The spirit of Elijah is sweeping across the nation calling the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.
Malachi 4:6
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July 22 – Commuters, vandalism, 2 saved babies, memorial service, burn permit granted then used

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Memorial procession

Thursday, Day Six

An Operation Save America overpass team has been going out at 5:30 each morning to bring the truth to Columbus about baby killing. A series of banners placed on successive overpasses ask, "What kind of man…What kind of city…What kind of nation…What kind of church would do this? They are followed by a photo of an aborted baby.

Several members of this morning’s team returned to their car to discover someone had smashed in the front window and stolen three purses. Police were called but when officers arrived an hour later they knew nothing about the reported crime. They said they had come because they were told that protesters were in the neighborhood.

There were two saves at abortion mills this morning. One OSA team took large abortion signs to a strip center where a Planned Parenthood referral office is located. Two saints went inside and distributed abortion literature to all of the patients and quickly left. A woman who was considering abortion came out to ask for more information. She spoke with one of our counselors. Our people left the property when asked to do so by the Police. They continued to appeal from the sidewalk. A young man waiting for a woman inside Planned Parenthood came over to ask for information and pro-life literature. He was informed about help available to them.

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Viewing of Baby Mercy at memorial service

We all met at City Hall at 11:00 a.m. for a memorial service honoring Baby Mercy, a little girl killed by abortion. A bagpiper playing Amazing Grace led a solemn procession. Shekinah Thomas who has carried Mercy’s casket across America said, "When I look at my baby sister Torah, I wonder how somebody could do this. She wept as she said, "One third of my generation are gone…My generation will have to be the one to stand. We must give the babies a voice." She was interrupted throughout her speech by hecklers. As the service continued the heckling from these people grew more intense. They shouted obscenities through every prayer and Bible reading.

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The Koran burned with "gay" flag & copies of Roe v. Wade

With God’s help and an eight page letter from a Christian legal organization, Liberty Counsel, the City of Columbus blinked and Operation Save America was granted a burn permit. Tonight those things detestable to God Almighty were set aflame. Children and youth tore copies of Roe v. Wade and added them to the fire. A "gay" flag was burned. Then Pastor Flip held up a Koran and said, "This book causes young men and women to become suicide bombers, blow people up and call it good, or crash airplanes into buildings…and the lying imams of this land say it’s not a violent book." He said, "We have three choices: To be killed by the Muslims, to kill them, or to convert them." He indicated our preference is for the latter. He had husbands and fathers come forward to burn the Koran. Several Muslims, who had aligned themselves with the rabble rousers who are present each evening, held pro-Islam signs. One snapped picture after picture of Flip, then spoke into a cell phone for the rest of the evening.

A fight broke out among two men on the opposing side (pro-aborts, sodomites, Muslims, heathen, antinomians, etc. fight themselves). They were arrested as the rally ended.