The spirit of Elijah is sweeping across the nation calling the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.
Malachi 4:6
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Disruption, free speech, Tasers and burn permits

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Young man who wrote essay, "My Three Mothers"

All during the week we’ve had a small cadre of proaborts, homosexuals and other evil-doers disrupting our rallies by banging on pots and yelling obscenities. Police have refused to intervene, saying they are entitled to their free speech. At the rally last night a young boy was invited to the microphone to read an essay he had written entitled, "My Three Mothers." He told how his birth mother loved him enough to give him life, his foster mother loved him enough to take care of him and his adoptive mother loves him enough to raise him. Sabina, the wicked witch from BARF, began to hoot and holler to interrupt him. Police steadfastly ignored her as they’ve done all along. (Free speech for me but not for thee)

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Police surround gentle Christians during all night meeting

Our plan for the rally was to burn some things detestable to the Lord in a small container with a fire extinguisher at hand. A permit was applied for last week. Flip was notified last night at the rally that the permit had been denied. A city official told Flip if he burned anything he would be arrested. There was tension in the air and an expectation that the items would be burned anyway. When Flip said, "Gather around Christians," saints moved in around him and linked arms in solidarity. At that point police encircled us and said, "We’re coming in."

Helen, who was there, reported her experience, "We were in a circle with police behind us. There were three women; I was one of them, with two men on either side of us. This officer singled us out, perhaps thinking we were the weakest link. He put his Taser gun between my ear and another woman’s ear and told us, "This is going to hurt. If you don’t release your arms, I’m going to use it." She said the woman next to her was very upset and started praying. She said, "I could hear this click, click, click and saw a green light out of the corner of my eye. It was very intimidating, very unnecessary and, I must say, overkill for the situation."

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David Lackey carries brazier all around town

Police moved in, shoving people including children. David Lackey picked up the empty container that was originally planned to be used for the burning and walked off with it. Others followed him. Mounted police and police on bicycles followed this group as they walked for hours through down town.

Satan’s crew can parade their sins like Sodom before the Columbus Police while gentle Christians are threatened with cattle prods. Flip described the situation thusly: "Our government has turned its back on Almighty God. In World War II we fought an enemy from without. Now we’re fighting one from within, an enemy that allows the use of filthy foul language and filthy gestures and says that’s protected by the First Amendment. But when a Christian comes and doesn’t take the Lord’s name in vain but takes it seriously, that becomes the crime of the day. I want you to know that Christians have become the most dangerous people in the city of Columbus. The killers and robbers are out doing what they will while the police are forced to come in and enforce foolish man-made laws that violate the laws of God."

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Cross in the sky

Report: Day Five – Wednesday

Activities began a little late due to last night’s all-night prayer vigil at city hall. We divided into our three groups. The warriors who went to Planned Parenthood reported there was a policeman for every prolifer present. Two babies were saved. Our group went to Mervin and Milroy Samuel’s butcher shop on Cleveland Avenue. This is a father and son killing team. Their neighbors are angry because they purchased a home behind the mill to use as an annex to the mill, and then removed a section of the fence as a passage way between the two. The mill is zoned for business but the home is not. The couple that lives next door to the annex invited one of our sidewalk counselors to stand at their fence which was within a few feet of the abortion mill door. They even provided a six foot ladder so that she could lean over the fence and speak with customers going in and out of the back door. (We have taken to calling her a Ladder-day Saint.) This couple and their neighbors are determined to do something about the baby killing business in their midst.

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Tom Rydell cooks lunch at City Hall

We all met back again at city hall for lunch. Pastor Flip and Coach Daubenmire updated us on the burn permit that the city so far has denied. We ate sandwiches but Tom Rydell cooked his own lunch - hot dogs on an open charcoal grill. How much sense does that make? One can grill hotdogs but can’t burn small articles in a brazier.