Benham said his organization has distributed thousands of pounds of food and water and medical supplies to victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. “We're bringing bread with one hand, and the bread of life with the other—that's our Lord Jesus… Jesus is the one who died for our sins, not Buddha, not Allah, not any of the others. It was Jesus.” He continued, “[The storms] are judgments. If you don't stop child sacrifices—if you look all through the Bible—you'll see that if you didn't stop child sacrifices, that nation has ended.”

Netherlands Set to Give Go-Ahead to Child Euthanasia
AMSTERDAM, September 30, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Dutch officials are set to give child euthanasia the go-ahead.  The practice is already widespread there with an estimated 15-20 cases per year despite it being illegal.  No paediatricians have been prosecuted.  The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia in 2001. - Miss Pat (McEwen), Dave Lackey, Pastor Sam Green, Mike Warren, Pastor Flip Benham, and several from Operation Save America will be in Amsterdam this December to bring the Gospel of Christ to these gates of hell, and to teach our brothers and sisters to do the same.  Jesus is the Standard.  Apart from Him there is no other God!

October 10, 2005
By Rusty Thomas
The Lord richly bless you!  What an amazing weekend the Thomas Nation had in Wichita.  OSA Wichita held a week long regional event led by our National OSA Director, Flip Benham.  OSA took the Gospel of the Kingdom to the highways and byways, two high schools, Wichita State University, the Central Abortion Mill and of course, the infamous death camp of Mr. George Tiller.  These outreaches turned Wichita upside down.  The community was stirred to the core.  The outreaches made the front page of Wichita 's local paper for three days in a row.  Included in this e-mail message is the last article published that covered the event.

Students plan response to abortion protesters
October 8, 2005
The Lord Himself hit a nerve at the high schools here in Wichita.  Several students have organized a demonstration for Sunday morning to come and hold rusty coat hangers and the like outside of Spirit One church where Mark Hollick is the pastor.  What a wonderful opportunity God has given us to speak into the hearts of these kids once more.  Thank you, Jesus!

Abortion protesters target schools
October 7, 2005
God is going back to school in Wichita in a mighty way. The reports on us are always ludicrous, but aren't we callled to become fools for Christ? Here is a report on our school outreach this week.

Report from the Streets, OSA Regional Event, Wichita
Thursday, October 6, 2005
The people of Wichita on their morning commute were greeted with a dose of the truth about abortion. Faithful Christians braved high winds and cold weather as they stood for Jesus in the early morning.

Hurricane Relief Update
October 4, 2005
Flip, Faye and crew stopped in Birmingham and picked up Dave Lackey then met up with Coach Dave Daubenmire, the Breadman and the Gibber in Sulphur, LA. Flip said the first trip OSA made to Louisiana, they went to where food is sold by the pound, the cheapest way they'd found to buy it, and spent $4,600 to fill a 24' truckbed with food. Now, he said, for $1,500, through Pastor Fritz's ministry, they brought a tractor trailer load of food. That's the price of gas for the truck; the truck drivers are volunteering their time to bring it down.

Hurricane Relief Update
October 2, 2005
Flip is on the road to Birmingham today. He'll see Dave Lackey and spend the night, then travel on to Merryville, Louisiana tomorrow. Gib Killion just called him and told him there's several cities in southwest Louisiana that Hurricane Rita tore up that need food. Gib's got the OSA RV whose signs constitute a great commercial for Jesus. He's working with Coach Dave Daubenmire who's using Merryville as a staging area to take food into southwest Louisiana where it's needed.

Commentary & News Briefs

September 30, 2005
Compiled by Jody Brown

Flip Benham, national director of Operation Save America, has led a team of relief workers on the Gulf Coast as they have provided physical and spiritual assistance. Benham says he would never accept government money for doing God's work. "You know what we need the government to do?" Benham asks rhetorically. "Just rebuild the roads; take care of the infrastructure -- and let us take care of people..."

Palm Bay Baptist Church Delivers Relief to Hurricane Katrina Survivors
As reported by Pastor Sam Greene

Here is our report for Today's (September 28, 2005) Gospel relief work:  Pat Pinkston will be leading another team effort “to bring a loaf of bread in one hand and the Bread of Life in the other” next week.  Gib Killion is in Jackson, Mississippi now.  He just returned from bringing supplies to Pastor Bill Shanks in New Orleans last night.  He toured the city of New Orleans and related how bad it was in several places in the city.  He was stunned by the devastation in the city and could not find his way around because everything is rearranged (totally).

OSA Hurricane Relief - Sept 30 Update
Rusty Thomas
The Churches are banding together in a united vision.  They want the Lord's Church, not FEMA, Red Cross, or any other entity to be used to overcome the challenges left by Rita.  They desire everything to be done through the Church and in the name of Jesus to provide the practical and spiritual needs of their communities.  Operation Save America, Pass the Salt, and Pastor Fritz from His Eternal Power Ministries are working together to make that vision and mission possible for the local Churches.

