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'Walk Across America ' Under Way

This article is a feature by Focus on the Family on our "Walk" team as they passed through Colorado Springs, CO as they deliver a prophetic message to America calling the Church and our nation to repentance. Please enjoy this article and support the fine work of Dr. Dobson and the brethren at Focus on the Family.

The OSA "Walk" team was treated like kings at FOF however they were greatly saddened by the state of the Church when they visited the lone abortion mill in Colorado Springs. There are over 60 major Christian ministries reaching the world with headquarters in Colorado Springs. Yet there are only three Christians going to the gates of hell, the lone PP abortion mill open only on Tuesdays. With these major ministries doing so much for Christ - except - stopping the shedding of innocent blood, Flip likens it to pastors who preach to others but lose their own children. We must repent of this sin in America if the Church ever hopes to avert more judgment and the eventual destruction of America by God Himself. Please do all you can in your city and state then lift up this sad situation in Colorado Springs which is so indicative of the Church in America regarding child killing. - Pastor Steve Mashburn


May 5, 2004

'Walk Across America ' Under Way
by Steve Jordahl, correspondent

Pro-lifers are putting feet to their faith — literally.

Operation Save America — formerly Operation Rescue — is drawing attention to the holocaust of abortion with a Walk Across America.

The event started March 2 in San Clemente, Calif. — the home of Richard Nixon, who was president when the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision came down legalizing abortion.

"We are going to end up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where George W. Bush is president and Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land," said the Rev. Flip Benham, Operation Save America's director.

The goal is to call the church and the nation to repent for failing to protect the preborn, Benham said. A key part of the effort is a demonstration that features an aborted baby in a casket, a horse representing judgment and a donkey representing mercy.

"When God's words fail, He speaks in living parables," Benham said in explaining the demonstration, which has met with criticism along the road. "This is a living parable."

Benham's passion for spreading the truth about abortion is also on display — a passion he says is his life's mission.

"I'm going to go down standing up in the name of Jesus Christ," he said, "and I pray that I just fall over the barbed wire and my kids run right over my back and continue storming the gates of hell."

Dr. Julie Parton, who heads the pregnancy resource center ministry at Focus on the Family, said the goal is worthy.

"The idea of helping restore meaning to the word 'abortion' is a very admirable goal, because I do think it's a word that's just been used so much that people are kind of oblivious or immune to it," she said.

But within the pro-life community, reaction to the walk has been mixed, she added.

"I think some folks would feel that it's probably a needed component to the debate," Parton said. "I think others would tell you that it sets back their work."

Operation Save America's Walk Across America is in Colorado this week and then on to Kansas. Benham said members will walk the entire route to Washington, D.C. except where the road is impassible on foot. To learn more, please see the Operation Save America Web site.

Also, with the powerful booklet "Pro-Life 101" you'll learn to accurately represent the issue of abortion, support the pro-life view both scientifically and philosophically, plus learn to refute five common objections to pro-life views. Included is a presentation to use when speaking on abortion, study questions for review, questions to make abortion advocates think, and a list of resources to help persuasively defend the pro-life position.

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