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Walk Across America July 13, 2004 report

Walk Across America July 13, 2004 report
By Brenda Spurlock

We've lost the Columbus church that was going to host our nightly rallies. Flip asked to have the saints pray about this and to remind everyone that this is not our battle but the Lord's. He said, "We planned our way, but it's up to the Lord to direct our steps." (Proverbs 16:9 paraphrased.) More and more old friends are coming to their camp to visit. John Reyes is there. So is the Heldreth family. Flip said more are due to arrive today. He sounded eager to see everyone and said, "Tell the folks to come on, we're waiting!"

Flip told me more about yesterday's events. He said that after the missionaries, Judy and Janet, had gotten the team lunch and everyone had sung 'Happy Birthday' to Judy, Flip happened to notice a woman just finishing with her run through the park. He went over to hand her a brochure and said, "This is for you, to remind you that Jesus loves you." He said the woman, Mary, broke out in tears. She told him she had done so much wrong that she found it hard to believe that Jesus could still love her. Flip comforted her with words from Isaiah 1:18. He said, "This is a divine appointment and God wants you to know that, though your sins are as scarlet, they can be washed white as snow." He continued to speak words of truth, love and encouragement to her. He said the way God worked things out was so perfect because he was able to introduce Mary to Judy and Janet, who live in the area and can follow up with her to help, advise and disciple.

The team has passed out thousands of pamphlets. Flip said more people are acknowledging their existence all the time; they'll stop and question team members. They've had another radio interview. Flip said Rusty has witnessed to one person after another. He said Destiny tried to give a brochure to a man who wouldn't take it. Later, the man came back and said, "I know what all of this, (indicating the Living Parable), means. You have the broken Ten Commandments and that's a broken baby isn't it?" He went on to tell her what each part meant. He said, "You didn't think I was smart enough to figure it out, did you?" When he began debating Destiny from his pro-abortion viewpoint, Flip said Destiny's logic based on the cross of Christ broke down every argument. In the end, the man asked if he could go ahead and take one of those brochures after all.

Flip described how the Living Parable traveled through Springfield, OH with the big sound system going and a police escort in front and behind them with their lights flashing. He said, "The police just showed up! I kept expecting to go to jail or at least to be warned, but no, they escorted us the entire distance." With a quizzical tone, he said, "I guess they were just interested in making sure we left town." (Oh no, Flip, it couldn't possibly be that...)

Y'all come to Columbus now, y'hear?