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Walk repoty August 21

Walk Report – August 21, 2004
Flip's thoughts paraphrased by Kristene O'Dell

For those who think Americans are still basically friendly to the Gospel of Christ, this trip has proven otherwise. We get confronted with well mearothers and sisters all the time concerning the use of our aborted baby signs at the mill. They tell us that there is another way to get our message out that is not so offensive. They believe that our methods are what cause all the commotion and that there is simply a better way of doing things than ours. Of course, most of these brothers and sisters are not out in the battle to see what it is we actually do. But nevertheless, they are convinced we do not do things in a “Christian” manner and bring consequences upon ourselves.

Although we understand their hearts in the matter, we are out in the streets day after day and understand that the heart of this nation is hard to the Gospel of Christ. We know that many times just saying the name of Jesus creates a hostile environment. Everyone screams tolerance until the name of Jesus is spoken.

This is what is taking place as the Walk Team leaves Saratoga Springs and heads toward Washington , D.C. There are no graphic aborted baby pictures displayed. The Ten Commandments lead the way followed by a handful of people with animals in tow. On the back of the RV that follows the team as they walk, is a banner that simply says, “ America , Jesus died for you.” It is this simple statement that invokes the anger of many as they call the team names and direct them as of where they can go.

Why is it that this simple statement invokes such a response? Because only those who know they are sinners find mercy and understand the sacrifice that Jesus made. The problem is the Church in America has hidden the Law of God and replaced it with a seeker-friendly message that appeals to us on a more psychological level. Why would Jesus need to die for you if you are a pretty good guy who doesn't do too many things wrong?

“There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, yet is not washed from its filthiness.” Proverbs 30:12. America is full of “self-made” men and women who think they stand for everything good and do not realize from where their blessings come from. Sadly, even when knocking at the doors of the Church, many do not recognize the Savior of their souls. We have so watered down the Word of God to try to reach people without offending them that there is no fear of the Lord in this nation anymore.

So with the Ten Commandments leading the way, the team will enter into Washington , D.C. Following the broken baby, Judgment, Mercy, and Justice will be the RV with the banner that reads, “ America , Jesus died for you.” We pray that we would recognize our Savior while he comes to us longing to bring mercy and restoration upon this nation that once stood for Biblical truth and righteousness. We pray that our eyes be opened to see that we are clothed in filthy rags of sin and we need the healing touch of Jesus Christ. Please do not mock the One who is able to restore justice to this nation and bring salvation to many, maybe even to you.