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Walk Across America June 28, 2004 report

Walk Across America June 28, 2004 report
By Brenda Spurlock

St. Louis Planned Parenthood was treated to a second go-round with our Walk team on Saturday. Afterward the team went to the Hope(less) Clinic in Granite City where a baby's life was saved, thanks be to God! Flip said police brought a horse trailer around and "tried to put our animals in jail, because they're 'farm animals.'" He told them, "These aren't farm animals, they're parade animals!" That did the trick. Justice and Mercy retained their freedom.

Daniel and Angela Michael fed the crew lunch and also found them free hotel rooms for their stay. They all enjoyed the luxury of soft beds and hot showers!

Sunday, Rusty and Flip preached at a Baptist church in Valmeyer, Illinois. Pastor Zip, his wife Donna and the congregation fed everyone lunch then gave them a big cake decorated with the Living Parable, right down to the horse!

In the afternoon our Walk team visited the St. Louis Gay Pride Festival or "homosexual lust fest," as Flip called it, where homosexuals freely "... displayed their sin like Sodom." (Isaiah 3:9). According to Flip the newspaper grossly over-exaggerated attendance, claiming 70,000 celebrants over a two day period. He said there was a maximum of 5,000 at the park while they were there.

He described the badges worn by many participants, pink backing with "Gay by God" in black lettering. "They are NOT 'gay by God'" he said. "That's an attempt to justify their sin. A sinful nature will kill you. It needs to be repented of. Sin turns us into animals and monsters." He said his message to those dying in their sin was, "God loves you and is sending you a letter today through these foolish people you see here. The message is: homosexuality is a sin that will destroy those who practice it and the nation that approves it."

A pavilion sign read, "We're not sinners. We're just spreading God's love." Flip responded, "The love of God would tell you homosexuality will kill you. The good news is that if you confess your sin, He'll save you. He can't save someone who won't accept His judgment that homosexuality is an abomination." He said, "Jesus is a friend of sinners, not of those who think they are well and are relying on their own righteousness."

The crowd grew angry as the Truth was preached, swearing at the team. "We got a feeling for what it would be like to be in a Muslim country trying to preach the Gospel," Flip said. It was a scary feeling, he admitted. Two sodomite policewomen came after them. "We know they were sodomites," he remarked, "because they told us they were. They wanted us to know how angry they were that we would dare come into their lust fest and ruin it with truth and the light of the Gospel." He said, "Every time the Gospel was spoken they would blow whistles trying to drown it out or make viperous comments. They became enraged screaming over and over, 'Get out! Get out!'" He told them, "This is a public park and we're exercising our First Amendment rights."

"Here are people who are calling for tolerance the most," he said, "who are being the most intolerant." The policewomen grabbed Flip by the tie and shirt and even grabbed the kids and shoved them. He said, "If these ladies had their way we'd all be dead. 'All who hate Me love death.'" (Proverbs 8:36). Flip said, "Sodomy is still illegal in St. Louis, but the St. Louis Chief of Police was at the head of the Gay Pride parade. How would you expect police to enforce laws when the chief is saying by his actions that sodomy laws don't matter?"

Eventually they were forced to leave the park. As they stood on the sidewalk outside the gates, Flip said some policemen realized they were being harrassed and kept a protective eye on them. One of them said, "You know, you brought this on yourself." Flip asked him, "Do you mean you want us to just stay inside the church and not take the Gospel of Salvation to those who so desperately need it and are dying without it?" He said, "Jesus could have stayed in His heavenly sanctuary, but He was scourged and He was crucified for us. Did He bring it on Himself?" Flip said, "Sometimes you have to despise the shame and endure the cross."

Later on another police officer told Flip he had to stop preaching over the sound system. He said, "The sodomites had a sound system even louder than ours going for 4 hours, so it wasn't the sound, it was the content of the message." When he didn't stop immediately, the officer slapped handcuffs on him. The sergeant, who had talked with him earlier and who was a good Christian, said, "Hey, don't arrest that guy!" So, he was released.

Rusty and Angela prayed with a 93-year old woman. They saw her all hunched over walking slowly past the park looking at the sodomite fest. They said she was weeping as she walked past. She turned around and walked past again still weeping. They learned that she had come from Romania many years ago and deeply loves America. She was despondent this day because she saw so clearly that liberty has become license and "a shining city on a hill" has lost her gleam.

According to Flip, there were opportunities for team members to talk one on one with some of the homosexuals...and they listened. He said as far as he knew no one was saved, but one guy he talked with told him he wanted to kill himself. After they had talked awhile and Flip had offered him the hope that is to be found in Jesus, a change seemed to come over him and he wept and hugged Flip before he left. He said, "Deep inside they know this is wrong, so many are conflicted. The problem is nobody's telling the truth about this sin anymore."

The team had just left Highland, IL as we rang off. The Michael family had walked almost 11 miles with them. They weren't on Hwy. 70 but were near it.