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Day Two: Emancipation

We continue our updates from he streets of Charlotte, NC as gentle Christians storm the gates of hell with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. See the bottom for encouraging words from Monday night's rally.

Day Two: Emancipation

Jul 14, 2003

Operation Save America (OSA) continues to draw the ire of a coalition of churches and organizations dedicated to sin maintenance.

"Who died and left you boss?" was the response of the Rev. Carol Anne Lawler to OSA street ministry that is taking the Gospel of Truth to Charlotte churches, abortion mills and mosques this week. An article by Ms. Lawler, pastorette of Holy Covenant United Church of Christ, appeared in The Charlotte Observer today. Holy Covenant is one of 18 "inclusive" (pro-homosexual) Charlotte churches.

Controversy.com, a web site that describes current controversies and polls readers on their opinions, quotes local groups who say they are planning events "...to address the issues of hatred and intolerance raised by the presence in Charlotte of Flip Benham and Operation Save America."

"What do you think of the beliefs and methods on both sides in this scenario?" Controversy.com editor wants to know.

[ Note: their poll wrongly assumes the presupposition that Christians with OSA are against homosexuals. They do not separate the sin from the sinner in one of the options in their poll. You may wish to mention this to Controversy.com editor. ]

Charlotte NOW is planning a press conference and panel discussion Thursday, Jul 17, to show "support for a woman's right to choose" and as a statement against OSA.

Operation Save America Charlotte update

Monday morning -

Despite all the negativity of the wicked, Christians know that our God is faithful. His faithfulness endures to all generations.

When OSA sidewalk counselors and prayer team arrived at A Preferred Woman abortuary at 7:00 a.m., they found it closed. Two police vehicles and a carload of abortion supporters guarded the parking lot.

The morning overpass team and the morning mosque team went out before daybreak.

Click image for larger view

At 10:00 a.m. the teams converged at Marshall Park for the downtown proclamation. This was the starting point for the parade. Downtown business people got a first hand look at pictures of aborted babies as they were carried around the city center. A Justice for the Babies display was set up next to a fountain that is a favorite place for office workers during lunchtime break.

Click image for larger view

Rusty Thomas read the Emancipation Proclamation for the Unborn, which was then signed by those present.

I am a Person - Click image for larger view Click image for larger view

Monday evening -

It was announced at the rally tonight that the A Preferred Woman abortuary opened later in the morning. A couple arrived and drove into the parking lot. The woman was crying because she had seen the gallery of images displayed on the sidewalk. One of the counselors noted this and called Dr. Danny Holland, one of the volunteer physicians. He came down to the street to say that he would help this family. Praise God, the baby was saved!

Father Frank Pavone, Priests for Life director, spoke at the rally. He said ten years ago when Operation Rescue came to a certain town, an abortionist told the press, "We are not going to let these people have any victory." Father Frank has the same answer today as he had then, "You're too late!"

He challenged gentle Christians to continue to show America what an abortion looks like. "Show the signs - they save babies," he said.

A short video introducing the "Silent No More" campaign was shown. In this campaign women are speaking up and saying, "I regret my abortion," and are thus destroying the myth that abortion is beneficial to women.

"It is the man who has surrendered to the Lord who will never surrender to his enemies." Leonard Revenhill