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Walk Acrss America Report April 2, 2004


Walk Across America Report
April 2, 2004
By Brenda Spurlock

The team made their escape from Mesquite, NV, rejoicing in their freedom all the way! They cut across the corner of the state of Arizona and are now between St. George and Hurricane, Utah. A cold torrential downpour forced them to stop and take cover early this evening. They're parked at a fair grounds and will spend tonight there.

Flip wanted to hear the latest regarding the four American contractors killed in Fallujah. We discussed the barbarous attacks by Muslims, how they mutilated the burned bodies, dragged one though the streets and roped and hung the charred remains of another, and how the mob danced and cheered in the streets afterward. Flip said we shouldn't be surprised at this kind of behavior which we've seen before. Islam rejects the true God in Christ for the false bloodthirsty Allah. We know that all who hate God love death (Proverbs 8:36). Flip said we have three choices with Islam; either to be killed by them, to kill them, or to convert them to Christ which is our hope. To read his article, "Why are all Terrorists Muslim?" click on: http://www.operationsaveamerica.org/articles/articles/whyall-terrorists-muslim.htm.

We talked about an email received at our website from someone "dismayed" by Operation Save America's reaction to the signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. This individual hoped we would speak out in favor of the recently signed Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Flip's response was that, indeed we do approve this new law that is based on Biblical law. "And if men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows. But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life..." Exodus 21:22-23. He said we will continue to stand fast on God's law.

Flip said the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, on the other hand, is a bogus piece of legislation designed to make people feel good. He said it will not save the life of one child. "No one is going to police the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. We are the only ones policing abortion," he said. "I thank God for Christians at the mills who are reporting what they observe." He said, "Many people who support abortion think Partial Birth Abortion is so heinous that this is one abortion they don't like. The Devil himself would have voted for it!"

Flip said, "All the rest of it, the 24 hour waiting period and parental notification is wrong. In a sense, we're saying if a mom waits 24 hours and then decides to kill her baby, or if parents are notified and say it's okay to have their grandchild killed, then that's all right - and it's not! We're just making bargains on ways to kill the unborn."

"We can't give in to subtle compromises," he said. "Our motives are right, but our actions are wrong. David had right motives in wanting to bring the ark up to Jerusalem, but the Lord had said it was to be carried by two men and they put it on a cart. The consequences were that Uzzah reached out to steady it and was struck dead. We can't go compromising on God's Word. If God's Word isn't big and sharp enough to take the enemy then we're truly in trouble.