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Day Four: Christian Warriors Age 2 - 82

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Day Four: Christian Warriors Age 8 -82 

Three overpasses displayed banners and signs again this morning. Truckers expressed their appreciation and agreement by waves and honks. All this week these signs have been the subject of local talk shows and letters to the editor. Comments have ranged from the usual, "How dare you allow children to see this!" to the reaction of a local physician who stated, "I am so ashamed that my colleagues [physicians who become abortionists] would engage in this kind of activity."

Sidewalk counselors at work
Sidewalk counselors at work

Sidewalk counselors were again on hand at the three mills. As sign holders displayed the contrast between life and death, prayer and praise teams worshipped the living God. A baby was confirmed saved at one location.

A press conference was held downtown at noon. It was reported that more police than press attended that event.

A family with the sign "Evil triumps if good men do nothing.
A family with the sign
"Evil triumphs if good men do nothing.

A team of witnesses led by Cal Zastrow has shared the saving Gospel at a Muslim center each morning. "Revival at the Mosque!"

Kodak Bill (he has a real message on his shirt)
Kodak Bill (he has a real
message on his shirt)

Christian warriors on the street this week range from age 2 to 82. Among the oldest is "Kodak Bill" of Rochester, New York. Bill sustained frostbite on his feet during the Korean War but he doesn't let that keep him from standing up for the babies. Three times a week he takes his place outside Planned Barrenhood in his hometown. He is here this week encouraging others.

Marquee at the MCC "church"
Marquee at the MCC "church"

After a nice lunch at Truth Temple people attended the afternoon teaching session. John Reyes and Rusty Thomas presented Biblical Christianity versus Homosexuality. They explained how to detect a false teacher by using the Scriptures. They said the homosexual "christian" movement is perverting the Gospel by isogesis, reading into a text what isn't there. [See Homosexual Heresies) That is, homosexual churches interpret the Bible by rules that are inconsistent with traditional understanding of the Bible. They change the meaning of Scripture from what God intended to what they want it to mean. Rusty then went through common Scriptures that speak to the sin of sodomy and explained how the Metropolitan Community Church people change the meaning to suit their own theology. (Gen 19:1-25, Lev 18:22, Romans 1:24-27, 1 Cor 6:9, 1Tim 1: 9-10).

Hillary of Poitiers, 300-367 A.D., gave this insightful quote that pinpoints the deceptive, homosexual heresies that we are contending with today."Such is their error, such their pestilent teaching; to support it they borrow the words of Scripture, perverting its meaning and using the ignorance of men as their opportunity of gaining credence for their lies."