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2005 1st Quarter January - March

"Small Victories" Reporting from the Streets of Granite City

1st Quarter reports
from January - March 2005

March 28 - April 2

Death Toll March 28- April 2, 2005

Hope Clinic- Granite City, IL

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Angela, mother Elizabeth, and save "Sara"
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Brandi & Angela, 7 wk save

Monday- Bag n' Tag -163 babies from past week's carnage for Steri Cycle Laboratories and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Tuesday- midnite abortions -31 TN, IN, AK, MO, IL Felon Alan Palmer was the executioner.

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Youth group First Baptist Arnold, MO
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Sidewalk chalk criminal Sr Grace being questioned by police

Wednesday- 9 AK, MO, IL staff meeting Yogendra Shah was the executioner this day.

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Send in the clowns...
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4 squad cars called to the "crime scene"

Thursday- 28 WV, MO, IL 1 save- As the ultrasound van rolled up to the crime scene, Terri Schindler-Schiavo's government sanctioned death was pronounced. With a heavy heart we stood in the gap for the least of these. A Missouri couple 9 wks pregnant came out of the abortion mill and talked with lifesavers. A little ray of hope, they chose to let their baby live. This encouraged the saints on such a sad day. Life must go on and we must be a voice for the voiceless.

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Deathcamp guard Mike Held and Rebecca Smith searching car
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Rebecca Smith "shake down" driver for more $ (left hand)

Friday- 41 IA, TX, MO, IL 2 saves- including two young girls from Texas, who sat in their car and listened to lifesavers pleading for their baby. They took the Bible and resource information. After awhile they started up their car and drove away; they never returned during our watch. PTL!

A mother, daughter, and boyfriend came out and Daniel recognized this family from our hometown, the mother smiled and when asked if they saved their baby the mother and daughter answered, “Yes.” They took the resource info and left.

Brandi was given an onsite ultrasound and she saw her 7wk old baby auditioning for his/her life. “You people are doing a good thing!”

Saturday- 56 IA, IN, MO, IL 3 saves- Approximately 60-70 proclaimers stood strong for the Lord including First Baptist Church of Arnold, and St. Mary's of Alton, IL & Focus on Missions. Throughout the morning three mothers at different times chose life and left with their babies still ALIVE! “Sho me the $” was being lived out on the deathcamp parking lot as Rebecca Smith of Granite City and Hope(less) employee along with deathcamp guard Mike Held strip searched a vehicle parked on the abortion mill lot, they were looking for money to pay for this black woman's abortion. When the driver returned he was confronted and reluctantly handed over the wad of hundred dollar bills to death-sales girl Rebecca Smith.

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Rebecca Smith counting abortion money from drive
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Angela holding one of saved twins and mother Melinda being hugged

Mike Held called police on sidewalk criminal Sr. Grace. Four rookies including Lt. Ray Takmajian got out their handcuffs and approached the sidewalk to make an arrest, that is until they saw the culprit. They stopped in their tracks, turned around and exchanged words, then a rookie stepped up and told Sr. Grace, “Have a nice day,” and they scattered. “You know why they didn't arrest you Sr. Grace?”...She responded, “Cause I'm covered by the blood.”

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Sr Grace, Baby Cory (save), & Angela
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First Baptist Church Arnold, MO

We were blessed with the visits of Melinda and saved twins Cory & Cameron, and Elizabeth and saved daughter Sara.

165 babies were killed. 6 babies saved. 1270 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

Terri Schiavo the Roe v Wade of Euthanasia 2005

We take better care of our plants than we do humans.

God is showing our Nation what we are with the national televised government sanctioned murder of a woman in Florida over a 13 day period. We are a nation of murderers, with the silent approval of the American Church and their complacency. “The moral test of a government is how it treats those who are at the dawn of life, the children; those who are at the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” ~Hubert Humphrey

Well, it's over for the time being. Terri has gone to be with the Lord and the weeping has begun in earnest. We will grieve for a week or two, maybe longer, but if we forget, we are fools who have learned nothing. A parent's rights to their daughter was trumped, a tyrannical judge handed the Schindler's little girl over to her jail-keeper Michael where she was imprisoned, tortured to death by someone who was suppose to take care and love her.

Michael Schiavo deserves scorn. Michael's need for total control in the situation bordered on pathologic. While on the surface he came across as the loving and dutiful husband, his real motive may very well have been self-protection. Nothing short of Terri's silence, hence her eventual death would allow Michael, in his own mind, to be free of guilt. He could claim he did everything for her while doing nothing for her. He could claim he loved her and wanted her wishes carried out while carrying out his own wishes and silencing Terri at the same time. He could lie so well that few, if any, would ever know the truth, if they even cared to know it. In the end, he even denied her family a chance to be with her as she took her last, dying breath, a rushed cremation, burial in Michael's family plot in Pennsylvania. Terri's parents were denied a right to bury their daughter with a proper funeral service that included her parents. Now that's the height of narcissism and selfishness.

Angel of death lawyer George Felos, an environmentalist, member of the Hemlock society, and interestingly enough a board member of this hospice center where Terri was murdered, described Terri in her fifth day of dying as a picture of peacefulness and her face was actually glowing”. Proverbs 12:10 “The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel…” Is that the same sight the American and British troops envisioned as they liberated the deathcamps in the Nazi Holocaust? When the rescuers forced open the doors of Dachau and Auschwitz the stench of rotting corpses filled their nostrils, and the same sight of dehydrated, emaciated, and starved Jews, Poles and survivors told the truth of this horrible period in our history.

"This is a sad and tragic day for America . We mourn not only Terri Schiavo's life, we mourn for our nation. We are ashamed that the beloved country our Founding Fathers gave us to be a light on a hill has fallen to the depths of depravity by withholding the most basic need for life – food and water – from Terri."

“The care of human life and happiness, and not its destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” Our government was set up to maintain order and protect life.

According to the Bible and our Founding Fathers then, civil government must involve itself in cases such as this to protect life, the first inalienable right.

History is repeating itself; the fact of the Pope's death will overshadow Terri's tragic murder, just as in the past, former President Lyndon B. Johnson died the same day as the Roe v Wade decision was pronounced, January 22, 1973.

We must not let this over shadow the events of Terri's murder or we will be repeating the same mistakes as they did when Roe v. Wade was unleashed. Her death will be in vain, and those who embrace the culture of death will only become more ravenous. And those who are still learning, our children, what are we teaching them? They are seeing a society that is famously accepting and embracing the idea that a damaged life is a throwaway life. Our children have been reared in the age of abortion, and are coming of age in a time when seemingly respectable people are enthusiastic for euthanasia.

When a society comes to believe that human life is not inherently worth living, it is a slippery slope to the gas chamber. You wind up on a low road that twists past Columbine and leads toward Auschwitz . Today that road runs through Pinellas Park, FL.

But here is hope, Terri's life and the unborn babies will go on, through those that will speak for those without a voice. Hebrews 10 tells us that we are to persevere. We are facing the same type of concerns with euthanasia as they did when Roe v Wade was legalized. We must always err on the side of LIFE.

God has orchestrated this, God is painting a picture of how the Church of Jesus Christ should storm the gates of hell. We know where our real power resides. It is the power of God Almighty Himself as His Church runs to the roar and demolishes the lies and murder of the enemy. Whether with many or few our God is able to save. There weren't many who followed Jesus all the way to the cross, and those who followed Him couldn't see on crucifixion day that Resurrection Day was coming. Hebrews 10:24-25 “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another- and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

God is just and His justice will be swift.

Heb. 10:37-39 “…He who is coming will come and will not delay. But My righteous one will live by faith. And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him. But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.”

Be encouraged~ Angela

March 21 - 26

Death Toll March 21-26, 2005

Hope Clinic- Granite City, IL

Monday- Bag n' Tag 161 babies from past week's carnage bagged and tagged and sent to research labs.

Tuesday- 22 KY, CO, MO, IL 1 save- Chatham Bible group, eight lifesavers in all begged for the lives of the preborn in the cold soaking rain as mothers cursed and reviled them. They were glad to be killing their babies and spilling innocent blood on the ground. Much pro-life literature and bibles were given out to passers-by. A black American couple came out and told them they didn't kill their baby and gave a thumbs up to proclaimers.

Wednesday- 24 KY, MO, IL

Thursday- 17 midnite abortions FL, MO, IL 1 save- a couple from Missouri chose life, as lifesavers stood for the least of these and held a “hopscotch-a-thon” outside this death mill. Children, a rare sight, were enjoying themselves with sidewalk chalk and scripture verses. Police drove by, no arrests were made. A local newspaper photographer took pictures.

Friday- Good Friday- 52 IN, KY, IA, MO, IL 2 saves – Young girl “Gia” and a bi-racial couple chose life, on the day we remember that God's Son gave His life so that our sins could be forgiven and that we could enjoy everlasting life with Him.

Saturday- Holy Saturday- 48 IA, FL, TX, MO, IL 4 saves- A couple parked behind the abortion mill in their pickup truck as lifesavers stood at a distance and prayed for them. A few minutes later, they started up their engine and smiled at the sidewalk counselors and drove away. They never returned during our watch. PTL! A trio of young girls bolted into the guard shack and into the death mill. A few minutes passed, and the front door opened and out came all three of these girls. They walked through lifesavers to get to their driver. Sidewalk counselors walked over to their car and the pregnant girl said, “Thank God you people were out here, I'm keeping my baby!”

Bro. John read words of warfare at these gates. Praise and worship music filled the air, as group prayers went forth. Very young girls were going in this day, covenant children were being killed as we noticed many Christian fish emblems on cars. A young girl came out and told the group on the sidewalk that she was keeping her baby and she smiled. She didn't kill her baby.

163 babies were killed. 8 babies saved. 1264 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

There seems to be an all out war that's being declared on the sanctity of Life and righteousness stands at a distance… there is no respect for life in the womb or outside the womb. Where a 14-yr old girl is taken to the abortion clinic by a woman posing as her grandmother to cover her absence from school and she and her son coerce this girl to terminate the pregnancy so it doesn't ruin her son's life, and when the pregnant girl's mother tries to intervene and save not only her daughter, but her grandchild, the mother is arrested and held at bay while employees slip the mother and son out a back door. Where is the outrage?