Coach Leaving for Beaumont, Texas
The Minutemen
This is what we have come to expect from the Minutemen of Ohio. They are waiting upon the Lord, willing to go wherever He calls, and ready to “run to the roar” of our common enemy (the devil) in a minute! We are blessed to serve in the Lord's army with them.
Brothers and sisters, our God is with us! ~Flip

OSA Hurricane Report 29 Sept. 2005
Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock
Flip spoke with Rusty this morning, 29 Sept 2005. Rusty and Gib are in Merryville, La. Gib has distributed all the food that he loaded in the RV and we have food and water coming down from Wichita, KS tomorrow afternoon. The Minutemen of Ohio are bringing two semi's loaded with food and water from Ohio.

Minutemen Bring Relief into Mississippi
Written by Dave Daubenmire
Here is a report from Coach Dave covering our first foray into the southern part of hurricane stricken Mississippi to meet the needs of the folks there.  This picture clearly portrays the incredible miracle from God.  Inmates distributing food, the Mayor of Mendenhall directing traffic, the police helping the Mayor, and OSA and the Minutemen from Ohio proclaiming Christ from a sound system located on the OSA RV directly behind the camera.  When disaster comes the lines of separation between church and state totally disintegrate.  The state actually helped the church to proclaim Christ.  Several of the prisoners gave their hearts to Christ.  The Mayor of Mendenhall, all of the police, and every one of the prisoners joined us for prayer at the close of the day.  The Mayor and the sheriff were so overcome with the generosity of Christians from all over the country that their eyes welled up in tears. 
I have an idea that God Himself was well pleased with His church.  ~Flip

Sept. 27 Update OSA Hurricane Relief Effort
Written by Rusty Thomas
The update to this update is that Gib has loaded the RV and is on his way to Merryville, Louisiana today, September 28, 2005. He has contacted the Police Department and they are eagerly anticipating his arrival. Rusty is on his way from Texas. We talked with Coach Dave Daubenmire (Ohio Minutemen) and he is diverting two tractor trailers of food toward this small forgotten area. Faye, the kids, and I will be driving through to Merryville this weekend. God's Church is coming to the rescue. ~Flip

FEMA Plans to Reimburse Faith Groups for Aid
As Civil Libertarians Object, Religious Organizations Weigh Whether to Apply
By Alan Cooperman and Elizabeth Williamson Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, September 27, 2005; Page A01
Benham said that his group has been dispensing food and clothing and that "Bibles and tracts go out with everything we put out." In Mendenhall, Miss., he said, he preached to evacuees while the mayor directed traffic and the sheriff put inmates from the county jail to work handing out supplies. Yet Benham said he would never accept a dime from the federal government. "The people have been so generous to give that for us to ask for reimbursement would be like gouging for gas," he said. "That would be a crime against heaven."

Botched abortion kills both mother & baby
Dr. Kelly Hollowell
Posted: September 24, 2005
© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com
My heart cries out for this horror.  Indeed, it does take a village to kill a child.  All of Wichita remains in a hush when Mr. Tillers is plying his ominous trade.  Not even the ambulances make a sound when Mr. Tiller is around.  The silence of God's church in Wichita.  The silence of Wichita's "objective" media.  The silence of the government and courts.  The deliberate silencing of Mr. Tiller's misdeeds by the Wichita Police Department.  The silence of the business community and the silence of the general populace in Wichita.  Are all deafening.  God Himself is hardening the heart of this city as it has found its awkward peace with child-sacrifice.  We must go to Wichita.  Flip

Hurricane Relief in Texas
Written by Flip Benham
Pastor Ronny decided to have church on Friday night while the hurricane was coming in. Yes, the hurricane was on its way but according to Rusty, “There was another wind blowing.” Seventy-five people gave their hearts to Jesus! When God brings difficult circumstances on us, many turn to Him. The church was being what she always is, doing what she always does, running to the roar and never away from it.

Thanks in Aftermath of Hurricane
Dear Rusty and OSA, Thank you so much for your tremendous help to us for the hurricane Rita evacuees. We had about 335 that we fed and provided shelter for on Friday. We have never done this type ministry before, but we see God's grace upon it. OSA providing 100 mattresses,100 pillows and blankets, and 200 sheets was a great benefit to the families that we have been serving this weekend. You also provided toiletries, toothpaste, and 40 cases of bottled water.

Hurricane Rita - Another Opportunity for Christ
Written by Flip Benham
Now it appears that we will have another opportunity to bring the theology of the church house outside the four walls of the church, and allow it to become biography in the streets, this time in Texas. God has given us extraordinary opportunities to share His Word and provide for those who have been hard hit by these catastrophic storms. God is getting our attention. He has something to say, and our nation has thumbed its nose at Him all too long. He has been very merciful and patient with us calling us to return to Him, but we have been ever so slow to listen.

Muslims Attempt Jihad in Williamsburg, USA!
Written by Mary Ellen Urmin
In one of our nation's first settlements, a bastion of freedom founded upon the gospel of Jesus Christ, Satan attempted to throw a coup d'etat over liberty. But, as always, Truth prevailed! The moral of this story is: When you know the Truth and are willing to express it (in this case, wear one of the Operation Save America [OSA] T-shirts in public), don't expect an easy way.

