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Walk Report August 24, 2004

After leaving Oh Saratoga, the Walk Team spent some time with the Connecticut folks. On Sunday, they had church in Danny and Marilyn Carroll's backyard. Here is what Marilyn said about that:

It was great having church on our lawn. Forty came. Plus my back neighbors sat on their deck to listen. My side neighbor gave a check for WAA after the service. Said she loved the message and agreed. Plus two other neighbors that walked by the RV and the horse trailer on Sat saw the signs about the WAA prophetic tour and inquired - came to church Sunday, loved it and are coming back next week. God is awesome. None of this was planned and just all came together by the grace of God.

08/24/2004 Walk report after Oh Saratoga regional event

08/21/2004 Walk report - August 21 Flip by Kristene O'Dell

08/12/2004  Columbus Aftermath and WAA Update, August 12

07/17/2004  July 17 - OSA Walk across America team reaches Columbus

07/13/2004  Pray for a church in Columnus and come on!

07/12/2004 God's provision abounds as do divine appointments

07/09/2004  Flip given open door to confront child killing in the Free Methodist Church headquarters in Richmond. IN

07/07/2004  Divine appointments abound as our team walked through Indianapolis, IN

06/30/2004  WAA team blessed by Angel Truck Center in Brownstown, Illinois - a truck stop like no other

06/28/2004  Gospel preached at homosexual lust fest, Christians forced out of public park

06/25/2004  Team preaches in front of the courthouse where Dred Scot decision was made then upheld 7 - 2 by the Supremes

06/21/2004  God prepared the way incredibly for our team at the capitol building in Jefferson City, MO

06/18/2004  A night with bulls and a day with vets

06/16/2004  From Warrensburg to Sedalia, Missouri where Jesus disturbs the peace again, by Brenda Spurlock

06/15/2004  WAA team leaves Kansas City, by Liz Thomas

06/14/2004  Prayer Alert: Judgment pulls up lame in Kansas City

06/09/2004  WAA team fellowships with bright points of light in Pleasanton, KS near the Missouri border

06/07/2004  Comforting the afflicted along the road in KS - Methamphetamines are a judgment from God

06/03/2004  More on the City of Wichita's assualt on liberty

06/02/2004  OSA-Wichita takes assault tape to TV stations, Contact Mayor of Wichita & Chief of police

06/01/2004  Another saint in that great cloud of witnesses goes home

06032004  Walk Across America Team Holds Memorial Day Service in Wichita - by Liz Thomas

05/29/2004  Memorial service interrupted by Tiller security guard first assaulting a pastor then trying to kill/maim men in the street

05/28/2004  City of Wichita confronted at press conference

05/26/2004  News report carrys false accusation that even Hutchisonschool principal doesn't buy

05/25/2004  Mentioning Jesus gets Flip cuffed in Hutchison, KS

05/24/2004 First time in 1500 miles, the wind is in their face

05/23/2004  WAA team in McPhereson, KS walking south

05/18/2004  WAA team receives cold reception in Russell, KS

05/16/2004  Another dead seeker-friendly church

05/14/2004  Revial or Riot - Jesus disturbs peace in Hays, KS

05/11-13/2004  WAA - Trials in Kansas along I-70

05/11/2004  As We Walk Along the Road - Some of Flip's thoughts as the "Walk" continues

05/03/2004   A Tale of Two Swords - Denver & Colorado Springs

04/30/2004  Ken & Jo Scott and Bob Enyart welcome OSA team to Denver

04/28/2004  WAA report from Dillon, CO where rights were denied

04/26/2004  'A God Incident' by Liz Thomas & Brenda Spurlock

04/25/2004  WAA team attends Eagle Baptist Church in Eagle, CO

04/24/2004 Riot in Rifle, WAA report by Brenda Spurlock

04/22/2004  Wonderful churches and slanderous lies in Rifle, CO

04/21/2004  Columbine or Christ, in Rifle, Colorado, Brenda

04/20/2004  WAA take on intolerant hypocrites on Earth Day

04/19/2004  WAA - reunion with Liz and kids, a crossless church

04/16/2004  WAA Team witnessing outside Grand Junction, CO

04/15/2004  WAA Team reaches Fruita, Colorado

04/14/2004  WAA reaches Colorado in high spirits, Brenda

04/13/2004  WAA Team about to enter Colorado, Brenda

04/09/2004  WAA Report crossing Utah, by Brenda

04/08/2004  WAA warned for not walking 45 MPH, by Brenda

04/06/2004  WAA Report from Enoch, Utah, By Brenda

04/04/2004  Resting under a cross in Enoch, Utah, By Brenda

04/02/2004  WAA Report in Utah now, by Brenda Spurlock

04/01/2004  Flip, Rusty and Curtis Arrested in Mesquite, Nevada

03/31/2004  WAA Report from Nevada Desert, Brenda

03/27/2004  WAA Report from Las Vegas, Brenda Spurlock

03/23/2004  Gambling on Our Future, Kristene, Brenda & Liz

03/22/2004  WAA Report from Needles, CA

03/19/2004  Walk Across America, Twentynine Palms, CA

03/17/2004  Walk Across America Report, Yucca Valley

03/16/2004  Walk Across America (WAA) Report

03/15/2004  Judgment the Horse Becomes Judgment the Beatuiful

03/13/2004  Report from Liz Thomas; "Riding through the desert on a horse with no name."

03/10/2004  Flip speaks from the outskirts of San Bernadino, CA

03/09/2004  Flip speaks with Brenda from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

03/06/2004  God Uses Dumb Animals to us Straight

03/01/2004  Rusty reports from San Juan Capistrano, CA

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