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Day Three: Word In Warfare

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

 Day Three: Word In Warfare

Dorothy Boyett, our embedded reporter waging war along side of the troops, sends this dispatch from the battle front in Charlotte.

"Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace..." Ephesians 6:14

Just after dawn Tuesday morning OSA participants fanned out all over Charlotte for the Word in Warfare. The entire Bible was read at 15 different locations throughout the city. This was coordinated by Chet Gallagher. Pastor Chet, who introduced us to this concept several years ago, invites others to experience using the Word of God in corporate, spiritual warfare in their own communities.

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Word in Warfare Bible readers                 

Pastor Chet's web site is WordInWarfare but is currently undergoing reconstruction. Check this PDF format of the PowerPoint Word In Warfare Notes to understand the Scriptural foundations and spiritual dynamic.

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Sidewalk counselors outside
Preferred Women's Mill

A baby's life was saved during Word in Warfare at the Preferred Woman's abortuary, located in the Arnold Palmer Center. Two young ladies were able to talk to a young couple before they drove into the parking lot. Father Frank Pavone was on hand and he drove this family to the office of Dr. Matt Harrison, one of Charlotte's prolife physicians that has committed to providing free prenatal care to women who choose life.

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A group at Arnold Palmer Parkway

Another Word in Warfare group read from the prophet Isaiah at the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). As was to be expected, the media was in abundance here. Members of MCC brought out donuts, sodas, and water to show their hospitality. (Editor's note: When you ask homosexual church members, "What about Sodom & Gomorrah?" they will tell you that "their sin was inhospitality" and not sodomy. -See the article Homosexual Heresies by Rusty Thomas)

The Justice for the Unborn display was again set up downtown. Rusty and Flip preached at this location. Two women, one of whom was pregnant, were walking along discussing the expectant mom's options when they came upon the display; a divine appointment. Dorrie Rayburn spoke with them and then drove them to the pro-life physician's office.

Meanwhile, back on the freeway, the overpass team divided into three groups. Across the first overpass hung two banners that read: WHAT KIND OF MAN? WHAT KIND OF CITY? A few miles down the road hung two more banners that read: WHAT KIND OF NATION? WHAT KIND OF CHURCH? And on the third overpass the banner read: WOULD DO THIS? Pictures of aborted babies were displayed on this last overpass.

The overpass people reported that several people pulled over and came by to offer encouragement. One man was not happy though. He inquired if they were members of OR/OSA. When he found out that they were, he shouted, "I hope you fail!" He then sped away in his vehicle that was decorated with a large fish symbol with the letters WWJD. - Did you ever read where Jesus said, "I hope you fail," to anyone?

Twenty-first Century Christians are afraid of being labeled as fanatics. "Let's go about our business in a calm, quiet fashion so everyone will like us," has become their motto. Charles Spurgeon once said: A dead calm is our enemy; a storm may prove our helper. Controversy may arouse thought, and through thought may come the Divine change.

Perhaps this week’s events will bring about a Divine change in this city.
We are praying it will.