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Jesus Weeping in the Moon

Jesus Weeping in the Moon
Walk Report 8-25, 2004
By Kristene O'Dell

“Now as He drew near, He saw the city and wept over it saying, ‘If you had known, even you, especially in this your day, the things that make for your peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. For days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment around you, surround you and close you in on every side, and level you and your children within you, to the ground; and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not know the time of your visitation.” Luke 19:41-44.

The Walk Team is 48 miles outside of Washington, D.C. As they camped out at a small Baptist church the night before, Flip said that his son Johnny came to him frightened. Johnny told him that he had just seen Jesus weeping in the moon. He wanted to know what that could possibly mean. Johnny does not normally say that he sees visions and was shaken up a bit.

Jim and Gib began to point out the times in the Bible where Jesus wept. He wept once over the pain that Mary and Martha felt when their brother Lazarus died. The other was when He wept over Jerusalem . They all pondered this in their hearts as they bunked down for the night.

Flip had been wondering how they were going to walk into DC since it is all highway into the city. The pastor of the church they stayed at told them about a trail that the Union Army used called the
Chesapeake Ohio Canal . No cars are allowed on this trail. It leads them directly into the city and from there they can walk to the White House. Flip said that it is absolutely beautiful and it has given them time to marvel in quiet reflection as they come to their final destination. He said that it seems that God Himself has cloaked them as they come to “the most insignificant city in America.”

Why would we call Washington, D.C. “the most insignificant city in America?” Because she is the one who thinks she has all the answers. Flip said that entering this city is much different than entering small towns all across the nation. The battle will not be won in Washington, D.C.

Flip said that as all eyes are on the RNC this weekend, the eyes of heaven are on a small little obscure group sent to “deliver the mail” to a nation who will not receive the message. There is not a political solution to the mess we are in. God is looking for a repentant people. He is not looking for a people who are filled with worldly sorrow. He is not looking for a people who are vexed in their souls, yet do not engage in the battle. He is looking for true godly sorrow that leads to repentance. He is looking for a people who will earnestly see that justice is restored.

Flip also said this weekend made him think of another event. The Son of God became a little baby and was born in a small town called Bethlehem . We all know the story. He said what we may not know is that there was another place that overshadowed Bethlehem . This place was called the Herodium. It was built by Herod the Great who was an Edomite from the line of Esau. It was a huge city where all the politics of the day took place. Most eyes would look to the Herodium to ‘save' them. But Jesus came into the world in a small little town called Bethlehem .

It seemed that the prophesy of the older brother serving the younger brother (Jacob and Esau) may not come true, but One from the line of Jacob ( Israel ) was born as the true King and Savior of the world. God's promise prevailed! Most eyes did not see him. Most eyes still looked to the Herodium just as we do today with the RNC.

Flip said that there was something else he has been thinking about since Johnny had come to him the night before. Jerusalem was the Lord's final destination. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. He longed to bring mercy to His people but they would not receive Him (John 1:11). Jesus is once again sending His message on the back of a donkey. Washington , D.C. is our final destination. This city is the Jerusalem of our nation. Will the message be received? We don't offer the waffling promises of the RNC, we come proclaiming that there is one Savior and His name is Jesus. The same Jesus born in a manger who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The same Jesus who wept over Jerusalem knowing that judgment would come just one generation later.

There is something else that is interesting as well. It was Shekinah (Rusty's oldest daughter) that came to her father broken and weeping before the walk began. It was the Lord dealing with her that was instrumental in the “Walk Across America” even taking place. Now it seems as the team nears their final destination, it is Johnny Benham who is seeing the heart of the Lord as he weeps over our nation. The Lord is doing something. He is preparing these young people to see as He sees. This is not a time to wring our hands, but rather a time to raise up our sons and daughters to see the battle taking place for the heart of this nation and be those who will earnestly see that justice is restored. It is a time for us to respond to the sounding of the trumpet as we raise up young arrows to take our place.

Perhaps there is still time for the mercy of our Lord. Perhaps we will see the time of our visitation. Perhaps…