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Walk Across America July 12, 2004 report

Walk Across America July 12, 2004 report
By Brenda Spurlock

Janet and Judy were on their way to sing at a church Sunday morning when they saw our Walk team and said they just had to stop and talk to them. The women who are missionaries and teachers had just returned from witnessing at a South Dakota Indian reservation. Janet told Flip she was having trouble with her eyesight and was seeing double. She said she saw eight presidents at Mount Rushmore! She was concerned that she wouldn't be able to read the music at the morning service. Flip prayed with her asking God to restore her sight. Sunday night Gib came in and asked, "Did you pray with two ladies this morning?" Flip said he did. Gib told him they wanted to see him. As soon as he came out, Janet said, "I can see! I see one!" She and Judy were rejoicing.

This morning she had a doctor's appointment and went in to tell the doctor she no longer had a problem with her eyesight. The women took pictures of the team and walked with them. Flip said around 11:30 they disappeared for a bit and returned with a huge lunch for everyone. They are planning to come to Columbus. We hope they will share with us what the Lord has done.

George Pennington, pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church of Lewisburg, OH for 42 years, said he very seldom opens his pulpit to anyone, but he generously opened it to Rusty Sunday morning and to Flip Sunday night. Flip said Curtis was even allowed to sound the shofar. Before they left, the church collected a love offering for them.

Flip said this 81-year old saintly pastor loved on them and told them what they are doing is the right thing and that he felt privileged to have them speak at his church. He told them, "I support you guys!" Flip said Pastor Pennington strongly urged his congregation to take action to make a difference in our culture. While he was there the congregation was signing a Marriage Amendment petition. Flip said, "It makes our hearts soar to see these faithful men of God all across this land, standing for righteousness."

Flip said he had been wondering what to do, they were needing to go pick up Judgment but Rusty and his kids sleep in the large horse trailer which is air conditioned and outfitted like an RV. They would be left with no place to sleep. He said John Moller who lives not far from Dayton, OH, called and said, "We're praying for you. Is there anything we can do for you?" Flip told him, "We need a truck and a horse trailer to pick up Judgment." He chuckled and said the situation reminded him of when they had gone from farm to farm asking for a horse. John told him he would see what he could do. Flip said the next thing he knew here was John driving into camp with a truck and horse trailer!

Currently the team is at a Church of God campground. In the 131 days they've been traveling, they've only paid to stay somewhere three times. Flip said, "That's the provision of the Lord!" He talked about how important Curtis has been to the team, he had just fixed the refrigerator and has replaced almost everything on the RV. He told what a good friend Jim Phillips has been and what a faithful member of the team. "Here's a brilliant man with a seminary degree who voluntarily cares for the animals and cleans up after them."

Mrs. Patsy has been sick but is some improved. Please pray for her. The Thomas family also needs your prayers as Liz, (the solo driver), and children travel to Columbus.