Rusty Thomas on Hurricane Rita Relief
Posted September 23, 2005
I talked with Flip Benham our National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America about revisiting Kenner to check up on the progress of the vision.  As we were making plans, my home State of Texas came into the crosshairs of another monster Hurricane called Rita.  So, instead of visiting the disaster area once again, it appears the disaster area is visiting us.  We are not sure where it will hit, but currently it is a category four storm that will level any coast it visits.  The real concern is the path that it is on right now is heading toward the oil refineries in Texas.  If it hits that area, 26% of America 's oil and gas supply will be smashed.  This will not only cripple Texas, but it will have terrible consequences that will be felt throughout America.  If you thought gas prices were high before, we have not seen anything yet.

Needed: Christians Willing to Go
As reported by Dave Lackey
Dave Lackey attended a “Love Won Out” conference in Birmingham, Alabama this past weekend.  “Love Won Out” is a ministry of Focus on the Family that reaches out to those lost in the homosexual lifestyle.  Dave said that much of the information was very good and beneficial for those bringing the Gospel of Christ into the homosexual community.  Dave pointed out that while the information was good there was one key element missing.  The entire ministry was geared to those of the homosexual community coming to the church for help.

Katrina, A Judgment From God Part II
Written by Flip Benham
If you listened carefully to the President's speech Sunday night concerning the devastation of hurricane Katrina, you probably noticed that something was conspicuous by its absence. The word “repentance” was not mentioned once. Yes, the President called upon God to bring us through this travail, have mercy on those suffering, and to help us rebuild - but not one mention of the word “repentance.” No call for a national introspection to see if there might not be something in us that brought Katrina on.

Tom Raddell's Report from LA - September
Never in all my life have I seen such devastation as in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It truly was the Valley of Baca, a place of weeping. But through precious saints willingly sacrificing to bring physical and spiritual assistance in the Name of Jesus, we were able to help transform people's hearts with the life-giving water of Jesus Christ.

"Was Katrina's Wrath Message from God?"
In Sunday's issue of Florida Today, Sept. 18, 2005, Pastor Sam Green called Hurricane Katrina an "act of God [that] destroyed a wicked city bent on celebrating every sinful lifestyle." He sent this article to Focus on the Family. Focus employee Timothy Masters gave an incredible rebuttal to Pastor Sam's statement. Pastor Sam responded "masterfully" to Mr. Masters. This gives a very clear picture of what the most visible Christian organization in our nation, Focus on the Family, is saying about Katrina. There is no question that there is a log in the eye of the Church of Jesus Christ; no matter what God does, we simply don't get it, and we will never see clearly to get the speck out of our brother's eye until the log in our own eye is removed.

Why Come to Wichita?

Abortion clinic case heard by high court
Posted September 15
Attorney General Phil Kline of Kansas is doing a tremendous job exposing and prosecuting the horror that takes place in Kansas abortion mills every day.  We were privileged to be a part of the team that helped get him elected.  Now, he is fulfilling his promises, first to his Lord Jesus and then to God's people and the Kansas citizens who elected him.  Hallelujah!  Join all of us in Wichita, Kansas this October 5-8.  Keith Tucci, Rusty Thomas, Bill Shanks, and all the Operation Rescue crew will be there to allow the theology of the Church house to become biography in the streets.

Katrina, A Judgment From God
Written by Flip Benham
I just got off the phone with Pastor Sam this morning September 14, 2005. Again, he was ecstatic about what God was doing in hurricane ravaged New Orleans. He and his team of 12 arrived in New Orleans yesterday. He met Pastor Bill Shanks, the real Mayor of New Orleans, who arranged for the missionary crew to unload all of their supplies at the East Jefferson Community Health Center. That's right! Pastor Sam spent last night sleeping in a dentist's chair.

Clerics debate God's role in catastrophe
Posted September 13
As America's faith communities mobilize to help Hurricane Katrina victims, they're also engaged in an age-old debate about God's role in disasters. The Rev. Philip "Flip'' Benham, leader of the North Carolina antiabortion group Operation Save America, spoke approvingly last week about how Hurricane Katrina had shut down New Orleans' bawdy nightlife and forced the cancellation of a gay pride gathering.

Hurricane Outreach September 13 Update
Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock
I spoke with Pastor Sam Green this morning. He is at the High Place in Jackson, MS. He's the most excited man on the face of this earth! He and his church have been planning for this trip to hurricane ravaged Mississippi and Louisiana for the past 2 ½ weeks. Thanks to the generous donations of the Palm Bay people, they brought a generator, personal hygiene items in individual bags, diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, cans of food, water, drinks and more

Gay Pride Comes Before Destruction
Posted September 13, 2004
Many are calling it a step in the right direction. City officials, including the Mayor and the City Council applaud and embrace it. Many denominations in the city accept it. JESUS CHRIST REJECTS IT! Homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of The Supreme Law-Maker, Jesus Christ!

Hurricane Outreach September 12 Update
Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock
Tom Raddell went home to Ohio on Saturday, Sept 10, having prepared the way for Pastor Sam Green from Palm Bay, FL. For those of you who don't know, Palm Bay, FL was one of the cities worst hit during last summer's hurricane season in Florida. Pastor Sam read our challenge to not give money to the Red Cross but to send out missionaries with food and supplies to the rural areas in both Mississippi and Louisiana . He is on his way to Mississippi this morning. He has 12 missionaries with him and is leading a caravan loaded with supplies. Our 'Jesus is the Standard' RV is gassed up and waiting for them at the High Place.