When in Florida a helpless young woman who is wanted and loved by many including her parents is being starved to death by a selfish husband who took up with another woman years ago and sired two children, while his brain-damaged wife lay in a nursing home. The only person who wants to see her dead is her husband, who has used the judicial system as his own social club. Judges are legislating who gets to live and who gets to die. Where is the moral outrage?

While we stand idly by, we whom God has equipped to fight injustice are choosing to fight through e-mail wars. Instead of showing up in front of these gates of hell, or where the innocent's blood is being shed or starved to death, we sit in front of our computers. If 10,000 people were standing in front of Terri's hospice center, it would make a difference. Governor Jeb Bush has done some good things for the pro-life movement, but he is no better than Pontius Pilate.

History is repeating itself, it was wrong in the Nazi holocaust, it's wrong today. Where are God's people? Sexual predators with a wrap sheet as long as my arm have more rights and are allowed by judges to roam freely to prey on innocent children. Where's the outrage? Where's God's people? Fighting through the internet instead of taking the fight to the streets and making their theology biography in this doomed nation.

Parents' rights are taken away by judges who are legislating immorality, most recently this underage 14-yr. old pregnant girl in Granite City, IL and in Florida in Terri Schiavo's situation. Her parents' have no rights to her as they watch her slowly be murdered by dehydration and starvation. Lamentations 4:9 “Those killed by the sword are better off than those who die of famine; racked with hunger they waste away for lack of food from the field.” There is nothing in writing that states she wanted to die this way. Verbal gymnastics and dehumanizing language are being repeated as in the past with slaves being described as “useless, non-human” and Jews as “parasites, vegetables, unwanted appendages” in the Nazi Holocaust. Where's the outrage? Though God's people have eyes they refuse to see. The love of the world is pure hatred of God. Proverbs 8:36 “All those who hate Me love death” ~God. What have we done to love our neighbor? Aren't God's people supposed to lay their lives down? What about the good Samaritan? I can hear the sermon's A.D. Well, God is in control, we'll just pray about it. Instead of getting up from our computers and out of our comfortable pews and saying “Enough!” or going to our windows and throwing our computers out and saying, “I'm mad as hell, and I'm the King's child and I'm not going to take it anymore!” Job 9:24 “When a land falls into the hands of the wicked, He blindfolds its judges. If it is not He, then who is it.” We, the Church of Jesus Christ have lost our saltiness, when the salt loses it's flavor we are good for nothing.

As long as the salt has lost its savor, the salt will join the nation down the path of corruption to tyranny and judgment (Matthew 5:13). We have dulled the two-edge sword of the Spirit to delight the deniers of God for so long, that we find ourselves emasculated in battle and powerless to offer a remedy that God can bless. In our proposals to help Terri, we strip ourselves of the only weapon that can defeat God's enemies and bring down God's power. In condemning those who violate the Sixth Commandment that forbids murdering Terri, we condemn ourselves as we reject what God's Word says should be done to murderers. Thirty-five hundred innocent people just like Terri Schiavo are slaughtered every day in the name of “choice” and the church is either silent or complicit, continuing to cast their lot with politicians who perpetuate the child-killing. Justice has fallen in the street, and truth has been rejected for the commandments of men. Who will pick up God's banner and victoriously charge the gates of hell?

Satan runs rampant in our Nation while we the church sit by doing nothing. We sing and shout and jump about while our children are being snatched from us. The battle is not being lost for lack of power, it's being lost for lack of backbone. We have lost our will to fight the “good fight.” For the most part the church has become so heavenly minded it is no earthly good. Will the real Church of Jesus Christ please stand up!

The shepherds of God's flock are following the sheep instead of leading them. Only when our church leaders begin to lead will the apostate church repent and turn back to God the Father. Then and only then will we witness the power of God that will defeat Satan and drive him from our hearts, our churches, and our Nation.

The true Church of Jesus Christ has no walls. It is not a religious organization, it is an organism, a living, thriving body, the body of Jesus Christ! The Gospel is to be taken to the world, the world will not come and ask for it. The battle is at the gates of hell, wherever they may be, not inside the monuments built to honor men that we call churches.

When the Church loses its salt, God takes the dead people in the Church and turns us over to our enemies. God will hand us over to a reprobate mind.

Romans 1:18 “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.”

Romans 1:28 “Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, He gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.”

Be encouraged~ Angela

March 14 - 19

Death Toll March 14-19, 2005

Reporting from the Killing fields of Granite City, IL

Hope Clinic stays open by permission of the local 73 churches

Monday- Bag n' Tag 202

Tuesday- 35 midnite abortions MO, IL 1 save, Everlina 6 wks. After talking with lifesavers, mother chose to visit high-risk O.B. in St. Louis and not terminate her pregnancy. Mother experienced pre-eclampsia last pregnancy. Prayed with and thanked lifesavers for being there.

Wednesday- 7 MO, IL staff meeting Church group and bus from Missouri did Jericho drive around abortion mill, some stood and prayed.

Thursday- 43 TX, IN, MO, IL St. Pat's Day Mother arrested/held outside while 14-year-old daughter undergoes coerced abortion..Read: It Happened Again..Outrage in Granite City, IL.

Friday- 40 N, TN, KY, IA, MO, IL 2 saves- a mother from Illinois and a mother from Missouri

Saturday- 36 IN2, MO, IL 1 save- a black American mother and daughter chose life this day. Approximately 40 proclaimers stood in the gap.

161 babies were killed. 4 babies saved. 1256 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

March Madness, Murder and Mayhem dribbles in early in Granite City, IL. As March Madness was being watched in living rooms and bars across the nation, it was being played out on the streets in front of these gates in Granite City, IL.

The marquee outside this relocation camp should read: Hope Clinic destroying the family, one child at a time.

Judges in America have been making it up as they go for a long time. They have abandoned the biblical standard of justice and righteousness. How about January 22, 1973? The “enlightened ones” found a constitutional right for a mother to kill her unborn child. How about June 26, 2003? The “Supremes” found, somewhere in the penumbra of the Constitution, the right to homosexual sodomy.

And you can bet that these gods, who sit on the bench, are going to find a way to continue the killing- the aged, the lame, the blind, the handicapped, and finally- you and me. That's right! We Christians will have to go.

Why are they like this? Why has the killing of the innocent, the weak, and the aged become a preoccupation for those dressed in black robes? Proverbs 8:36 gives us a pretty good answer, “…all who hate Me love death.” They hate God. When one hates God he becomes enamored with death. The easiest to kill, of course, are those who cannot speak for themselves. Terri Schiavo anyone?

The “enlightened ones” have forgotten who they are, and who they are judging for. The Bible tells us that judges must, “…not show partiality in judging; hear both small and great alike. Do not be afraid of any man, for judgment belongs to God.” Deuteronomy 1:17.

How then shall we live? By standing upon the truth that is set forth in God's Word. We shall defend those created in the image of God- no matter how small, no matter how weak, no matter how handicapped, no matter how old. “Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law resist them.” Proverbs 28:4. We are law keepers. The courts of our land have become law breakers.

We have become a nation of murderers. The weak have become a prey in America because truth has stumbled in the streets and justice has been driven back, Isaiah 59:14-15. As truth and justice have been removed from the courts in our land, an enemy has come in and bloodshed is filling the corridors of our schools, workplaces, and streets.

But long before this enemy entered through the gates of the courts of our land, he was first allowed to enter through the gates of the Church of Jesus Christ. The prophet Jeremiah says it best when he laments over the fall of the great city of Jerusalem , “The kings of the earth did not believe, nor did any of the world's people, that enemies could enter through the gates of Jerusalem. But it happened because of the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests, who shed within her the blood of the righteous.” Lamentations 4:12-13.

There are other men who wear black robes. Hundreds of thousands of them. They stand behind pulpits every Sunday morning and open the Word of God, yet they somehow miss the log in their own eye. They rightly find the speck in their brother's eye, but they can't see clearly to remove it. Why? Because the log is blocking their vision. In order to get to the speck, they first have to remove the log.

We, the Church of Jesus Christ in America, have failed to protect the “least of these My brethren” and because we have, an enemy has come in and he is savaging us. Until we confess the egregious sin of abortion (the least of these My brethren) and turn from our own wicked ways, help from God will be withheld. What's worse, precious friends like Terri Schiavo will be starved to death and murdered with increasing ferocity.

Are you surprised that it would all come back to abortion? So were the people in Jeremiah's time. They felt that they could worship Almighty God while sacrificing their children at the same time, Jeremiah 7:31.

God told Jeremiah three times (Jeremiah 7:16 ; 11:14: 14:11) not to pray for the well-being of this people. God had determined to bring an end to Jerusalem. No amount of prayer would change His mind.

Why are the men in black robes that stand behind the pulpits of America not preaching this message? Probably for the very same reasons the prophets and priests of Jeremiah's time were not preaching it. It's too judgmental. It's too negative. It's not loving. Let's just dress the wound of the people as though it were not serious. Peace, peace they say when there is no peace.

When the men of God fail in rightly representing the truth and justice of Almighty God, it isn't long before our murderous enemy makes his serpentine way through the government of a land. Instead of us making him a footstool under the feet of Jesus, we become a footstool under his. This is why Terri Schiavo has no real defense. The men of God have failed and an enemy is savaging us. We Christians have failed. We are the wicked ones. ~Flip Benham

But God did leave us a promise, didn't He? 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

God Himself has got us into a fix that we can't fix so that He can fix us!

God promises that He will help us. If we want to save Terri and those like her, we must first restore truth and justice in the churches of our land.

Be encouraged ~Angela

March 7 - 12

Death Toll March 7-12, 2005

Reporting from the killing fields of Granite City, IL.

Hope Clinic stays open by permission of the local 73 churches

Monday- Bag n' Tag - 203 lil baby boys & girls from past week's carnage.

