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Kingdom Leadership Institute to be held for youth June 30-July 6. Contact us for more information

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NATIONAL EVENT - Dallas, Texas, July 13-21

In the very city where Roe v. Wade began, Christians from around the nation will join together to allow their theology to become biography in the streets of Dallas, Texas. It was in the summer of 1969 that a troubled and pregnant young lady by the name of Norma McCorvey met with attorneys Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee in a pizza parlor off Greenville Avenue in Dallas. These two street wise and publicity hungry attorneys used Miss McCorvey and her pregnancy to perpetrate one of the most heinous crimes in our nation's history.

What began in a Dallas courthouse in 1969 moved to the Supreme Court of the United States of America and, on January 22, 1973, became known as the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. This decision overruled all of the existing laws in all 50 states protecting the lives of unborn children. In one fell swoop the Supreme Court of the United States of America declared itself to be God. It became, by its own declaration, the one who determines when life begins. Child killing in America was now decriminalized!

Thirty-two years and over 45 million dead children later, we are asking you to return to the city where Roe v. Wade began. We are calling the Church of Jesus Christ to join us in the streets of Dallas this summer, July 13-21. We have some unfinished business to attend to. God has not been silent about the shedding of innocent blood. He has allowed enemies from within and from without to fill our schools, our workplaces, and our streets with blood. "…Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you." Ezekiel 35:6.

On August 8, 1995, in the city where Roe v. Wade began, Miss Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, gave her heart to Christ and jumped from being the poster child of the pro-choice movement into the arms of Jesus. This single event sent huge tremors through the abortion industry. It feared the sleeping giant, the Church of Jesus Christ, would be awakened to the power she had to bring the slaughter of innocents to a screeching halt. The very power that saved Miss Norma, the Gospel of Christ, could end abortion in America. The abortion industry can deal with pro-life politicians but it cannot deal with the Church of Jesus Christ!

Come and help us finish the work this summer. Miss Norma will be here to greet you!

"My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work." John 4:34.

Come Join us!

Street activities every day.

Rallies every night.

Teaching seminars will be held by leaders from across the nation.

Scheduled speakers include Flip Benham, Rusty Thomas, Father Frank Pavone, and Mrs. Judy Brown.

There will be a Kingdom Leadership Institute held in Dallas June 30 - July 6.
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We have become convinced that abortion will not come to an end in this nation one second sooner than the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind that its going to end. If we do not speak out at this time, when we see the sword of our Lord coming down from within and from without, the blood will be upon our own heads. Come be that voice. Come teach your children to follow hard after Christ. Come Storm the gates of hell as they cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ!

The Battle is Being Won!

* The Number of abortions dropped 40% between 1991 and 2001.

* The number of abortionists killing children has dropped almost 40% since 1991

*Over 600 Abortion mills have closed in the past six years.

The battle for the lives of the pre-born is being won, yet children are still being slaughtered in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The Church of Jesus Christ must never rest until the shedding of innocent blood is brought to an end. Victory is in our sight! From this day forward we pledge that we will not shrink back! The battle has been long and the struggle fierce. Now is the time that it is brought to an end.

Abortion - Who Is Most Responsible: The Project

Beginning Sunday, January 20, 2002
Please read each of these parts of this project carefully.
The most vital one for you to read is, "Abortion - Who Is Most Responsible" article.

Abortion - Who Is Most Responsible: The Vision
By Flip Benham
The single entity most responsible for the abortion holocaust that is sweeping through our land and destroying our national heritage is the one that is sure it is doing everything in its power to stop the slaughter - The Church of Jesus Christ!

The Strategy
Table listing Specifics, Beginning Date, Continuing Dates, Target, Time, Number of People, Signs, Reason, Goal, Cities, Key Scripture, Contact Person

Abortion - Who Is Most Responsible Project Sample Press Release
This is a sample press release that you may use to contact the media concerning the Establishing Bloodguilt project. Make modifications to coincide with what you are doing in your area.

Abortion - Who Is Most Responsible: Article
By Flip Benham
Yes, innocent blood cries out for revenge. There must be an accounting. Electing a new President won't cut it. Working on new legislation won't cut it. Stopping all abortions won't cut it. The blood has been spilled and we can't unspill it. It is crying to the Lord one word - vengeance! What shall we do? Reminiscent of Acts 2:37, isn't it? "When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, 'Brothers, what shall we do?'" Peter began his answer with the word "repent." Peter had made it clear that they were guilty of the shedding of innocent blood when they crucified the Savior. The only remedy of Law was for them to forfeit their own lives. This is what the Law required. Mind you, many of those Peter preached to during that first sermon were not even witness to the things that took place at Jesus' crucifixion and death. They didn't actually do the killing yet they were held guilty of the shedding of innocent blood nevertheless.

History of the Emancipation Proclamation
A Study in National Repentance
By Flip Benham
Excerpts taken from, "America's Providential History" pgs. 232-233

Lincoln wrote shortly before his assassination: "On many a defeated field there was a voice louder than the thundering of a cannon. It was the voice of God, crying, 'Let My people go.' We were all very slow in realizing it was God's voice, but after many humiliating defeats, the nation came to believe it as a great and solemn command. Great multitudes begged and prayed that I might answer God's voice by signing the Emancipation Proclamation, and I did it, believing we never should be successful in the great struggle unless the God of Battles has been on our side."

The Emancipation Proclamation for all Unborn Children
The Emancipation Proclamation itself in a printable PDF format for you to read, print, sign and mail back so it can be presented to President Bush on January 1, 2003 - after reading the Preamble which details how this is NOT another petition but much more, the spiritual dynamics - and - the Charge to all who would affix their name pledging their lives to the emancipation of all unborn children. Each part is linked to the next at the bottom. We urge you in the the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to prayerfully accept this charge and answer the call to repentance and perseverance until the God-given right to life of all persons, born and unborn is achieved.

Baby Malachi, The History Behind the Child

Malachi - Though he is dead he still speaks.
This name strikes terror in the hearts of those who kill children, for they know that this child, more than anything else, reveals the incredible horror of what abortion really is. It strikes terror in the hearts of pastors who know they should be taking a bold stand for our Lord's children but realize that, if they do, they will suffer at the hands of their own congregations. It brings terror to Christians who do not want to be confronted with their sin in such a graphic manner. It brings terror to those who agree with their lips that abortion is murder, but by their actions prove that it is really OK! Yes, the picture of baby Malachi exposes the hypocrisy that resides in all of our hearts.
[Note: There is a reason his brief life has saved thousands.]

Jesus loves the little children…Even When We Don't
How loud are you singing?
A True Story: from a tract by Life Dynamics
After giving a speech on abortion, pro-life activist Penny Lea was approached by an old man with a story to tell. Blinking back the tears, he told how he had lived in Germany during that country's holocaust, and how a railroad track ran past the small church he attended. He went on to say that his congregation had heard horror stories of what the Nazis were doing, and knew that the tracks outside their church ended at a Nazi "relocation center." But, he said, they chose to distance themselves from those uncomfortable realities.
[Note: You have heard the first part of this story from Penny Lea. Unless you have read this LDI tract, you likely have not read the rest of this man's story - What really torments him today is not the past of 50+ years ago.]

As you participate, please cover this Project in prayer.