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Thank You for Coming to Charlotte!


 Thank You for Coming to Charlotte!

by Kristene O’Dell

We want to let you know that because of your presence in Charlotte, NC, pro-life efforts have been invigorated. We have several new people who have joined in with us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The last Saturday of our event, I saw a man standing and watching with amazement the police department of Charlotte. He is a Christian man in the area and had come to the mill that day to see for himself. His name is Chris. He stood there for twenty minutes or so just watching in disbelief. As I introduced myself, he shook his head and commented on how frightening it is to see the police department lined up in full support of the abortion industry. He thanked us for being out there.

There are also those who know the message and have returned. Cheryl Chandler, who was a faithful sidewalk counselor for many years in Charlotte but had gotten side-tracked, has come back to the mill. Just this past Saturday, she had the privilege to be used of God to intercede on behalf of a mother and her little one. She counseled this mom and took her to Dr. Matt and Dr. Danny. This mother chose life. Thank you, Jesus!

We want to publicly thank Paul Schell. He is the lawyer who represented us the week of the event. The Lord kept him busy. We also received an email from another lawyer whose offices are directly across from where we were set up in the square. His words were, “…if you need me, I would love to help you in anyway I can.” If we need him? You know that we will!

I hope you saw Graham and Tammy Pittman on Countdown at MSNBC. They wanted to talk about the Intolerant T-Shirt and the incident at the mall. For those of you that don’t know, Graham was asked to leave the mall because he was wearing a T-shirt that states – (front) Intolerant, Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by me.” (back) Homosexuality is a sin! Islam is a lie! Abortion is murder! Some issues are just black and white. We have had many calls for those shirts since the program aired.

We have had the opportunity to counsel post-abortive women that have called in. We have had many that want to be on our mailing list to be informed of all that is taking place.

This is just some of the fruit that continues to bloom in Charlotte. Be encouraged to know that truly the King was glorified in the Queen City all because you are not ashamed to say that Jesus is Lord in the public arena! We love you! Keep running the race! You are doing well!