The spirit of Elijah is sweeping across the nation calling the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.
Malachi 4:6
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Rescues, evil SCOTUS rulings burned, two arrests

Friday: Day Seven

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Rescue at Mervin Samuels abortuary

Approximately 50 men, women, children and babies, entered the grounds of the abortion mill where Mervin and Milroy Samuels kill to plead for mercy for unborn children. Christians sang hymns, prayed and spoke with moms and dads, employees and police on behalf of the babies. They left after receiving warnings from the police.

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Rescue at Planned Parenthood

Following that, an even larger group rescued at Planned Parenthood. Eva Edl was arrested but was released in time to appear at the Ecclesiastical Court held by Operation Save America at Columbus City Hall . Eva told the crowd that she wished someone had been there to rescue her when she was interred in a Russian concentration camp following World War II. She explained that was the reason she could not in good conscience leave the abortion mill when asked by police to do so. She has a court date in August.

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Eva Edl

Six wicked U.S. Supreme Court rulings were held by the Church of Jesus Christ to be in contempt of the court of Almighty God. These included: the Engle vs. Vitale 1962 decision silencing prayer in public schools; Abington vs. Schempp, 1963, removing the Bible from schools; Roe vs. Wade, 1973, legalizing the killing of the unborn; Stone vs. Graham, 1980, removing the Ten Commandments from public schools; Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, 1992, declaring man has the right to determine his own reality and standards apart from the objective truth of Almighty God; Lawrence vs. Texas, 2003, ruling which declares there is a constitutional right to homosexual sodomy.

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Christians visit the federal courthouse in Columbus

Rusty Thomas burned the wicked rulings. The burn permit had lapsed 30 minutes earlier. Police arrested Rusty, charging him with igniting an open flame and use of a criminal tool (a charcoal briquette lighter.) To add drama to the situation, two long fire trucks with a half dozen firemen in full firefighting regalia, showed up.

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Rusty under arrest