A Day at the Circus
Written by Angela Michael
Battle lines were drawn as lawmakers opened public testimony on the centerpiece bill. This bill would allow civil lawsuits against those who help a minor get an abortion without parental consent. That's it. No felony. No fines. It targets the Hope Clinic in Granite City. Under Illinois law, the clinic is authorized to perform abortions on teens without parental consent.

Responses to Josh's Stand for Life
Posted September 8, 2005
These responses to Josh's strong stand for the life of Miss Terri Schaivo are remarkable. His apology to the Pinellas Park County Court House is the best sermon I have ever read. People from across the nation are responding to this young boy's love for Christ. So am I! ~Flip

Sept. 8 OSA-Wichita Report, 2005
Written by Donna Lippoldt
Dear Saints, I just received word from Pastor Mark. He and Martin are heading back from New Orleans. He likened this to going into battle. You have one plan and the plan changes. They had to adapt, and adapt they did. They listened to the Lord and He directed their path. 

OSA Relief Effort Photos
Here are some of the pictures from Mississippi and Louisiana as we share relief supplies and the Gospel of Christ. As you view these pictures please pray over those in need and the relief workers from OSA. We could not do it without your generous giving. Thank you!

Sept. 6 Report, 2005
Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock,
OSA has established an additional base 180 miles south of The High Place at Harahan, Louisiana. It's in the epicenter of the devastation wrought by hurricane Katrina and is convenient to Gulf Port and Biloxi. Vincent Bruno, head of Homeland Security in Kenner, LA, has a huge building that he's allowing us to use in Harahan at 1100 Hickory Ave. The building has electricity and running water but no cots, bring bed rolls.

The Media is Lying to You
Report from Flip
Written Septemner 5, 2005
The media is lying to you about what's happening in New Orleans. They're showing you all these snarling faces. We were in the New Orleans area yesterday. The police let our seven vehicle caravan loaded with food and water pass with out a problem. We went to Kenner where Brother Bill Shank's church is. The mayor of Kenner was on TV the night before. He said, “I'm not giving one penny to the Red Cross or FEMA ever again! We need help and there is not any help.” When he made that statement on TV, Bro. Bill told me, “We've got to go!”

The Katrina Catastrophe Solution
By Chet Gallagher
Written Septemner 3, 2005
“Please contact me. I have a home.”
We already have a team of ministry volunteers working with Katrina victims in Mississippi. The emergency goal is to feed and clothe them but our next responsibility is to provide homes for desperate families who will have nowhere to go once they are clothed and fed. This operation rescue ministry is called “Shepherd Family Ministry.” Operation Save America Director, Rev. Flip Benham said that our teams there would interview families (beginning today in Mississippi) who have lost everything they own. Remember the state and federal governments were unable to respond quickly. Will the church of Jesus do likewise? 1 million people have lost EVERYTHING … BUT You can rescue one family.

Hurricane Outreach September 3
Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock, Butch Berget, more
Written Septemner 3, 2005
At night my soul longs for Thee, indeed, my spirit within me seeks Thee diligently; for when the earth experiences Thy judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. (Is. 26:9)
Christians eager to respond are requesting how best to help at this time. In several email conversations and a phone interview Flip and Butch give an update on Camp High Place and relief efforts going out from this staging area. Here is also a list of items needed and how they are being dispersed upon arrival. Other Christians are opening their homes and contact information on our part is provided. Please use this information as the Lord Jesus leads you to respond to those in need.

When the Earth Experiences Thy Judgments
Flip Benham with Brenda Spurlock
Written Septemner 2, 2005
At night my soul longs for Thee, indeed, my spirit within me seeks Thee diligently; for when the earth experiences Thy judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. (Is. 26:9)
The thought occurred to me that August 28, 2004 was the day we finished the Walk Across America. We made that walk to say that judgment was coming to America if we didn't repent, but that God wants to have mercy. Precisely one year ago we cut a swath right across America and everybody in our path heard. Judgment came exactly one year later in a ‘little' hurricane called Katrina.

Report from the Road to Mississippi
Brenda Spurlock with Flip Benham
Written September 1, 2005
I spoke with Flip by mobile phone this morning. We're grateful for the opportunity to communicate because he's expecting to hit some dead zones later on where communication isn't possible. He and Dave Lackey were just outside of Meridian, MS at 11:30 am.

The Kindest Acts of the Wicked Are Cruel
Angela Michael
Written September 1, 2005
Hurricane Katrina's path of death and destruction isn't enough as the death toll keeps mounting. "Planned Barrenhood" is enticing refugees with more death. Free abortions and birth-control are being offered by Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas clinics to Louisiana's and Mississippi's displaced residents with proper identification.

Our God is Able - Thou Shalt Not Steal!
Flip Benham
Posted August 31, 2005
Butch Berget just called me and said that he has over 250 people at The High Place Campsite, in Florence, MS, with more coming in all the time. They have no electricity so Butch has already bought six generators. They are in desperate need of things like canned goods, bed sheets, cots, bed rolls, etc. All the stores in the area are cleaned out.

Emergency Appeal from Flip
Posted August 30, 2005
Butch Berget just called me and said that he has over 250 people at The High Place Campsite, in Florence, MS, with more coming in all the time. They have no electricity so Butch has already bought six generators. They are in desperate need of things like canned goods, bed sheets, cots, bed rolls, etc. All the stores in the area are cleaned out.