Jesus sidewalk chalk-art criminal Mr. Edwards was pulled over on his bicycle and cited for criminal trespass and damage to public property for writing in chalk on a public sidewalk the name of Jesus. Arresting officer “super cop” Lt. Ray Takmajian ticketed him to appear Monday, at 4:00 pm, no date. After appearing in the empty courthouse, the city clerk gave him an April 4, 2005 court date.

Tuesday- 35 IN, MO, IL 1 turnaway Carl and Nolan stood in the gap spreading the Gospel and handing out Bibles. A young couple pulled onto the lot, sat there talking awhile, then looked at the proclaimers and started up their car and drove away. They never returned during their watch.

Wednesday- 25 MS, MO, IL Uneventful killing day as one proclaimer stood for the least of these.

Thursday- midnite abortions 48 TX, KY, MO, IL 2 saves- both black Americans. Four proclaimers showed up for the battle this night as mothers stood in line to sign out the death warrants. It was truly a spiritual battle as one proclaimer read scripture Psalms 106 and Isaiah 59. The accomplices of the mothers who killed their babies, came to the waiting room windows and listened to the words, “They sacrificed their baby daughters and baby sons to demons. They shed innocent blood.”

A demon-possessed man on the sidewalk howled as the Word of God went forth. Sondra with tears falling from her eyes prayed for Angela as she continued to read out loud. At one point the howling was overbearing and I cried out, “God, if there is anyone on this sidewalk that shouldn't be here, please silence them.” We continued to call out to the women and read the Word. Les arrived and we gathered in prayer.

A teenage black couple counted their change in their car to pay for the abortion and ran back inside. We pleaded with them, to no avail. We noticed the silence, the demonic man had left, PTL!

Savanah spoke to a black American woman going in to the clinic, “There's free help available,” and she went inside. Her friend said, “She's going in to get her money back.” Cholti came out and Savanah showed her a Small Victories brochure and pointed to her mom on the front sidewalk. They walked over and Savanah said, “Mom, she needs help.” I smiled, “I'm Angela, what's your name?” “Cholti.” She began telling me, she drove by this slaughterhouse two weeks ago, and saw the people and the signs. She pre-paid for her abortion, but had a change of heart. “After seeing you all, I couldn't do it.” I held her hands and we prayed. I reassured her we would find a doctor and help with her two other children. She and her friend thanked us for being there and left. PTL!

Abortionist and felon Allan Palmer calmly walked inside the killing mill around 5:10 p.m. with his over-sized locker-bag filled with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Friday- 43 KY, IN, TX, MO, IL Mothers lined up like “livestock fighting to get inside this slaughterhouse to get relief.” spitting and cursing. Isaiah 59:7 “Their feet rush into sin; they are quick to shed innocent blood.” How lost and wicked most were. Women go in the clinic to get fixed, but they come out broken. We are reaping what we are sowing.

Sidewalk counselor Debbie begged mothers to spare their babies from death. “Mommy, I would of loved you,” voice of the aborted sign. Lifesavers came as far as Nashville and Mc Cleansboro, IL. to plead for the lives of these babies. A car pulled in the alley and rolled their window down. Angela was able to speak to them. She was young, five months pregnant, still in school. I placed my hand on her protruding tummy, and her baby kicked, “You can feel your baby kicking. Did they explain how they will kill your baby? Partial-birth abortion is very painful.” They rolled the window up and pulled onto the parking lot and walked inside.

Praxair oxygen tank distributors from St. Louis, MO. wheeled tanks of oxygen inside this house of horrors. Why do women need oxygen if abortion is a natural, simple, and safe medical procedure?

We stood approximately. 50-60 feet from a torture chamber. With dignity and honor we stood for these babies, they died valiantly. God have mercy!

Saturday- 51 WI, MO, IL 2 saves - Blood started flowing from this stock-yard early as mothers from the previous day began arriving by 6:15 a.m. laboring in their cars until death camp guards Mike Held and SS officer Bob, both professing spirit-filled Pentecostals, unbolted the purple doors. Representation from Eden Theological Seminary “Called to lead..straight to hell,”led by sodomite Jeff Young and two other lesbians holding signs “seminarians for choice,” and “I'm pro-choice and I pray.”

Pastor Darren and Heartland Baptist reported for duty. West County Christian Church reported for duty on these frontlines. A Catholic family came all the way from Ana, IL. reporting for duty. Mr. Edwards the chalk-art criminal from Granite City, IL. reported for duty. Prayer-walkers across the street reported for duty. Dorothy and Angela handled the sidewalk counseling duties as the minutemen pressed into these gates. War was being waged on all fronts. Point-men confronted the enemy with the Lord's Word. Bibles and tracts were handed out. Bro Ken and Jeanette covered the driveways. God's people were obedient to His commands. This is His war, He only asks his servants to be faithful and show up for the battle.

New lifesaver Steve shared his testimony of how this wasn't his first experience at Hope(less) Clinic. Years ago he brought his unborn child here and has never gotten over it. Abortion is a man's issue.

A Caucasian mother/daughter from IL came back out and told proclaimers they didn't kill their baby. PTL! Markita 8 wks pregnant from Sikeston, MO and her boyfriend came back out and Angela commented, “You didn't kill your baby, did you?” Markita raised her eyes up with tears in them and said, “No.” Angela then said, “Honey, can we help you?” She and the boyfriend came over and told lifesavers what changed their mind was, “She felt bad once inside after seeing all the people standing outside this clinic and the signs.“ Angela hugged her and said, “It's gonna be alright.” We then exchanged information regarding her concerns and needs. Angela asked if they had enough gas to get back to Sikeston, they shook their heads, “Yes,” and thanked us again and waved as they drove away. There are some people on the sidewalk that are only one sandwich short of a picnic - but God can use them.

202 babies were killed, 4 babies saved, 1 turn-away. 1252 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

The Church of Jesus Christ and its leaders, for the most part, have refused to report for duty on these frontlines. They've become too comfortable to encourage their congregation to show up for the battle. The world is winning. We've lost our virtue, we've lost our children, we have lost our moral compass, to the world, because our shepherds have been too busy entertaining their tithers and building their churches which have become financial ministries and entertainment centers, and are too comfortable. Instead of fasting and praying, they're feasting and playing. Luke 21: 5-6 “Some of His disciples were remarking about how the temple was adorned with beautiful stones and with gifts dedicated to God. But Jesus said, ‘As for what you see here, the time will come when not one stone will be left on another; every one of them will be thrown down.”

When Christians behave like Christians, child killing will come to an end. Enough is enough! The end of abortion has always been in the hands of the Church of Jesus Christ.

When Christians do all they can do to save unborn children, babies live. When Christians do very little to save unborn children, many children die.

“The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, and on the courage of this army. We have, therefore, to conquer or die” -General George Washington.

In Luke 21:10 -22 “Jesus said to them: ‘Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. But before all this they will lay hands on you and persecute you, (the sidewalk chalk persecution, the crab-apple crosses, frivolous lawsuits, etc.) They will deliver you to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of My name. This will result in your being witnesses to them. But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. All men will hate you because of Me. But not a hair of your head will perish. By standing firm you will gain life. When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near. For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written.”

We have every tool in the world to end abortion- God has equipped us for the fight, we just need to show up for the battle.

Be encouraged~ Angela

February 21 - 26

Death Toll February 21-26, 2005

From the Killing Fields of Granite City

Hope Clinic stays open by permission of the local 73 churches ~F. Schaeffer

Monday- Bag n' Tag 244 from past week's carnage

Tuesday- 28 IN, MO, IL 1 save “Babies killing Babies Day,” as young teens burrowed into this extermination camp to kill their children. Kim, a friend who brought a mother who was at least 21 weeks pregnant stopped and told lifesavers she felt bad for bringing her, but this mother was a cocaine-addict and abused alcohol and wouldn't consider putting her baby up for adoption, but would rather live with killing it. Abortionist Shah arrived and was greeted with a pro-lifer's sign which read, “Jesus died for U.” One young couple changed their mind and thanked lifesavers for being there.

Wednesday- 39 IN3, MO, IL Freezing temperatures as it was another black-genocide day with three lifesavers standing in the gap crying out for these babies and their mothers.

Thursday- 34 midnight abortions IN, AK, MO, IL 2 saves As the ultrasound van rolled up to the crime scene, lifesavers were crying out, “We may have saved one.” We unloaded the signs and set the ultrasound machine up. Proclaimers spoke with a black American couple from Indiana . They gave the man a Bible and a Small Victories brochure and encouraged him to bring her out. He went inside and a few minutes later while proclaimers were praying, all three walked back out. Angela called over to the woman named Kia, “Do you need some help? Did you save your baby?” She answered, “Yes!” Cyril, the young man, asked, “Can you still help us?” “Absolutely,” we said. We saw the ultrasound of a ten-week-old baby and they promised to come to the Highland office for follow-up. PTL!

Meanwhile cars began piling into this death mill. We noticed a young black American couple with a little girl in the back seat, “Hi honey.” She smiled. I asked, “Can I give her a teddy bear?” The mother shook her head, “No.” The man got out and we began talking with him. He really didn't want to kill the baby, but felt no other recourse as they were struggling financially with three babies already. We listened to him and then he sat back in the car. Both of them began arguing, then they drove off only to return a few minutes later. Then, they just sat there refusing to talk with proclaimers. So we just prayed and held the graphic and pretty baby signs.

Another car with two black women and two young children in the back seat pulled up in death alley. Angela gestured for them to roll the window down, they did. “Hi honey, are you here for the clinic?” “Yes,” she shook her head up and down. “Can I give you a teddy bear?” She smiled, and accepted it. I explained all the things we could help them with. She parked and slowly went in with the children in tow. About 30 minutes later they came back out, “Can you still help us?” Ashley explained they paid $95.00 for an ultrasound and they wouldn't let her see it. “Would you like to see your baby?” We did the ultrasound and Ashley was able to see her little 26-week-old girl auditioning for her life. I explained at this point the type of late-term abortion procedure Hope Clinic would do on this little girl. Tears welled up in her eyes, “My aunt didn't want me to do it, that's why she rolled the window down to hear you.” PTL! We reassured them with help and resources and gave them diapers for the little ones in the car.

