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WAA Team Rocks the World's Boat in Sedalia, MO

WAA Team Rocks the World's Boat in Sedalia, MO

After leaving Kansas City the Christians with our "Walk" team did what Jesus said Christians are supposed to do everywhere – rock the boat of the world’s false peace in their sin with the gospel of Christ. This is what Jesus did when He proclaimed the Word of God which convicts us all of sin and points out our desperate need of a Savior. Those who are blind to the fact that they are dead and perishing in their sins always resort to attacking the messenger verbally if not both verbally and physically.

It was no different when our team brought the Living Parable into Sedalia, Missouri. Guilty of nothing except preaching Christ and calling sin by its name they were accused of causing a ruckus. One sinner in a tattoo parlor tried to escape the conviction the Holy Spirit brought to him by saying the only thing that bothered him was seeing a horse and donkey out in the hot summer sun. Where would horses and donkeys be if in the wild let alone domestic anywhere in Missouri or say in Israel? Certainly not in an air conditioned arena.

It is true that Judgment came up lame with a stone bruise but this man in Sedalia just redefined lame with that excuse for both man and beast! While he complained to the media about hot thirsty animals, God and our "Walk" team were concerned that he not perish in a fiery hell where there will be no relief for eternity. Nevertheless the saints were warned by police and told to be on their way. This is yet another witness that the Lord Jesus has visited their city and can never be denied. Below you can read the aptly named article that appeared in the Sedalia Democrat after the team rocked the boat of complacency, false security and counterfeit mercy with the gospel of King Jesus in Sedalia.

Later a kind man that ran a steak house did offer to give Judgment and Mercy some water and thenwound giving everyone on the team burgers and lemonade! God takes care of His own. - Steve

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it." Matthew 10:34, 37-39


From the Thursday, June 17, 2004 issue:

Traveling abortion foes make waves in Sedalia

By Chuck Orman
The Sedalia Democrat

Hecklers honked horns and police warned away a religious group attempting to protest Wednesday at the Sedalia Planned Parenthood office.

"People ran out of a tattoo parlor and started honking their car horns and then police cars arrived," said Flip Benham, leader of the "Walk Across America" prophetic tour.

He said his team of 11 people, plus a horse and a donkey, went across the street and began loading the animals in a trailer to move eastward, planning a stop in Jefferson City.

Mr. Benham said a part of the group, leading the horse and donkey, walked into Sedalia from La Monte and to the West Ninth Street office.

He said they were trying to tell the public that "abortion is murder."

Mr. Benham said that in the visual protest, a boy carries a broken set of the 10 commandments, a girl carries a broken doll symbolizing dead babies, the horse carries a banner saying "Judgment," meaning that God will stand in judgment, and the donkey wears a banner saying "Mercy," symbolizing that after judgment, God's mercy follows.

Rusty Thomas, also a group leader, said they had set out from San Clemente, Calif., 106 days ago, heading for Washington, D.C., to deliver messages to the White House and to warn Americans about what is happening in the world. It is called Operation Save America.

Mr. Thomas said that Americans are fearful and Homeland Security cannot protect them. "God's shield has been raised," he said.

"But if we return to the way of God, we will find relief," Mr. Thomas said.

He said the symbolic walk across the country is a warning to America that abortion is murder, homosexual sodomy is a sin and Islam is a lie.

"Everything is tolerated in America except Christianity," Mr. Benham said. "We feel this prophetic march is our First Amendment responsibility,"

Mr. Benham said group members have been arrested twice. "We were arrested in Mesquite, Nev., and Hutchinson, Kan., and told to move on out of town," he said.

After loading the animals and buying a cold drink, the protesters drove toward Jefferson City.

Insurance agent Mike Swain said he saw the "ruckus" as he was returning to his office at 1701 W. Ninth St. from lunch.

"My only concern was for the animals," Mr. Swain said. "It was hot and it looked like the animals needed a drink."

Mr. Swain said he wasn't concerned about the protest, "but they ought to leave the animals at home."

Jennifer Nicks, an owner of the tattoo parlor, Skin Thieves, 1703 W. Ninth St., said several from the tattoo parlor went outside to ask the protesters to move because they were blocking the parking lot.

"When we went out, they started making remarks about our profession, and we had to get the police involved. Then we decided arguing with them was getting them the attention they wanted, so we came back inside. When the police came, and we were inside, they left," she said.


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