Emergency Message from Pat McEwen
Posted August 30, 2005
Having been through this, I also know that relief efforts must be coordinated. It is the Church's job to do this. What is needed the most here is your funds. David and Flip will purchase supplies, in bulk, much more wisely than we could individually. Also please know that this will not be a short term fix. (Remember - in my neighborhood, one year later, I still have tar paper, not shingles, on my roof and many have no home to live in.) The Church of Jesus Christ must stand with our brothers and sisters in need.

Bourbon St. Businessmen's Association Bans Gospel in 2004
This Year, God Bans Business on Bourbon St.

Flip Benham with Butch Berget
Posted August 29, 2005
Brother Bill has for years proclaimed from the housetops and the streets of New Orleans that if his city kept up her rebellion against Almighty God she would suffer severe consequences. A hurricane, like Katrina, was often a preaching point he would use to illustrate the utter absurdity of a city like New Orleans shaking her tiny fist in the face of Jesus. All she can do now is run and hide.
One thing is for sure. The homosexuals will not be able to parade their sin like Sodom this coming weekend in New Orleans as they have done for the last several years at the "Southern Decadence" lust fest. God put a stop to that!

Josh Heldreth's Apology
Joshua Heldreth
Posted August 27, 2005
Ten year-old Joshua Heldreth was arrested on Good Friday of this year for attempting to bring a drink of water to Miss Terri Schaivo.  Terri died of purposeful dehydration a few days later.  Josh's picture adorned the front pages of several newspapers nationwide, and the picture clearly shows him being handcuffed by the Pinellas County Police officers, loaded into a paddy wagon, and taken to jail.  Joshua was represented in court by our great attorneys at the American Family Association.  Joshua pleaded out and was sentenced to 25 hours of community service and commanded to write an apology for his actions.  Here is his apology in full.

Just one more reason to come to Wichita in October
Wichita Regional Event October 5-8, 2005
Posted August 25, 2005
Just one more reason to come to Wichita in October! Abortion is close to being toppled in the heartland. Tiller is acting eratic. Christians are challenging evolution taught in the schools and are finding favor. And Attorney General Phill Kline is more concerned with what God says about abortion than he is being reelected! It is absolutely incredible what we are seeing in the state of Kansas! See you in October!

"If the Lord Be God Serve Him"
Invitation to Wichita regional event
Posted August 24, 2005
Below is an article to be sent out in our newsletter. Flip has agreed to have a regional event here in October. October 5-8. We are praying and fasting that the Lord will enable many of you to come join us. We are making our plans and submitting them to Jesus. Bob and Bonnie Behn just left and Bob will be back to help before the event. Our team is reassembled and willing to be used. Some of you have already indicated that you'll be coming. You will be a blessing to us and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you with all you needs. Several families have indicated that they would open their homes. Please let us know as soon as you know if the Lord says yes and amen. Pleas read the article as it shares some of what the Lord has been telling us. - Donna Lippoldt

He is one of our own
Posted August 27, 2005
A Perry County teen can wear a T-shirt that school officials deemed offensive as long as it does not disrupt classes, a federal judge ruled yesterday. James Nixon was sent home in September from Sheridan Middle School, where he was a seventh-grader, because school officials thought his shirt was offensive. They had asked him to take off the shirt or turn it inside out, but he refused. The black T-shirt, which James got from Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, reads: "INTOLERANT: Jesus said . . . I am the way, the truth and the life. John 14:6." The back: "Homosexuality is a sin, Islam is a lie, abortion is murder. Some issues are just black and white!"

Minuteman Wins Federal Case on OSA Shirt
Newark Advocate in Ohio
Posted August 24, 2005
In Columbus, Ohio, high school student James Nixon had been sent home for refusing to remove his OSA Intolerant T-Shirt. In federal court James was vindicated and his First Amendment rights reinstated. The news media in this article seems unwilling to let a shirt reading “homosexuality is a sin!” to interpret itself but uses its headline to falsely allege that the shirt condemns homosexuals. It condemns sin as sin. Everyone stands condemened by sin and in need of a Savior. The Good News as the front of the shirt proclaims is that Jesus is the way out of bondage to sin! Read about this victory in this article below.

Liz Thomas' Home Going Celebration
Posted August 18, 2005
OSA Family in Waco
The funeral itself and the graveside service were such glorious events that words cannot adequately describe the clarity and wonder of God's presence with all of us. Click here to read more and to listen to a recording of the service.

The devil continues his unwitting praise to God through the mouth of Warren Hern
Written by Jo Scott
Posted August 18, 2005
Last month, Flip Benham and Operation Save America (OSA) arrived in Denver, Colorado, for the week of July 16 - 23, 2005, and stirred the heart of Warren Hern. Whether Mr. Hern will soften or harden his heart remains to be seen.

Diligence, Diligence, Diligence
Written by Liz Thomas
Posted August 18, 2005
Liz was not only a wonderful helpmate, loving mother, and faithful servant of Christ, but she was also a published writer. Here is an article that was published in the Chalcedon magazine in 2001. Let it bless and challenge you.