Meanwhile this other couple watched this save taking place and after a few minutes they accepted the Bible and resource numbers and finally drove away! Becky came by and picked up supplies for her 1 month old, and Glen, a listener, stopped by with encouragement and a twenty dollar donation.

Friday- 40 TN, TX, MO, IL 2 saves - Kim / Chad 23 weeks, ultrasound Kaecia to Dr. Mark.

Sidewalk counselor Debbie was able to talk to Kim and Chad who weren't sure how far along into the pregnancy they were. They were there to terminate. Angela was helping a mother from the other day who was feeling ill and well into her fifth month.

After evaluating Kaecia, Angela walked over to Dr. Mark's office to recommend she be seen today, if at all possible due to her preexisting condition and symptoms. Kaecia began filing out paper work at Angela's direction, when Debbie brought Kim and Chad to the ultrasound van. They were scared, and they agreed to talk inside the van and confirm the pregnancy. Angela worked the scanner wand over Kim's protruding belly where she was able to see her 23-week-old baby girl. We counted all the fingers and toes; they both listened to her heartbeats and tears were welling in their eyes. At this point very gently, I explained the late-term abortion procedure to Kim and Chad since they asked. Kim exclaimed, “There's no way I could do that to our baby,” she said. “I'm Catholic, I know it's wrong. I watched a video in school about abortion.” After going over the resources with them and letting them know there was help available we gave them the baby's first toy, a teddy bear. They hugged and thanked us and shared the good news with the other lifesavers.

Saturday- 47 TN, IN, MS, MO, IL Proclaimers gathered in prayer and unified their numbers as they glorified God and let praise and worship music fill the tainted stench of death in this Valley of Slaughter. It was obvious the death merchants instructed clients not to talk to or take the pro-life information the sidewalk counselors offered them, as the deathscorts from Wash. U and St. Louis U. surrounded their cars and swarmed them as they walked these babies to their deaths. Bro. John preached the Word as the rosary group prayed their rosaries.

A film crew was taping a segment on the Small Victories ministry outside these gates of hell and a Focus on Missions reporter intervened by helping a Hispanic couple who spoke little English with an interpreter via his cell phone all the way from Texas. PTL! Another family member rushed this young woman inside while the reporter interpreted information to this man. We told him we could help them free of charge. They were there for a pregnancy test. He listened and we prayed for this situation. He then went inside to bring her back out. After some time they came back out and told lifesavers she wasn't pregnant but thanked us “gracias” for our help. We gave them a Spanish Bible.

187 babies were killed. 5 babies saved. 1235 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

Colossians 1:9-11 “For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience.”

The task before you is greater than our human ability to respond and the same was true for first century Christians. If you move forward on your own strength, you will fail. The Jews of the Exodus grumbled wanting to go back to Egypt, to SLAVERY, rather than face their promised future. They did NOT receive the future promised to them because they told God it wouldn't suit them. You'd think we would have trouble understanding ANYone telling God His gifts aren't good enough, but you know, we are human, and very often we gotta work really hard at getting over ourselves to get the gift.

God is GLORIFIED in our weaknesses. God uses you in your weak moments, release control to Him. Where God guides, He provides. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

God calls ORDINARY people to serve Him. Not kings, not PhDs or just those who have MDiv.s, not those who write books and have radio shows, and NOT just people who have lived good, clean lives. We are to be clay in God's hands, letting Him mold and shape us into the vessel of His will that He wants us to be. Sometimes we act more like marble and we force God to chisel us into what He wants.

Remain in the Potter's Hand. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me YOU CAN DO NOTHING.” –Jesus, John 15:5 As clay about to be turned into a vessel for God's will, be HARDENED by the fire. Clay hardens, and bonds together, into porcelain in the kiln. God uses trials and tough times, and hard work as our kiln. We are to stop whining when we get hot and bond to Jesus in our fires. We are to be people of FAITH, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

“Unless the divine power has raised you up… I see not how you can go through your glorious enterprise in opposing that (abominable practice of slavery), which is the scandal of religion, of England , and of human nature. Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you? Are all of them together stronger than God? Oh, be not weary of well-doing. Go on in the name of God, and in the power of His might.” ~John Wesley

Be encouraged~ Angela

February 14 - 19

Death Toll February 14-19, 2005

Reporting from the killing fields of Granite City , Illinois
Third shameful week of Black History

Hope Clinic- Granite City, IL "Stays open by permission of the local 73 churches" - F. Shaeffer

Monday- Bag n' Tag 222 from past week's carnage

Tuesday- 45 midnight abortions IN3, KY, CA, MO, IL 1 save , Teresa 6 weeks pregnant mother of three already and contemplating killing the fourth child spoke with Angela. “Why shouldn't I kill it? I have no family support. My family wants to get rid of it.” Angela took her ten month old son out of her arms and fed him his bottle. Teresa was a Christian and Angela spoke to her about God's plans for her to prosper and not to kill that baby that He has blessed her with. “How can you pick and choose which babies get to live and which die?” After talking to Teresa she canceled her appointment and left the abortion mill.

Wednesday- 14 post-mortem checkups MO, IL Erin, who was turned away from a pregnancy center for having a one-week-old baby already, came to the Small Victories office for baby supplies.

Thursday- 54 KY, IN, MO, IL 2 saves , Kay 27 weeks pregnant (boy) came all the way from Kentucky, Angelina/ Andre 20 weeks pregnant (boy) – on site ultrasounds confirmed. Melinda, a new mother of twins, picked up baby supplies.

Friday- 59 OK, IN, WI, MO, IL

Saturday- 72 IN2, OK, KY, MO, IL 4 saves including Kaceia /Brian 18 weeks pregnant with a boy, on-site ultrasound confirmed. We handed out teddy bears to the mothers and encouraged them to choose life. It was a continual line of mothers signing the death warrants on their babies. They needed valet parking as the cars piled in. Constant surges of parents killing their children. We haven't seen numbers like this in a while. These must have been holiday babies, conceived between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Approximately 48 of the 72 murdered were black Americans. Where was the outcry? This didn't make the headlines of the newspapers, or the evening news.

244 babies were killed. 7 babies saved. 1230 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

Third week of black history month and it was carried out with the deaths of approximately 140 black babies of the 244 killed in Granite City, Illinois. The only uplift was the fact that almost all babies saved from this past week's carnage were Black Americans. I too, like Martin Luther King Jr., have a dream, but “How can the ‘dream' survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.” Unfortunately the womb has become a tomb; not all, just most. We cannot win as long as we are willing to sacrifice the lives of our children for our own comfort and safety. If we piled up these 244 babies in front of the church doors within ears reach of this abortion mill would they care?

In the ongoing travesty of the debate over whether abortion and infanticide should be condoned, a voice in the wilderness continues to cry out, “what about the children?” We have been fueled by the fire of “women's rights” so long that we have become deaf to the outcry of the real victims whose rights are being trampled upon, the babies and the mothers. We all know there's only one choice inside the abortion clinic, Tuesday or Thursday? Of course a woman has a right to decide what to do with her own body. But it's the innocent baby's body separate from the mother's body, that is destroyed. The mother also has a right to know the serious consequences and repercussions of making a decision to abort her child. Then too, what about the rights of each baby who is artificially breached before coming to term in his or her mother's womb, only to have her skull punctured, and feel, yes agonizingly “feel” the life run out of her before she takes her first breath of freedom. What about the rights of these women who have been called to pioneer the new frontiers of the new millennium only to have their lives snuffed out before the calendar even turns?

Oh, God, what would Martin Luther King, Jr., who dreamed of having his children judged by the content of their characters, do if he'd lived to see the contents of thousands of children's skulls emptied into the bottomless caverns of the abortionists' pits?

It is time for America, perhaps the most blessed nation on earth to lead the world in repentance, and in restoration of life! It's time to restore personhood to the unborn children. Either they are human beings deserving the same rights and full protection as you and I have been provided through the blood of our forefathers or they're not, and if they're not human beings then what shall we call them?

The Dumbing Down of America - What is happening in schools today is deplorable. There are no American heroes, school children do not know about Christianity and the founders of our country. They're not being taught. Humanism and evolution have taken over Christianity. “The battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom…between the rotting corpse of Christianity…and the new faith of humanism.” ~John Dunphy who wrote the 1983 essay “The Humanist.” There is a prejudice against Christians. The very people who clamor for tolerance are completely intolerant of Christians. God is out, yoga is in. The NEA would rather teach our kids how to put condoms on bananas than abstinence. What terribly mixed signals we are sending to our society today. We allow and even encourage them to engage in promiscuous sex. Then when their sin conceives, we pretty much tell them, “Don't kill your babies, let our abortion facilities do it for you.” We march to cure breast cancer, yet promote one of the biggest contributors.

We can no longer sit idly by and allow this horrible spirit of murder to cut down, yes cut out and cut away our unborn, and destroy the lives of our mothers. I am very grateful to God for the Spirit of Repentance. In repentance there is healing. In the name of Jesus we must humble ourselves and pray, and turn from our wicked ways, then God will hear from heaven and heal our land. II Chronicles 7:14

I can only beseech the powers that be to hearken to the voice of the Lord and remember that human life is sacred. By taking the lives of our young, and wounding the wombs and lives of their mothers, we are filling in the face of God. We are taking His precious gifts and throwing them back in His face and saying, “No thanks!” We cannot play God. If we continue down this path of destruction, we will be met at the gates by our own doom. This is the day to choose life. We must live and allow our babies to live. We must end the pain of post-abortion trauma, so we don't see the post-abortive women lined-up in the “self help” aisles of the bookstores. If the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is to live, our babies must live. Our mothers must choose life. If we refuse to answer the cry for mercy from the unborn, and ignore the suffering of the mothers, then we are signing our own death warrants.

