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Same Gospel, Same City – Very Different Receptions

Same Gospel, Same City – Very Different Receptions

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Here are the pictures of what took place on Wednesday morning May 4, 2005, at West Charlotte High School. Amazing isn't it? When the Gospel of Christ moves outside of the four walls of the church edifice we become the most dangerous people in the city. At least that is what one would think by the number of policemen and squad cars attending our "God is Going Back to School" campaign.

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Notice that the policemen and women on duty do not seem overly concerned about the Gospel proclamation taking place at the very gates of hell.  They are relaxed and are enjoying a time of fellowship because they know very well that those who are presenting the Gospel and those who are receiving the love of Christ understand each other.

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West Charlotte High is a predominantly black school and therefore we knew that we would be treated very respectfully by both parents and students. We were. Why is it that at the lower income inner city schools we are treated so kindly as we bring Jesus to the students? It is because they know that we all need help!

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Moms and dads thanked us continually for being at their child's school.  The kids were all very gracious and very polite. Most of them had big smiles for us when we would greet them with, "Good morning, Jesus loves you so much!" One mom told me, "I've got every single one of your tracts and read each one." Several of the Christian kids came out and prayed with us and then took our tracts inside the school. We were at West Charlotte for four days and they were wonderful days of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

We have found this to be true across the board in our country. We are welcomed with almost open arms at the predominantly black inner city schools. But when we go out to the predominantly white schools in suburbia - Katy bar the door! We are met with middle fingers, racist epithets, vile and filthy language, and parents who, if they could get away with it, would run us over.

Why?  Because they don't believe they need a thing. They just view us as trouble makers disturbing their peace. You see it really is all about them. They don't have need of a thing and therefore we hear, "Just stay out of my way and quit forcing your religious dogma down the throat of my kid you judgmental, bigoted, Jesus Freak!"

Now, of course, this is not true of all the parents in upper class neighborhoods but it sure reflects the feelings of many. One thing is for sure, wherever we go we are having a powerful impact for Christ and we thank God for the opportunity.

Let's mix it up in Jesus Name. He will straighten it out. He's the only One who can!

In Christian love,