Liz Thomas Safely Home With King Jesus
Liz's valiant fight is now at an end and she is in peace. I just received a phone call from Rusty at 12:45 am EST, August 4. Rusty shared with me that his precious wife Liz went home to be with the Lord at 11:35 pm CST, August 3rd, in the year of our Lord 2005.

Promise Keepers in St. Louis Confronted with Truth
Written by Angela Michael
Posted August 4, 2005
Angela & Pastor Clenard Childress of LEARN counsel Valarie & Jason outside Hope Clinic during Vision for Victory eventWe ran out of literature, people were coming back asking for more. This year at the "Promise Keepers' Awakening" PKs were more supportive of the signs. They told us we needed more, and it's good, and that people need to see the truth. A man from Chicago said, "Only after I saw those signs did it change my view on abortion. It's wrong!" We conducted ourselves as a loving, informational, and encouraging presence. Only the PK management and volunteers hated the truth. They wanted to put on a nice event.

This is the Strategy That Wins!
By Flip Benham
Posted August 2, 2005
When Boulder, Colorado abortionist Warren Hern took out a full page ad in the Rocky Mountain News decrying the methods used by Operation Save America, calling us names and comparing us to fascists, Big Brother, Nazi's, and the Ku Klux Klan – who would ever have imagined that he gave us the greatest pat on the back we have ever had? Read again what he said in those final three sentences of the ad: "American women who want to have reproductive health and freedom and who want to live in the 21st century instead of going back to the 9th century [Mr. Hern's way of saying women who want to have sex without responsibility or consequences] have less to fear from the overturn of Roe vs. Wade by the Supreme Court than from Operation Save America. A little more of this, and doctors just won't do abortions. Would you?"

Warren Hern Exposes Himself Through Hate
By Flip Benham
Posted July 27, 2005
When the enemy loses the battle on all fronts he resorts to argument ad hominem, name-calling. The media is more than happy to publish this though if the same adjectives were used concerning Mr. Hern it would never be published.

Flyer targets abortion "doctor"
By STEPHANIE OLSEN Colorado Daily Staff Writer
July 23, 2005
The media openly takes sides with child-killer Warren Hern when OSA exposed his heinous crimes against women and children to his neighborhood. Watch any episode of "Cops" and note the similar angry response when any criminal is caught. No one has appeared on more TV news shows condemning violence against abortion providers or anyone else than Rev. Flip Benham. It is clear where OSA stands and Hern knows this full well. However Hern knows the pro-abortion media will side with him so he trots out this diatribe of how he is "horrified" and "afraid." Jesus said, "This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed." John 3:19-20

Doctor fires back against abortion protesters
By Tillie Fong, Rocky Mountain News
July 23, 2005
Child-killer Warren Hern uses his false rhetoric to call OSA names in a full page ad. None of us enjoys being confronted with sin. When men & women are first confronted with Gospel it exposes us for what we are. It makes us angry to find out we are wicked sinners deserving of hell. Thank God for the gift of repentance through the mercy of Jesus Christ! Warren Hern refuses to repent and thus he remains angry. Were he to repent and embrace Jesus he would cease from murdering baby boys and girls and find love, peace and joy. Indeed Hern would join the growing number of ex-abortionists to forsake the abortion industry to follow Christ.

Friday, July 22, 2005, OSA Denver Report
By Brenda Spurlock and Dorothy Boyett
July 22, 2005
Jesus loves the little children ... There was another save, this one at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. A Hispanic girl chose not to kill her baby. Denver area prolifers, Mike and Heather, reported that their group picketed Colorado Springs Hospital and traveled to Focus on the Family where they encouraged Christian workers. Heather told about one woman who came to look at the abortion sign display they had set up. She looked at everything carefully and thoughtfully, deciding finally that she must get involved in the battle. Heather described the woman as “ashamed, appalled, overcome and empowered!”

Thursday, July 21, 2005, OSA Denver Report
By Brenda Spurlock and Dorothy Boyett
July 21, 2005
Jesus loves the little children Today was Jesus Loves the Little Children Day at Denver's Planned Parenthood (PP). OSA offspring were asked what they would say to moms going into an abortion clinic. The youngest ones needed help with lettering, of course, but no help with expressing their sweet thoughts. I love you, Love your baby, Jesus loves me, were some of the slogans on the signs they held. They knelt together in front of Planned Parenthood to pray for the moms. Jesus blessed their tender efforts with one confirmed baby save , (a mom came back out of PP, sat down on the curb and wept), and one probable save (a mom came back out and had escorts take her to her car).

Talbott: Who's really intolerant
The Daily Camera
July 20, 2005
Clint Talbott presents the opinion here that OSA is intolerant and those in Boulder (like himself we presume) are tolerant. It's worth the read to see how the intolerant lost think when they hear our message. Remember that a large portion of the God-less left major in group-think. Read: they rely on news writers and other activists to obtain talking points. The irony of this is that they occasionally accuse Christian activists of doing so. Circular arguments work for a while to sooth a lost, hardened conscience but God's Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Pro-life vs. pro-choice
By STEPHANIE OLSEN Colorado Daily Staff Writer
July 20, 2005
Truth came face to face with people in Boulder and some just hate it when that happens. Perhaps they'd rather believe a lie since embracing the truth requires repentance and a change of worldview. Some would love being set free by the Truth but fear holds them back. Please pray for the lost in Denver and Boulder as we speak the truth in love. Read this well-written article describing OSA's activities and response in Boulder Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005, OSA Denver Report
By Brenda Spurlock and Dorothy Boyett
July 20, 2005
Witness at Planned Barrenhood at 20th and VineSeventy-five dollars is the going price for the eyes of an eight week old unborn baby, two arms cost $150 - OSA pilgrims from Louisiana traveled to Aurora this morning to confront a firm that trafficks in baby body parts. Even seasoned pro-lifers were sickened by the grisly business. “I don't have words to express how I feel,” said one, “It's just revolting.”