I too, like Martin Luther King Jr., have a dream. I have a dream that the men and women, the boys and girls of America will come to our senses and humble ourselves before God Almighty and pray for mercy, and receive His healing grace. I pray that this is the day, the hour of our deliverance. May God have mercy on us all.

It is time for us to stop the incessant whining. Yes, it is time to shut up and engage this enemy on his own turf with the sharp double-edged Sword of the Spirit. We are God's answer to abortion, homosexuality, Islam, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, teen promiscuity, drugs, teen suicide, violence in the schools and streets, increasingly debauched TV programs and commercials, the liberal media, the Hollywood elite, etc. Oh, the list could go on and on. We Christians are God's answer! If we are truly the salt of the earth, let's get out of the salt shaker. Let's allow the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets. Let's let the Lion of Judah out of the cage and see for ourselves that He can do a pretty good job defending Himself. ~Flip Benham

Be encouraged~ Angela

February 7 - 12

Death Toll February 7-12, 2005

St. Valentines Massacre began early this week, in the killing fields of Granite City, IL .

Hope Clinic

Monday- 139 bagged n' tagged

Tuesday - 37 IA, KY, MO, IL 3 post-mortem checkups Chatham Bible group stood for the least of these.

Wednesday - 44 IA, IN, MO, IL 2 saves

Thursday -35 midnight abortions IN2, KY, MO, IL 4 saves- including Steve & Keisha a black couple from Illinois. An older Missouri couple pulled onto the parking lot and a lil seven year old girl walked up to their car and asked the lady inside, “Please don't kill your baby.” The woman began crying into her hands and turned to the driver and told him, “I can't.” And they drove away. PTL!

Victory in Madison County, IL…the Judicial Hell-hole of our Nation

Click on image for larger view
Black genocide, mothers wait in line to have their babies killed

Friday - 48 MO, IL black genocide 4 saves- At different times throughout the morning two black-American couples and two Caucasian couples chose life for their babies this day! A Caseyville, IL mother and her bi-racial young son coming from the Gateway hospital stopped to encourage the lifesavers that were standing in the gap and blessed the weary warriors with a $20.00 donation for the cause.

Click on image for larger view
Brother Jack leading praise and worship

Saturday - 58 MS, MO, IL 2 saves - Only two days before St. Valentines Day, and the massacre had already begun. Cars were flooding into the parking lot as mothers stood in line to sign the death warrants on their unborn. Watchmen pleaded for their lives as Bro. Jack led in praise and worship at these gates of hell. The Catholic deathscorts were parading their sin with their sun-visor caps with “Screw Burke” emblazoned on them and their “Catholic and pro-choice”(poor-choice) tee-shirts. Evidently these homosexual deathscorts aren't fond of the new St. Louis, Missouri Archbishop Raymond Burke. Eden Theological seminarian Jeff Young, the great deceiver, was there to offer special services to the mothers if they had a religious conviction regarding murdering their unborn babies. He was leading these mothers straight to hell with a false sense of comfort from the Father of Lies, the devil. Matthew 7:15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

Click on image for larger view
Tiffany, a save (with ponytail)

Tiffany and her aunt came into the arms of sidewalk counselors. We told them of the recent death of a nineteen-yr. old girl and her baby in Wichita, Kansas at the hands of another late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart and George Tiller. Tiffany turned out to be 26 weeks pregnant with her second child, a boy. They prayed with us and accepted all the resource information and left thanking the lifesavers for their help. Angela was able to talk with a Caucasian couple in a pick-up truck. They took the resource information and the man was weeping. The girl smiled and said, “We can't kill our baby!” They drove away from this death-mill. Alleluia!

Sister Grace prayed with a young black American man from Chicago who had brought his girlfriend to kill their child. He asked forgiveness and wanted back into the family of God. He accepted the Lord and his girlfriend came back out, she didn't kill! They thanked the proclaimers and went back home.

Click on image for larger view
Angela performing ultrasound on Jennifer, a save from East St. Louis, IL

222 babies were killed. 12 babies saved. 1223 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

In 1857 the Supreme Court handed down their 7-2 Dred Scott Decision. It said that slaves were not “persons” under the Constitution, but were property. This meant that they could be bought and sold, punished or killed. It also meant that slaves were always slaves, even if they escaped to free states.

In 1973 the Supreme Court handed down their 7-2 Roe v. Wade Decision. It meant that babies were not “persons' under the Constitution, but were property and could be kept or killed. Although it is illegal to sell body parts, it was discovered that abortionists are doing just that under the loophole of “fee for service.” It also meant that if a woman aborted her baby - intending for it to die in the process - but it “accidentally” lived, the baby was set aside to die, rather than being given food, water and care.

When we review the Dred Scott Decision, we understand that it was based, not on fact, but special interest politics - the slave trade- who profited from the sale and use of enslaved people.

When we review the Roe v. Wade Decision, we see that it too, was influenced by special interest politics - the abortion lobby- who profit from the killing and sale of babies.

Slavery was wrong. Abortion is wrong.

Speak for those who have no voice. “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter.” Proverbs 24:11

‘The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage of this army…We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.” ~General George Washington

Be encouraged~ Angela

January 31 - February 5

Death Toll January 31- February 5, 2005

Hope Clinic

Monday - Bag n' Tag 208

Tuesday - 35 midnite abortions IN, MO, IL 1 save

Wednesday - 8 MO, IL

Thursday - 29 IN, IA 2, MO, IL 1 save

Friday - 38 IA, TN, IN2, WI, MO, IL 2 saves OSA leadership conference

Saturday - 29 IA, TN, IN2, MO, IL 3 saves OSA leadership conference

139 babies were killed. 7 babies saved. 1211 saves since January 2000 and 19 babies have been adopted!

The first week of February "Black History" month was off to a shameful start, as we saw the approximate demise of over 87 black babies of the 139 babies murdered this past week. Not one black church, let alone the black community, with the exception of brother John, stood in the gap as our brothers and sisters were being beaten with tongs, ripped apart, and literally "lynched" in their mother's womb by white abortionists. Racism? You betcha! If this doesn't make you angry, it's because there is a fog in the pulpit and a mist in the pews.

You see, the black woman's womb has become a tomb. If you're in a black woman's womb nowadays, you're history... The worst form of racism is to stand by and give your seal of approval by the silence of your lips. Aren't you tired of the church people playing church, and the prolife people playing prolife, and everyone is waiting for the government to end abortion. Wake up! Seeker friendly churches are a good way to grow a church. That's why there's so much sin in our churches. Pastors are too busy growing churches. Jeremiah 6:13-15 "From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit. They dress the wound of My people as though it were not serious. 'Peace, peace' they say, when there is no peace. Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when I punish them." says the Lord.

Black Americans die at a higher rate with abortion. Inaction is indifference. Our black brothers and sisters are literally being lynched right in front of our eyes, only this time it's an abortionist donning the white robes. And the silence in the church-houses is deafening on this issue. Over twice as many black Americans have died from abortion than from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined. A black baby is three times as likely to be aborted than a white baby. And God's heart breaks over every baby that is slaughtered. I heard a police officer make the comment when asked about this abortion clinic: "Well at least I won't have to chase it down the street 20 years from now with my hubcap!" How ignorant. History really is repeating itself. Maybe after hearing this you will get mad enough to do something. When are we going to stand up for our black brothers and sisters?

Maybe the KKK didn't invent abortion, but they certainly can't be unhappy with the results! Over 80% of these modern-day "klan killing kamps" are strategically located in minority neighborhoods. Hope-less abortion mill in Granite City is less than ten minutes from East St. Louis. It was the free who tolerated slavery. It was the German-Christians who tolerated the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. And it is those already born who tolerate abortion. That's the way oppression works.

Unlike people killed by other weapons of mass destruction, those killed by the death merchants by abortion aren't shown on the evening news. They have no legal rights; they have no voice; they can't defend themselves; and no one hears them scream as they are literally being ripped apart limb from limb. That's how genocide begins and a holocaust is birthed. They are flushed down sewers, rotting in landfills, or floating in formaldehyde-filled jars at research laboratories and hospitals. You need look no further than Washington University or Stericycle Laboratories in St. Louis, MO.

This atrocity begins, as always, with semantic manipulation. In 1857, in the now infamous Dred Scott Decision, the Supreme Court of the United States declared that slaves were not persons in the sense of constitutional law, and therefore were not protected by our Constitution or our laws.

We now look back at that decision and ask, "How could people have been so morally blind? How could there have been such moral turpitude as to suppose that these slaves were ‘things,' which people owned and could do with as they willed, even to the point of killing them?"

Aren't we saying the same thing with the unborn? 32 years of lies...and the greatest lie is that an unborn baby is not a human being. If it's not a human being then what is it? If it is, then why aren't we providing the same legal rights and full protection as you and I have. Choice...it's a lie. The only choice the abortionist gives you is Tuesday or Thursday.

"If you will protest courageously, and yet with dignity and Christian love, when the history books are written in future generations, the historians will have to pause and say, 'There lived a great people.'" ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Be encouraged~ Angela

January 24-29

Death Toll – January 24-29, 2005

Hope Clinic- Granite City, IL

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Even the abortion clinic walls are crying for all the innocent blood

Click image for larger view

Isabella Michael holding newborn Small Victories save Cassandra

Monday - Bag n' tag of approximately 116 babies from past week

Tuesday - 47, 1 save, IN, LA, IA, MO, IL, ½ were MO cars, Chattam Bible group

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Proclaimers standing in the gap
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Ben Hinnom with St Louis Arch in background

Wednesday- 29, IN3, MO, IL

Click image for larger view

Angela performing ultrasound on Katrina, 23 wks pregnant baby boy

Click image for larger view
This little baby girl was saved from this abortion clinic

Thursday- 39 midnight abortions, 3 saves- 2-MO, 1-IL, Katrina 23 weeks pregnant-on site ultrasound, IN, TN, MO, IL

Friday- 53, 2 saves, TN, KS, KY, MO, IL. St. Valentines Day Massacre came early.

