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“Shame on you!!! I am very Pro-life…”

Below is an email from church member Barbara Sockwell, who is much more upset about the graphic pictures of aborted babies OSA showed than she is about the babies being killed by the abortion mill close to her church. Apparently she even considers "euthanized innocent animals" a concern on par with babies murdered in the womb.

This “3 monkeys” approach of “See no abortion, Speak no abortion, Hear no abortion” because I am pro-life” is the abortion industry's best friend. The Church in America must repent of this lie and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. A response follows Ms. Sockwell's email.

 “Shame on you!!! I am very Pro-life…”

A response from one church member in Charlotte

Message from Ms. Sockwell

I went to church this morning at Forest Hill [Presbyterian] and was astonished at what I saw lining the streets to the entrance! Shame on you!!! I am very Pro-life as are the entire congregation of Forest Hill. I am also from Dallas where activists target clinics and doctors. Where do you get off picking on people who believe in life? We also are against homosexuality.

Those posters were hidious! I am 56 yrs old and I may have nightmares after seeing them...what effect will they have on the children in those cars passing by on this busy street? Have you thought of that? You should respect the rights of families to teach their children about abortion when they are ready to do so in a way that would be less graphic and appropriate according to the child's ability to comprehend what it's about.

I hope you will stay away from us. I pray that you will get rid of those terrible posters and just show the ones of babies' appearance at 12wks in utero before an abortion. That is convincing enough.

Why not make huge posters of apology to the parishioners of Forest Hill Church (with you gouging the planks out of your own eyes maybe) instead of assaulting innocent Christians with your judgmental accusations on abortion. Have some class. Do research on your locations of reproach. Can you think of a better way to prevent abortion rather than throwing unwanted pamplets into peoples cars as they exit from praising God? WWJD?

Here's a good idea for a new issue.. Go to the pound and photograph all of the dead, unwanted, euthenized innocent animals which irresponsible owners should have cared for ...then stake yourselves out in front of child care centers or pet stores and scare the pants off of good parents bringing their children there.

Response by Pastor Steve Mashburn

What would Jesus do? I do know His answer would not be to “just sing a ‘lil’ louder” to drown out the cries of the innocent being murdered. I know our Lord’s answer would not be to remain silent while 20 million women suffer unspeakable grief and guilt over their participation in abortion.

Ms. Sockwell asks if we can think of a better way to prevent abortion rather than throwing unwanted pamphlets into people’s cars as they exit from praising God. Yes we can and this is exactly why the Lord Jesus sent us to Forest Hill Presbyterian and other churches!

Ephesians 4 clearly points out that the five-fold ministry is for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. When Christians take the Gospel to the gates, souls are saved and little babies are saved from death. The banners and photos outside Forest Hill are a picture of reality resulting from Christians merely saying “I’m pro-life” and going to church on Sunday morning. What does our Lord say of such silence in the face of such a great sin?

“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor His ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear. For your hands are stained with blood, your fingers with guilt.” Isaiah 59:1-3

Yes, when we the Church choose to say and do nothing, we are complicit in that sin. The Lord Jesus came to call us to repentance that we might be saved for His purpose of reaching others. We have sinned for too long by doing nothing while innocent blood cries out against us. When our hands are stained with blood and guilt God says He will not even hear our worship, only a prayer for forgiveness upon repentance. Lord grant us repentance from the sin of silence.

In Christian love,