Protesters picket clinics in city
By Svetlana Guineva, Camera Staff Writer
July 20, 2005
Another fair and balanced article on activities in the streets of Boulder. Note the usual dishonest vitriol spewed by abortionist Warren Hern. Hern is so proud of his heinous crimes against women & children but chooses to demonize Christians to draw attention away from his evil deeds.

Protesters march on Churchill's office, pray
By Berny Morson, Rocky Mountain News
July 20, 2005
This article sheds light on the Tuesday, July 19, 2005 OSA Denver Report. This demonstrates a proper response by the Church to demon-possessed men like UC Professor Ward Churchill. Also, it should be noted that OSA's mission is much broader than just abortion. Abortion must be addressed and these other issues must not be neglected as the Gospel of Christ encompasses all of our lives and culture. To address Churchill is not a departure from the Gospel of Christ.

Letters to the Editor
 Rocky Mountain News
July 20, 2005
Here are two letters written to the Editor of the Rocky Mountain News.

Abortion photos stir up anger
Jean Torkelson, Rocky Mountain News
July 19, 2005
Excellent article by Jean Torkelson of the Rocky Mountain News! No matter what people say the graphic pictures of aborted babies do bring conviction upon all onlookers. In this article one man complains that the pictures just make people feel worse about their sins. Amen! If they don't make us feel bad about our sin of murdering nearly 50 million children, what will? Another lady wanted all her children to see the pictures to restrain her precious lambs. Praise the Lord Jesus!

Operation free speech
@ The Daily Camera
July 19, 2005
Surprise - even a newspaper that despises what we are saying not only respects our right to speak but covers our events fairly, quoting both sides. It is disheartening though to see a writer begin an article by telling readers they all despise what OSA has to say. Some readers come to events having pre-judged us as despicable and are committing small acts of violence toward us in Boulder and Denver trying to disrupt our right to speak. We haven't seen a word in any media coverage to date.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005, OSA Denver Report
By Brenda Spurlock and Dorothy Boyett
July 19, 2005
OSA outside Warren Hern's abortuary in Boulder The OSA group who went to 16th Street Mall in Denver today, reported that due to the graphic signs, four moms changed their minds about aborting their babies. Gib Killion said one of the moms had spent a lot of time walking back and forth looking at the sign display. This group also reported two salvations and another potential salvation.

Boulder clinics ready
By ANNA UHLS Colorado Daily Staff
July 19, 2005
Another balanced article with only one clarification needed. A common error in most of the media coverage is to report that OSA was "formerly called" Operation Rescue. We are still Operation Rescue which our web site has always displayed in its banners and press releases. Flip Benham is the national director of Operation Rescue and we have a number of local affiliates that still use only Operation Rescue such as Pittsburgh, PA and Rochester, NY. The misled perception that we somehow completely changed our name as if Operation Rescue were some reference we are ashamed of or abandoned needs to be corrected.

July 18, 2005
Is everybody happy? "It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all." Luke 17:28-29
“I was iffy about coming,” said her sister, Tazhianna Cook, 16. “It's nice to see people happy. It's better than I thought it would be.” Their mother, Tarchine Cook, plans to bring the girls back next year.

Abortion foes rally in Colo.
By Mike McPhee
Denver Post Staff Writer

July 18, 2005
This article by Mike McPhee of the Denver Post begins with a paragraph-long lie that is the worst ever leveled at OR/OSA. We've never denounced– Jews, Muslims, Episcopalians, gays, lesbians, even Focus on the Family.” Yet readers of the Post are told we “began our day denouncing nearly everyone We never denounced a single person. In all our national events over the past 15 years we have never seen such bigotry in press coverage. If one cannot distinguish behavior from a person or group of persons or belief systems they would better serve the public with silence. This article has news merit but unfortunately, the coverage of OSA events may have been colored by the vitriolic bigotry of the first paragraph in many readers' mind. Sin will destroy the sinner in this life and the next. Those who love sinners will warn the sinner engaged in sinful behavior. To remain silent is to hate the sinner or to use the Post's term, denouncing everyone involved including God.

Monday, July 18, 2005, OSA Denver Report
By Brenda Spurlock and Dorothy Boyett
July 18, 2005
In 1967, Colorado was the first state in the nation to decriminalize abortion, so it was appropriate that OSA Christians gathered this morning on the steps of the State Capital Building to memorialize all the little unborn boys and girls who have been killed by abortion. We watched breathlessly as fifty white doves were released, representing the approximately 50 million unborn babies who have been slaughtered in the name of “choice” and “convenience.” They circled and then circled again in the morning air before flying off in graceful formation. Denver pastors led God's people in prayers of repentance for our failure to prevent this holocaust.

