The spirit of Elijah is sweeping across the nation calling the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.
Malachi 4:6
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July 17 - OSA Walk across America team reaches Columbus

Team walks across the bridge to City Hall
Team walks across the bridge to City Hall

A footsore but jubilant walk team was greeted with hugs, smiles, and cheers by approximately 150 friends and supporters as they entered Columbus early this afternoon. Also on hand was a group calling themselves Stonewall Columbus, a loose knit cadre of approximately 100 homosexuals, Christian haters and proaborts, protesting the arrival of Operation Save America in their city.

Shekinah Thomas carrying an aborted baby
Shekinah Thomas carrying an aborted baby

As an airplane circled overhead pulling a banner that warned "America repent or perish," Rusty Thomas told the crowd about the vision that has brought the team 2,400 miles in 4 ½ months and will take it all the way to Washington, DC. God revealed His plan to Rusty for a prophetic message to be brought to America warning this nation to flee from the wrath to come, of which 9-11 was a preview. The vision became a living parable with Jonathan Benham carrying a broken Ten Commandments, Shekinah Thomas carrying an aborted baby, Rusty leading a donkey named Mercy and Flip leading a horse name Judgment.

Walk team member, Jim Phillips, said considering the thousands of brochures they have passed out, the three state capitals they’ve visited, the radio and newspaper interviews they’ve done, he believes the team has witnessed to approximately 300,000 people since they set off from San Clemente, CA in early March.

Jon Benham carrying a broken set of Ten Commandments
Jon Benham carrying broken Ten Commandments

The walk team welcome was the kick-off for a week of prolife events and Christian witnessing planned by Operation Save America.