Tuesday morning Pastor Wallace decided the Gospel would not be silenced.  Shortly after the retired war veteran arrived at Hebron abortion mill, Pastor traded his cane for a ladder.  As he stepped on the first rung of the ladder a troop of police officers crossed the street to arrest him.  But this time the military man turned Pastor was ready for them.  Pastor Wallace’s mission was to exercise his God Given right to rescue the innocent.  And that is exactly what he did.  When the police approached the ladder Ronnie Wallace was already in the tree above his ladder with his microphone in hand and he began to preach.

You talk about confusion!  Sgt. Pam Lisenby was completely out of control.  There was no way to get Ronnie out of the tree and no way he was getting down on his own.  Even with the help of the fire department law enforcement could not figure out a way to get the perched prophet out of the tree.  I  heard one of the police officers telling Flip that his people were out of control.  Flip told him that he thought Sgt. Lisenby had completely lost control.  She didn’t say one word.  The officer was right, though, Flip was no longer in control, the Holy Spirit was.  Praise the Lord.

As Pastor Wallace preached from the tree, the saints lined the streets with truth signs, the children sang, others witnessed to the deathscorts while the sidewalk counselors did there best to talk with abortion bound women.  Jesus must have been smiling.

At 7:50 pm Pastor Wallace was still in the tree.  The police were still waiting for him to come down when a power poll on the abortion mill property exploded and burst into flames.  The three power lines on the pole were engulfed in fire.  They are the lines that run underground into the mill.   The fire department arrived for the second time today. They were more successful putting a raging electrical fire out than they were at getting Pastor Wallace out of the tree.

At 8:05 the fire was out, but Pastor Ronnie was still in the tree.  An hour later when the sun went down the officer that had been guarding the tree all day was relieved of his shift.  After twelve and a half hours with a new officer and darkness Pastor Wallace climbed down the tree, walked across the street, got into his car and drove away.

It will be interesting to see if the mill is opened in the morning.  It will depend on how quickly public service can replace the power lines.

Jo Scott