OSA Denver Sunday
July 17, 2005
Operation Save America's national event held this year in beautiful, but not exactly cool temperature-wise, Denver, Colorado, kicked off with a rally at Redeemer Temple last night. Approximately 300 saints from around the country were warmly welcomed by local OSA leaders Ken and Jo Scott. These veterans of the abortion wars on the side of Christ have been on the streets for 27 years. “My husband has been planning this event for 10 years, what I didn't know was he was planning to let ME do it! “ Jo said tongue-in-cheek. Local pastors including radio host Bob Enyart, and Leslie Hanks with Colorado Right to Life, were also on hand to welcome OSA saints.

Anti-abortion group plans visit to Boulder
By Svetlana Guineva, Camera Staff Writer
July 16, 2005
Operation Save America, a conservative anti-abortion group, is coming Tuesday to protest abortions performed by the Boulder Valley Women's Health Center. Operation Save America, based in Dallas, states as its purpose a crusade against the "abortion holocaust ... presently ravaging our nation."

Abortion debate heats up in Boulder
By Aimee Heckel, Camera Staff Writer
July 16, 2005
Tuesday, hundreds of people from across the country will visit Boulder abortion clinics, churches that welcome gays and Muslim gathering places. It is Operation Save America's first visit to Colorado. Protesters were notably absent during Feldt's stop at the women'c clinic on Friday. The Rev. Flip Benham, a leader of Operation Save America, said he didn't want to call attention to her. "She's educated herself into complete imbecility," Benham said.

Christians to protest abortions in Denver
By Lynn Bartels, Rocky Mountain News
July 16, 2005
A national anti-abortion group today kicks off a week of events in what it calls "the ground zero of the abortion holocaust - the state of Colorado." Protests outside abortion clinics, seminars and a proclamation at the state Capitol are among the activities planned by Operation Save America, also known as Operation Rescue.

Knocking heads on abortion
By CHRISTINA HOSE Colorado Daily Staff
July 16, 2005
While former Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt will speak in Boulder today at the Spice of Life event center, Operation Save America (OSA) will be protesting abortion outside various women's health centers and clinics in the area beginning this weekend.

OSA Denver
July 16, 2005
Operation Save Denver has begun! We started Saturday morning bright and early at 7:30 at the Planned Parenthood at 20th and Vine. We then visited the largest Mosque in Colorado. We were met with a designated speaker from the Mosque who wanted to explain that we had more in common with them than we did differences. He basically wanted to know, “Can't we all just get along?”

People's Republic of Boulder: A Study in Tolerance
By Jo Scott
Posted July 15, 2005
Foot bridge by Boulder Valley Women's Abortuary (BVWA)It's a little difficult to see in these pictures, but this bridge leads from the roadside curb, over a stream to a footpath on the opposite side. The only people who will be restricted from this bridge will be pro-life Christians and their families. Only pro-life Christian families will have to climb down the embankment and through a stream with children and strollers in tow to get to the footpath on the other side. Who would have imagined such a thing in the “People's Republic of Boulder ”? Does this sound like hate or intolerance to you?

Midyear Figures; 1000 babies born who were scheduled for abortion in one Michigan City!!!
By Chris Coatney in Dearborn, MI
Posted July 13, 2005
I was informed today that 1000 babies were born this year to clients of the Lennon Center, a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights, and that 400 of those babies were born to clients referred by the outreach at American Family Planning. I can hardly believe that so many of the women that we've reached out to have actually chosen life! Since 2004 figures are not available, I don't know how many were born last year, but figures for 2001-2003 are 518, 657, and 737, respectively. If 1000 babies were born by the halfway point of this year, however, that means we're on track for 2000 live births through the end of December. That's an unbelievable figure.

Saints Bring the Gospel of Christ to Atlanta Pride Parade
By Flip Benham
Posted July 12, 2005
Christians brought the theology of the church house to the very gates of hell in Atlanta, Georgia Sunday, June 26, 2005. Yes, theology became biography in downtown Atlanta, when gentle Christian warriors brought the Gospel of Christ to the "Pride Parade” held in beautiful Piedmont Park. This parade marked the 35th consecutive year that sodomites have paraded their perversity and sin through the streets of this great city and spilled into its parks. God help us.

Boulder anti-hate group teaches citizens to hate OSA
STEPHANIE OLSEN Colorado Daily Staff Writer
Posted July 9, 2005
Lastly, Susan Levy, executive director of Boulder Valley Women's Health Center (BVWHC), spoke of the upcoming trip of Operation Save America (OSA), an anti-abortion group, to the Denver Metro area July 16-23. "We (BVWHC) will be going forward with efforts to distribute small posters in areas where these folks are likely to be," said Levy.

Possible Supreme Court Nominees. Where They Stand. What We Must Do
By Pat McEwen
Posted July 6, 2005
Following is a run down on the "suspected" short list for your prayers. These possible nominees could be for O'Connor now or Rehnquist soon. Also remember - no one knows the heart of the king but God!

Fourth of July Message
By Rev. Rusty Thomas
Posted July 2, 2005
Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn, The Lord richly bless you!  As we celebrate the Fourth of July, perhaps this article will help to set aside a few minutes to reflect on the significance of this Holy Day!  You read right "Holy Day."  Read on and find out why.


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