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Walk Across America Report - June 16

Walk Across America
June 16, 2004 Report

By Brenda Spurlock

Flip said the Walk Across America team spent the night at a large Baptist church in Warrensburg, MO night before last. The church staff didn’t see our literature until the team was about to leave. One staff member said, "We don't agree with your literature. We have doctors in our church who are ministering to [the local abortionist]." The staff member asked, "Are you stopping at Planned Parenthood?" When told that we were unable to stop, he said, "Good, because you would have ruined all we've done to lead this doctor to Christ."

He saw Bill Hewitt's 'intolerant shirt' and said, "Now that is just so hate-filled!" Then he issued a challenge, "I bet you can't name one person won to Christ by your brand of activism." (I wonder if he has ever heard of Norma McCorvey, aka, Roe, of Roe v Wade?)

Flip commented, "We win more people to Christ by accident then the church does with evangelism." The Bridgeport, Connecticut saints are a case in point. Over a period of 12 years at that mill, 356 souls have been saved in addition to the lives of 1,277 babies. Praise God!!

According to Flip this church is building a day care. He said, "They can't call fathers home, so they have to be a father."

Last night the team stayed in La Monte, MO, home of Whitman Air Force Base and the B-2 Spirit Bomber. They stayed at a Christian church pastored by a dynamic man of God, Bruce Sneed. Flip said they've chosen to walk Hwy 50 as they found Hwy 70 too difficult.

The team visited Sedalia Planned Parenthood today. When folks in the tattoo parlor across the street heard our sound system and came out to investigate, they were very irate at encountering the Living Parable. They began blowing their car horns to drown out the sounds of the Gospel being preached. As Flip put it, "The tattooed and pierced come out to stand in the gap for Planned Parenthood."

A young man named Ryan was among the most vocal of the group. Flip called to Ryan and asked if he was a Christian. He said, "H--- NO! As he and the others yelled curses, Flip entreated him to turn to Christ and warned of the consequences of unrepentant sin. Ryan said you're judging me you @#$%!! Flip told him, "Ryan, we're just God's way of telling you one more time, 'Ryan, I love you.'"

Flip said it occurred to him that these were fatherless kids yelling at them, hating anyone they perceived as judgmental, anyone who speaks with authority. He said, "Planned Parenthood wants to be a parent to our children but a more malevolent parent could never be found. They teach that anything goes."

Of course the police came and threatened to arrest... who....? No, not the ones honking their horns and yelling obscenities - the true disturbers of peace, the Christians. Flip said those who are in league with Satan are always disturbed by the name of Jesus. "They hate that name! It makes them very angry!" Nonetheless, Flip told the police, "It is our First Amendment duty to offer these folks the hope that is to be found only in the name of Jesus." Eventually the police agreed they had a right to be there and left them alone.

The good news is that the Good News was preached! And following that, a kind man, Terry, who runs Goodies Steak and Shake Shop asked if he could give Justice the horse and Mercy the donkey some water. Of course our team said, "Yes." Then, joy! Terry wound up giving everybody burgers and lemonade. "...and whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you he shall not lose his reward." (Matt. 10:42)