Click image for larger view

World Harvest Church and Angela

Click image for larger view

Wash. U. and St. Louis U. deathscorts

Saturday- 40, 2 saves, KY, MO, IL, World Harvest Church

Snow began falling at 4 A.M. as we packed up the ultrasound van and headed out to the deathcamp in bitter temperatures. The roads were treacherous. Not even the salt trucks were out as we crawled along the highway, praying the entire way, "Touch these mothers hearts." I thought about how willing people are to come out in this dangerous weather to proclaim the Gospel and to stand in the gap for these babies and their mothers.

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Mounds of garbage

Click image for larger view

Bag n' tagger Ryan Goski carrying woman to car after they killed the baby

208 babies were killed. 8 babies saved. 1204 saves since January 2000 and 18 babies have been adopted!

"Pro-choice" advocates are for the power of choice. But more than half of the women who have had abortions have not done so by their own choice.

Abortion is the only surgical procedure for which a physician is not required to tell his patients of the dangerous complications involved in the surgery, or even the truth about what it is he is doing- removing a baby, not a lump of tissues.

The head of one of the largest pro-life organizations in this country told about speaking to a number of doctors and asking them this question: "Do you realize that you are killing a baby in abortion?" He said every one of them got mad. Why? Because they didn't believe that it was a baby? Absolutely not. They knew precisely what they were doing. They were upset because this man assumed they were so ignorant that they didn't know what they were doing. Abortionists know what they're doing; they just don't want the women to know what they are doing.

Abortion is based upon ignorance. It's no coincidence that the word fetus is constantly used. Abortionists insist on translating the word baby from the vernacular into Latin, fetus , so people won't know what's going on. Deception is essential for the abortion industry.

Some people say, "Well, I'm personally opposed to abortion, but I can't impose my values on other people." Wait a minute, suppose Abraham Lincoln had that view as president. "My fellow Americans, I am personally opposed to slavery and would never own a slave," he would have said. "However, I cannot impose my values on others. If others choose to own slaves, that, of course, is their prerogative." Abraham Lincoln took a firm, moral stand for that which was right.

What about the choice of evolution or creationism? The same "pro-choice" group, led by the ACLU, says, "Oh no, students must not choose between the two theories. They must be force-fed evolution and nothing else." How pro-choice is that? The only choice these pro-choice advocates are in favor of seems to be the choice of sin and death.

Think of the irony of the term pro-choice as it applies to abortion. Those who use it promote only one choice- the choice of abortion. By eliminating other choices, such as adoption or keeping the baby, they show that they really aren't pro-choice after all. Allowing only one choice automatically disqualifies you from being truly pro-choice.

A woman has a right to control her own body. A woman doesn't have the right to kill her body. That is a crime. The most important thing to remember is the baby is not a part of a woman's body. Every single cell in the mother's body has the same set of forty-six chromosomes, exactly the same genes- except the baby, who has an entirely different set of chromosomes and genes. The baby makes his or her own placenta, umbilical cord, and nest. The baby also has his or her own blood supply, and in 50 percent of the cases, the baby is a different sex.

The baby is not a part of a woman's body. However, the baby is dependent upon her. Pro-abortionists say, "Well, as long as the baby is dependent upon the mother, she should have the right to kill it." May I remind you that a baby who is six hours or six months old is also totally dependent upon his or her mother. Leave the baby alone for a couple of weeks, and he will be dead. Shall we kill the babies because they are dependent upon their mothers? How about old people who are dependent upon nurses and their children? Have they also lost the right to live?

Rape, incest, and the life of the mother together make up less than 2 percent of all abortions. Yet they give rise to 98 percent of the rhetoric about abortion. Let's get rid of the 98 percent of abortions, and then we'll talk about this 2 percent. In the Bible, when somebody was raped, the rapist was put to death. Today, as we have seen repeatedly, the guilty rapists frequently get their wrists slapped or get off scot-free while the only incontestably innocent person, the unborn baby, is killed. The innocent party is killed and the rapist often goes free. Less than 1 percent of all abortions are due to the threat of danger to the mother's life.

For decades, on average about 1.5 million babies a year in this country were aborted. At the same time, two million couples were looking for babies to adopt. Many adoption agencies have had to close down because of a lack of babies. They are all in the incinerator. Some childless couples have had to wait five to ten years to get a baby.

The "every-child-a-wanted-child" proponents say that children will be abused if they are not wanted, and they won't be abused if they are adopted by people who do want them. Yet studies have shown that the vast majority of children who are abused were wanted and planned.

Since we have destroyed about fifty million unwanted children, child abuse should have virtually disappeared from America. Yet it is epidemic in our time. We have destroyed children by the millions in the womb, and we are now moving toward destroying them after they are born. We have, in fact, become much more violent as a culture since the legalization of abortion in the early 1970s. The rate of violent crime has increased, and a recent headline proclaimed, "FBI Report Shows Rise in Crime Rate." How many violent crimes were there last year? There were 1.4 million, about as many as the normal rate of abortions reported in America. Surely, human life has become much cheaper in America than it was in 1973.

Mother Teresa said, "And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell others not to kill one another?"

Thirty years ago, many of us throughout the country were saying that legalized abortion was the first step down a slippery slope that could lead to infanticide, suicide, euthanasia, and, of course, the final stop at the end of that path- genocide. *

We should never forget that before Adolph Hitler ever killed a single Jew, he murdered 275,000 handicapped people. First, abortion was prevalent in Germany for over twenty years. Then there was infanticide, the killing of babies. And then there was the destruction of handicapped adults. Some pro-abortionists argue that Hitler was opposed to abortion. That's only partially true. He opposed abortion for Aryans, but he supported abortions for non-Aryans: Jews, Gypsies, and Slaves.

With almost fifty million aborted babies gone from our population, there just aren't going to be enough people on the workforce to provide Social Security for today's adults when they reach retirement age. The generation that killed their unborn children will, in turn, be killed by the children they failed to kill.

How ironic it is when this past week we remembered the liberation of a horrible event in our world's history where atrocities took place. Over 1.5 million were murdered 60 years ago behind the cinder blocks of a deathcamp known as Auschwitz and the terrible atrocities would be repeated 28 years later, founded on a lie, fueled with oppression with a vengeance. History is repeating itself. You need only walk down and stand in front of the local American Family Extermination Camp, the Auschwitz of today, to see the truth of abortion. It is happening all over again. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

We will never win when we sacrifice babies for our personal comfort and safety!

Joshua 24: 14-15 "Now fear the LORD and serve him with all faithfulness. Throw away the gods your forefathers worshiped beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the LORD. But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."

Be encouraged, Angela

January 17-22

Death toll- January 17-22, 2005

Hope Clinic- Granite City, IL

Monday - Bag n' tag of 190 babies from past week's carnage

Tuesday - 26 midnight abortions, AK, KY, MO, IL

Wednesday - 2, staff meeting, MO, IL

Thursday - 31, 1 save (IN) IN4, MO, IL. A family from Indiana came back out of the mill. They didn't have the $1,000 fee for the abortion on this 15-year-old girl. They talked for a long time. They decided to have the baby and drove back to Indiana.

Friday - 25, 1 save - Stephanie, 5 weeks pregnant, IN, MO, IL. Shah crashed car into abortuary. Lifesavers intercepted two girls walking into the abortuary. They took the information but went inside. A few minutes later they walked back out into the arms of proclaimers wanting to see a picture of the baby. The clinic asked them to leave, they were upsetting the staff because they were rejoicing over the pregnancy. Rev. Flip spoke and prayed with these two girls. Allison Hile slithered up to Flip and inquired about Liz Thomas's condition. We realize the motives of these hardened hearts. She has been in the killing business for over 25 years, she's, "not about to quit," she has stated.

Saturday - 32, 2 saves, IN2, KY, MO, IL. At Hope Clinic despite 45 mph winds and bitter cold, a group of approximately 40 saints came out to stand for the unborn and remember the 47 million killed from abortion in the past 32 years. 2 babies were saved and Flip and Angela did some interviews with the media. Four signs broke from the winds.

116 babies killed. 4 babies saved. 1196 babies saved since January 2000 with 19 babies being adopted!

WARNING! To read further, this report is lengthly, as it is coverage of four exciting days of events. It may actually inspire and encourage you. Woo-hoo!

King Jesus exposes the Valley of Slaughter in the Ben Hinnom of our Day in Granite City, Illinois. The Gateway to Death!

by Angela Michael

Jeremiah 19:5 "They have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in the fire as offerings to Baal- something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind."

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America Director Rev. Flip Benham came to the St. Louis/Granite City area January 20-24. How prophetic the view is as you cross over the Mississippi River on the bridge which connects St. Louis, MO to Illinois. As you come over the bridge you are overlooking the mounds of garbage of one of the largest waste landfills on the outskirts of Granite City with the St. Louis Arch in the background. Illinois has literally become a dumping ground for garbage and dead babies. Back in the boom town days, Granite City was known for its thriving and prosperous steel mill. Now it's known for its baby-killing mill.

The Hope Clinic billboard along the highway from St. Louis to Granite City reads: STUFF HAPPENS wrong person, wrong place, wrong time Pregnant? You have a choice

Leviticus 20:4-5 If the people of the community close their eyes when that man gives one of his children to Molech and they fail to put him to death, I will set My face against that man and his family and will cut off from their people both him and all who follow him in prostituting themselves to Molech."

On Thursday afternoon we took Flip to see the epicenter of a place that was once a fine city, but now, because it has allowed abortion and the devil in, has become filthy and obscene. As we stood outside Yogendra Shah's OB/GYN office, adults and teenagers were shown the truth of abortion. Flip, as only he can do, brought the Gospel of Jesus to Shah and the Granitonians. Many stopped to ask why we were there. Flip explained to the passersby and patients, "You need to tell Mr. Shah to stop killing defenseless children," so Jesus can bless this once proud city. Some high school girls said that they would join us sometime and one young lady named Kelly said, "It is because you people stand outside Hope Clinic that I now have my little boy. I had 2 girls and was going to abort my little boy, but I saw you outside the abortion clinic and that changed my mind." Praise God! Flip also got to confront Yogendra Shah and tell him to “stop killing little defenseless babies."

