The Walk Across America
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We Need Your Help to Run the Race!

Our team has set off on what is possibly the greatest witness opportunity the Lord has ever given us. God's presence is evident as we proceed through the streets of our starting cities. People stop at the sight of the message. Children want to pet the animals. The first day, we passed out more literature and witnessed to more people than we normally encounter in a month.

Not that there have not been obstacles. There have been many, but they have only increased our faith. Most of us never see how God will part the waters for His people when they move out in faith. Why? Because we never move. We are content to stay in the four walls of our churches. We never experience the mighty hand of God as we advance the Kingdom beyond those walls. Had we never embarked on this incredible journey, we would never have seen God's provision. We did not have all the details worked out, but God's hand has moved to pave the way.

Please pray for us as we have already made repairs twice on our RV. Our finances are not holding up, but we are confident that God will rain down manna just as we need it. Along the way, God has sent a man to shoe our animals for free. We also were given a place to stay at a camp that is a sprawling, beautiful ranch with ripe orange trees.

Please consider what you can give to help us run the race. Your gift will help to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom all the way across our nation in a very powerful way.

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