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Day Six: Supreme Court Found in Contempt

It has been a real blessing this week to have Dorothy Boyett taking the extra time and effort after hitting the streets all day to then send us these dispatches from the battlefront each day this past week. Thank you Dorothy! May the Lord Jesus richly bless you for your service to Him on behalf of His image bearers everywhere!

Day Six: Supreme Court Found in Contempt 

Friday, July 18

Flip Benham and pastor Mike Warren were arrested in front of the Federal Courthouse around noon today and charged with carelessness with fire. According to media liaison, Pat McEwen, neither plans to make bail.

Charles R. Jonas Federal Court Building

The charges resulted from a demonstration in which copies of immoral Supreme Court decisions including Roe v. Wade and the Lawrence v. Texas decision were torn to pieces and lit to burn in a small, safe and fire proof container on the sidewalk.

How many Charlottean firemen does it take to ...

... to extinguish a copy of their sacred Lawrence v. Texas opinion being deservedly lit on fire to burn?

Three firefighters wearing heavy gear pushed through the crowd and extinguished the single flame that had barely begun to burn. Several Officers handcuffed Flip, pulled him from the arms of his youngest daughter, and marched him away. Then, without further warning police arrested Mike also.

Flip before his arrest
Flip before his arrest

[The original charges against Flip were “Unlawfully and deliberately, and willfully setting fire to paper in such a way as to endanger minors and adults standing in a group.” Mike Warren was arrested also for supplying the lighter for Flip to use. No one was in danger at any time as great care was taken to burn the documents in a manner meeting the safety precautions required had OSA been granted a permit to burn something within the city limits. Over 100 local and federal police guarded a courthouse from 100 peaceful Christians including youth and children. - An arrest followed with such outrageous charges... It's time stop - Hey what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down.]

Carrying the ashes outside the camp
Carrying the ashes outside the camp

Six coffins bearing the names of six of the infamous Supreme Court decisions had been placed on the sidewalk. A large "NO TRESPASSING" sign faced the crowd as police lined up between 100 Christians including their children and the court building. More police stood guard over us around the building. On this day the Supreme Court of the United States of America was held in contempt of the Court of Almighty God. See Ecclesiastical Court - July 18, 2003 for what was declared

Large NO TRESPASSING sign faces Christians

Prior to the arrests, Rusty Thomas had preached a message of rebuke and repentance to the nation, "You cannot kill little babies and shed their blood, and parade the sin of sodomy and escape the judgment of God," he said. A copy of the Lawrence v Texas Supreme Court decision was torn and lit on fire

Earlier Friday, abortionist Jonathan D. Weston was exposed at his home and private practice in Winston-Salem.

exposing an abortionist

Weston quietly goes about his obstetrical practice near a Baptist hospital. The medical community had no idea that he killed unborn babies in Charlotte. Pastor Ronnie Wallace started to preach a message from the Lord to Mr. Weston, but was informed by the police that this activity required a permit.

Marilyn Carroll & Carmen Vazquez

Approximately 350 people have been out on the streets this week. Some for the first time, others are much more experienced. Marilyn Carroll and Carmen Vazquez ( above) have faithfully served the Lord outside Summit Women's Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut for thirteen years. These two sidewalk counselors have been instrumental in 1,350 babies saved and 350 professions of faith. During that time they have been sued by the attorney general and had injunctions served against them, but they refused to quit. Read of the victories our Lord Jesus brings through their labors with OSA-CT here in Streets of Bridgeport section.

Psalm 60:12 “Through God we shall do valiantly for He it is that shall tread down our enemies.”

Dennis outside of Mosque

Cal Zastrow and Dennis Green (above) were outside the Islam Center this afternoon. "They have been very friendly and even invited me in to eat with them." Cal said. They report that two young men stopped on their way out of the mosque to discuss religion. They told them they "used to be Baptist."

A large fire truck, six police cars, a paddy wagon, and a federal Marshall were stationed close by.

Operation Save America/Operation Rescue went out to the streets today to proclaim that Jesus is Lord and He has a moral law that guide's men and nations. "...When we give the Moral Law it's rightful place, perhaps we will truly see the power of His presence - something that causes demons to tremble." - Ray Comfort ("Hell's Best Kept Secret")

Saturday morning the saints are going to the three mills first then to the jail at 11am.

Flip, Mike and a man called Samuel are in jail.

This is the final report from me. It has been a wonderful week.