Chief Abortionist crashed into aborturary!

On Friday morning God blessed us with two hours of co-hosting the Tim'n Al morning program on KJSL. Later that morning, after we arrived at Hope abortion Clinic, abortionist Shah crashed his car into the abortion clinic. Former workers have reported his eyesight has been failing through the years and he wears thick "coke-bottle" lenses. Pieces of his prized car littered the alley adjacent to this mill. Eventually local police rolled onto the crime scene. Proclaimers warned mothers, as they entered the abortion mill, of the accident and questioned, "How can you let this abortionist stick sharp objects inside your body when he just crashed into the side of this building?" Is it any wonder why there are so many lawsuits of gross negligence and malpractice filed against Yogendra Shah and the Hope Clinic?

A wonderful praise report, Small Victories staff obstetrician Dr. Mark recently adopted one of the saved babies from Hope(less), Olivia Grace 7lbs, 7oz. born December 8, 2004 and shared the good news with Flip and Angela. This baby was almost full-term and scheduled to die at Hope Clinic. Her mother was in jail, using drugs, and would not be able to raise her.

Lifesavers intercepted two girls walking into the abortuary. They took the information but went inside. A few minutes later they walked back out into the arms of proclaimers wanting to see a sonagram picture of the baby. The clinic asked them to leave; they were upsetting the staff because they were rejoicing over the pregnancy. Rev. Flip spoke and prayed with these two girls. Allison Hile slithered up to Flip and inquired about Liz Thomas's condition. We realize the motives of these hardened hearts. She has been in the killing business for over 25 years, she's, "not about to quit," she has stated.

Welcome to Sodom University aka Eden Theological Seminary
Called to Lead... Straight to Hell!

Goliath is out and we're hiding in caves.

If you wanted to see the gates of hell manifest...here they are. The theological students have no standard of the Bible. The wolves dress like pastors. They're dangerous and they're populating the church of our day. You have to deal with wolves ferociously. According to Timothy, an Eden student, everything is complicated. It has to be complicated if you want it to be covered up with lies.

It's obvious to little children that this is evil. Yet to some it's always “more complicated." Jesus said, "I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was Your good pleasure." Matthew 11:25-26. If you don't become like a child you won't understand. The devil has to complicate everything to cover up the truth and to make a "no" a "yes." The devil confuses and complicates. Homosexuality- they say it's complicated; these brilliant theologs of the University of Sodom called to lead straight to hell. It's complicated to get someone to go to hell. It's complicated to cover up with lies.

Seminarian Jeff Young, a professing homosexual, skirted off on his bike when recognized. This is the she-devil employed inside the largest abortion mill in the Midwest, Hope(less) Clinic for Women Ltd. in Granite City, Illinois that has murdered over 366,000 children in it's 31 years of reigning terror in the womb. His aborturary duties include special services such as holding a religiously convicted mother's hand and twisting the Scripture to assure this mother, "God says it's okay." Jeff has also stated to abortion-bound mothers that, "It's a baby when the woman says it's a baby."

The President, David M. Greenhaw, came out & kicked us off the campus because it had been reported that someone walked in and disrupted their classes. All of a sudden we heard someone across the campus singing "Jesus loves the little children" in a distinct voice. We thought it was one of the faculty or one of the students. Then, here comes brother Adam holding his sign "No more children dead." It was a beautiful sight walking up the grassy knoll. When he got to the rest of the group he explained that collared people were walking by him and no one would join him in the song "Jesus loves the little children." He wondered aloud, "Doesn't anyone know the words to that?"

We took the truth to the streets. It was the worst of times, but it was the best of times. We hit the streets when they kicked us off the campus. Sodom Theological Seminary was the best kept secret in Webster Groves . It was exposed. Theology became biography in the streets. A lot of people drove by. Reporters stopped for interviews. We got thumbs up of support by passing drivers. The banners outside this institution read: Eden, called to lead..straight to hell! We proclaimed. We ended in prayer and headed the troops back to prepare for the evening's Small Victories banquet.

We met a lot of new friends at the Small Victories banquet. Our KJSL family was introduced and morning talk show hosts Tim Berends & Al Gross proceeded to emcee the banquet. Daniel and Angela and their family in attendance were introduced. Angela gave a short history of the Small Victories Ministry. We celebrated Arielle Michael's birthday by singing happy birthday to her. We feasted on a great meal and we viewed the D. James Kennedy Coral Ridge Ministries video that was recently taped in Granite City, IL. showcasing the Small Victories Ministry, titled "All those who hate me, love death."

Rev. Flip Benham spoke on the victories of the 32 years of unabated child-killing and the importance of the Small Victories mission.

Hell is Hemorrhaging 32 years of Lies

Saturday, January 22, at Hope Clinic, despite 45 mph winds and bitter cold a group of approximately 40 saints came out to stand for the unborn and remember the 47 million killed by abortion over the past 32 years. Two babies were saved and Flip and Angela did some interviews with the media. "It's been 32 years of lies," said Angela Michael of Highland , director of Small Victories. "The greatest lie that exists is that it is not a human being. We come here to confront the root of the problem, that is we present the gospel of Jesus Christ to these women and men and also give them a real choice," Michael said. "We've been out here on several occasions praying that one day soon it will come to an end," said Rev. Flip Benham, national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. "It's an amazing thing that the battles are being won."

We have witnessed 10,865 babies murdered, 337 babies saved, 12 salvations, 4 sets of twins saved, and 3 adoptions in the past 12 months. One deathcamp guard and 3 employees quit and 3 documented botched abortions at this mill.

Niedringhouse United Methodist Church- You know you're having a good day when the congregation in a church walks out. When Flip got to Revelation in the Bible, some of the church walked out the door. Pastor Gary and Becky Motta love the Lord and were very gracious. They have offered their church to Small Victories for hosting meetings or other events, and are supportive of our mission.

At 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, Flip spoke at the First Baptist Church of Weldon Springs and the people were awed by the message he gave. Many hearts were touched by the Word of God that was proclaimed by Flip.

Also at 10:30 a.m. at the First Baptist Church of Ferguson before a packed church of over 400, Flip gave the "Greatest Message Ever Told." He spoke about how fathers are called to fight the battle against abortion. He introduced veteran's and told how God calls each and every one of us to stand on God's Word and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Pastor Jim Carter and his wife Marci were gracious hosts and many people were thankful for the message Flip gave.

Sunday evening at Garden Baptist Church, Flip called moms and dads to proclaim the true Word of God even if it means going to jail. Angela and Daniel shared with the church about their ministry and how many children are killed at the Hope Clinic each year. Flip led two young men to the Lord! We were served a delicious meal by the church ladies.

Revelation 1:3 "Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near."

Be encouraged~ Angela

January 10-15

Death toll – January 10-15, 2005

Hope Clinic- Granite City, IL

Monday - Bag n' tag of 173 babies from past week's carnage

Tuesday - 23, 1 save, IN, NC, MO, IL

Wednesday - 29, 1 save, MO, IL

Click image for larger view

Woman & daughter who brought hot chocolate to proclaimers

Click image for larger view

The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. Storming the gates in Granite City

Thursday - 35 midnight abortions, IN, TN2 , MO, IL. 2 saves, a young mother from Illinois 8 weeks pregnant and a Missouri couple chose life for their babies. Bitterly cold winds ripped through our layers of clothing as we pleaded the case of the fatherless. A mother and daughter from Caseyville, IL. blessed Angela and two other lifesavers with cups of hot chocolate. The mother said, "I drive by here every day and I see you standing here. You helped my daughter a couple of years ago. You talked her out of aborting the baby. I now have a beautiful grandson. Now my daughter talks to and helps other girls." PTL! I began weeping tears of joy, but my tears were freezing and burning on my cheeks, so I smiled and said, "One candle lights another."

Click image for larger view

St. Louis U. and Wash. U. deathscorts huddling together to keep warm

Click image for larger view

Friday - 62, 3 saves, including 2 black couples who came back out and told proclaimers they couldn't go through with it. IN, TN2, MN, GA, MO, IL

A massacre was under way. We watched in horror as the cars kept coming in, pouring onto the hospital lot, with mothers marching in to kill their babies like they were going in to have a pedicure. Women go in to get fixed, but they come out broken.

Click image for larger view

Praise & Worship

Click image for larger view

Proclaimers praying, trying to keep warm during their watch

Saturday - 41, 2 saves, TN, LA, AK, MO, IL. Biting-cold air as temperatures were 9 degrees with a wind-chill which made it feel like zero. Late-term mothers were already in by 6:00 A.M. Approximately 30 lifesavers cared enough to crawl out of their warm beds, to lay their lives down, and cry out for the least of these. Sidewalk counselors worked the alley and sidewalks as the Wash U. and St. Louis U. deathscorts huddled together to keep warm. The praise and worship team raised their voices in song. We kept the van running as proclaimers took turns coming in and warming up or thawing out. Angela encouraged the rescuers and called them the "frozen chosen."

In total, there were 190 babies killed, 9 babies saved. 1192 babies saved since January 2000 with 17 babies being adopted! We are working on our 18th adoption.

The January 2005 Boston Magazine Online carries the story "Confessions of an Abortion Doctor." The anonymous abortionist says, "I have the utmost respect for life, but also believe that I'm ending it for good reasons." Yet she withheld her name for fear that someone might take her life. The shootings of abortionists years ago, which she recalls vividly, scare her.

But doesn't she realize that the words of those who would justify killing people like her are simply an echo of her own? They say, "I have the utmost respect for life, but also believe that I'm ending it for good reasons." Hitler did something he loved, but that didn't make it right.

It's the same argument, and the same fallacy, just applied to a different group of people. It's simply a variation on the old heresy that "the end justifies the means." The "good reasons," whatever they may be, can never justify the direct taking of a human life.

The anonymous abortionist of this article is not the only abortion supporter who admits that abortion is the taking of life. By now, everyone associated with the blood-letting business knows when a woman comes for an abortion, two people walk in but only one person walks out.

To begin with, all Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe") wanted was an abortion. She says the attorneys assured her they would get her one. They didn't. Lie number one. One of the feminist attorneys needed a pregnant plaintiff to sign the affidavit challenging the laws against abortion.

In Roe v. Wade, the attorneys argued that Jane Roe should be allowed to abort because she was gang-raped. This, too, was untrue. In fact, she was neither gang -raped, nor raped at all. These attorneys simply used Norma for the monumental case.

Doe v. Bolton , which allowed for second-and third-trimester abortions, made it legal for this procedure to be accomplished outside of a hospital. Sandra Cano (who signed an affidavit as Mary Doe) was a poor pregnant woman seeking a divorce and the return of her two children who were in foster care. But Sandra Cano never wanted an abortion and never had one.

Neither Jane Roe nor Mary ever had abortions; they are now pro-life. Their two children are alive today.

Another major lie that the whole argument hinges on puffs up the number of women killed from illegal back-alley abortions. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co founder of NARAL, who is today pro-life, admits that they just fabricated the number: "I confess that I knew the figures were totally false. But in the ‘morality' of our revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics." The data impressed the media enough to report it, but they never took a close look at the details.

The only "choice" the abortionists ever give anybody is "Tuesday or Friday?"

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to comprehend the magnitude of the toll that the abortion holocaust has taken over the past 32 years. When one says that over 45 million children have been slaughtered by legalized abortion since January 22, 1973, the numbers just don't seem to register.

Perhaps you might want to rethink who the real "terrorists" are. We are being destroyed as a nation by an enemy from within. We are being destroyed by a lie that was birthed in the very pit of hell. The lie took its physical form in the Roe v. Wade decision issued by the Supreme Court of the United States of America on January 22, 1973. Yes, the Supreme Court in its malevolent wisdom magically found in the United States Constitution a " woman's right to privacy " (she could kill her own child in the womb if she so chose).

Abortion reveals, more than any other issue, the devastation of the lie and its true identity. It shows that the real battle in our nation is spiritual, and therefore can never be resolved politically. It is the ancient battle that began in heaven and moved to this earth. It has swept across the pages of the Bible and history ever since. It is a battle between two world views- the seed of the serpent vs. the seed of the woman ( Genesis 3:15 ).

We have more than enough people in Washington, D.C. doing all that they can to plead the case of the fatherless. They are pleading it alright, but they won't win it. The battle can't be won there. One cannot plead the case of the fatherless to win it in Washington, D.C. for the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) is not allowed to be wielded there. The pressures to compromise God's Word are relentless and limitless. Politics is, after all, the art of compromise. Abortion is not a political issue, it is a Gospel issue.

The battle cannot be won from the top down- from Washington, D.C. to the streets. It will be won as simple Christians live out their faith in the streets of our cities. You have to go to the root of the problem. Our nation is suffering with decay, sin and immorality. Who do we hold as our moral compass? The church and its leaders. You can't expect our President to be our great theologian in chief. That's why the battle will not be won in D.C. It's when the heart of our nation changes, that the laws of the land will reflect the change. We must let our light shine.

Keep shining ~Angela

*excerpts from 32 years of un-abated child-killing and Salvation comes from Jesus, not Washington, D.C., OSA tracts.

Tune in to today's Small Victories radio program, AM 630 KJSL, at 1:00 P.M. Today's guest is Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America. Replays Friday at 8:00 P.M. Sunday at 1:00 & 10:00 P.M. and Wednesday & Monday at 12:00 A.M.

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - smallvictories@juno.com (e-mail), 618-654-5800 (phone), or write them; Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.

January 3-8

Death Toll January 3-8, 2005

Hope Clinic- Granite City

Monday - Bag n' Tag 138 babies from last week's carnage

Tuesday -42 midnite abortions, TN, IN, MO, IL, 7 saints standing in the gap

Wednesday - 15 IN, TN, MO, IL, 2 saints standing in the gap

Thursday - 35 TX., CA, MO, IL, 2 saves, 3 saints standing. Small Victories' save Cassandra Lynn born 7 lbs, 20 inches

Friday - 39 SC, MO, IL. An Alton, Illinois woman who works at a Crisis Pregnancy Center brought her daughter to kill her baby. When lifesavers began offering them free help and adoption rather than abortion, the mother of the pregnant girl scoffed and told them she knew all that. Baffled proclaimers then made the comment, "You know it's murder." The woman retorted, "You don't understand our circumstances." She also added that she was Baptist. They both then walked inside the extermination camp and did not come back out during our watch.

Saturday - 42 TN, SC, IN, MO, IL, 2 saves , twins, MO couple.

For once, Granite City looked beautiful with the fresh blanket of snow that lightly covered the dismal surroundings. A few saints were the first to arrive at the crime scene. Butcherettes began arriving to crank up the killing machine. Two late-term mothers from the day before were waiting in their cars. We began in prayer then took our positions outside these gates of hell. Hope(less) plebotomist wanna-be Rebecca Smith began walking into the death camp. When lifesavers told her, "Real medical professionals save and preserve lives they don't kill them," she yelled back, "At least I've got a job!" We thought how prestigious that must look on her resume.- I help kill babies, and help butcher mothers. Wonder what meat-cutters union she belongs to?

Proclaimers Andy & Sara were glowing as they shared the joyous news they were expecting a baby. PTL!

A car from Columbia, MO. pulled into the death camp lot. The couple exited almost running into the mill to kill their baby as saints begged them to reconsider. Then we noticed the Jesus is Lord sticker on their vehicle. God have mercy!

New grandma Sandy stopped by to show the intercessors her two-day old grand baby and to thank us for helping them and being there.

In total 173 babies were killed, 4 babies saved. A total of 1183 babies saved since January 2000 with 17 babies being adopted!

"If wombs had windows, abortion would end." Unfortunately abortion happens in secrecy behind the well-protected doors of abortion clinics and behind walls of the mother's womb, unseen and unheard.

Ever since the Supreme Court legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973, almost 50 million unborn babies have been killed in the U.S.- some by having their brains sucked out in partial-birth abortions. This American holocaust is eight times larger than the loss of Jewish lives in Nazi Germany. You might wonder how our nation could be involved in such a holocaust.

In 1857, in the now infamous Dred Scott Decision, the Supreme Court of the United States declared that slaves were not persons in the sense of Constitutional law, and therefore were not protected by our Constitution or our laws.

We now look back at that decision and ask, "How could people have been so morally blind? How could there have been such moral turpitude as to suppose that these slaves were ‘things,' which people owned and could do with as they willed, even to the point of killing them?"

Finally, the light invaded the darkness, and in 1807 parliament voted to abolish the slave trade. In the United States, it took a bloody civil war to end this bondage, after decade upon decade of largely Christian-led antislavery movements, including the Underground Railroad, which was run by the Quakers.

In 1936 another high tribunal, the Supreme Tribunal of Nazi Germany, declared that Jews were not persons and, therefore, not protected by the laws of Nazi Germany. This decision opened the gates to the Holocaust, and millions died. Again we say, "How could those people have been so morally blind? How could such moral turpitude have existed without the people doing something about it?" And again, in large measure this was done in private, hidden behind the electrified walls or fences of concentration camps. When the war finally ended, the gates were thrown open and the atrocities were revealed. Then people were aghast at what had taken place, but it took the light to invade the darkness.

Now let's take a look at the context in which the Roe v. Wade decision was made. Our nation had just come through the decade of the 1960s. The moral values, traditions, and laws of life that had governed Western civilization for two thousand years had been, it seems, suddenly jettisoned in one decade. Acting in that moral vacuum, the Supreme Court moved to provide what they felt was a solution to the problems created by the blatant and epidemic immorality in America. The solution: the sin engendered in the sexual revolution was to be covered up by the abortion revolution. So began the parade of the dead.

"The traditional Western ethic has always placed great emphasis on the intrinsic worth and equal value of every human life regardless of its stage or condition. This ethic has had the blessing of the Judeo-Christian heritage and has been the basis for most of our laws and much of our social policy... This traditional ethic is still clearly dominant, but there is much to suggest that it is being eroded at its core and may eventually even be abandoned...

"Since the old ethic has not been fully displaced it has been necessary to separate the idea of abortion from the idea of killing, which continues to be socially abhorrent. The result has been a curious avoidance of the scientific fact, which everyone really knows, that human life begins at conception and it's continuous whether intra- or extra-uterine until death. The very considerable semantic gymnastics which are required to rationalize abortion as anything but taking a human life would be ludicrous if they were not often put forth under socially impeccable auspices. It is suggested that this schizophrenic sort of subterfuge is necessary because while a new ethic is being accepted the old one has not yet been rejected." –Dr. Malcolm Watts

Well, there it is- in painfully honest detail. And this editorial predates Roe v. Wade by three years.

In 1973 the judges of the U.S. Supreme Court again demonstrated their "consummate" wisdom by passing Roe v. Wade. In that decision, they said that unborn children are not persons and are not deserving of the protection of our Constitution and laws. Thus, the American Holocaust was unleashed.

Missing in action
"From 1973-1986, abortions were taking place at a rate of one abortion for every two or three live births. If those babies had all been born, about half of which were males, every two soldiers in the field might have an extra one by their side. A taxpayer might find that the amount each taxpayer needs to pay into Social Security would be split three or four ways instead of two or three. ...

"Why can't Americans see clearly what they are doing to themselves and their nation? Why can we not recognize the suicidal consequences of killing so many of each new generation? In Charlotte, N.C., the death in Iraq of a single soldier from Charlotte made front-page news, three days in a row. ...

"That same day, American terrorists inside abortion clinics, killed about 4,000. Can we not sense the moral madness of making a sensation of the one death and ignoring 4,000 others? In no way do we minimize the soldier's death, nor the loss that he was to his family, to his friends and to society. But if his disappearance is worth three days' front-page stories in the Charlotte Observer why does the loss of 4,000 count for nothing?"

Be encouraged~ Angela


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