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Walk Across America Team Leaves Kansas City


(At different intervals young people, families and ministries have joined the Walk.
When they leave, the Team is encouraged and the "Walkers" are never the same!)

The WAA Team is leaving Kansas City, which has given them quite a story for their journals. As the Team was nearing the Kansas border, Flip began feeling compelled to make a change of plans and to take a northern trek up to visit Kansas City. ("A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps." -Prov.16:9) When they arrived, Judgment, the horse, came up lame, which hindered their progress. They had to get him checked out and things were not looking too good for him. There's a possibility that Judgment may not be able to continue the Walk, which is sad for all the Team. They have literally fallen in love with this animal. They are asking for your prayers for him and for wisdom in how to proceed.

During this time, instead of walking as planned, they decided to visit an abortion mill, where the Lord was setting them up for a(nother!) divine appointment. While they were there that morning a man drove up who had vodka in his car, open bottles of beer and (according to his own admission) had just smoked crack cocaine.

"Do you actually help people out here?" he yelled gruffly out his window. "Do you really save any lives?"

"Sometimes, sir." Rusty replied.

To everyone's surprise this man broke out crying. Rusty urged him to pull over, to which he refused. "Pull over," Rusty insisted and the man sped off and then, again to their surprise, he pulled to the side of the road where Rusty, long-time pro-lifer Gene Fry and Richard Shilling, also a local, began to minister to him. They were able to exhort and encourage him for about a half an hour. They gave him a Bible and were able to lay hands on him and pray for him, rebuking the tormenting spirits of addiction.

During these prayers, Rusty said the grace of God was present and the man felt it. He wept and cried out, "Why did I do this? Why did I turn my back on my Lord and run to drinking and drugs? Why did I leave my wife? I'm a loser!"

These Christian men, who were just coming to the abortion mill like always to faithfully stand for life, were now turning this hopeless sinner to the hands of a loving Lord. "You're in just the perfect position for the Lord to step in and deliver you." They gave him hope when all he wanted to do was die. "You shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord," was the Scripture they gave him, found in Ps. 118:17. The battle for this man's soul was intense.

After their time of ministry they were able to direct him to a church and the Richard Shilling family intends to follow up on the discipleship of this man.

As Rusty preached at the abortion mill, the security guard and even some of the people who had dropped off friends and family members to abort their babies, gathered around to hear.

Through this preaching, the Lord opened a door for an invitation to preach at People's Chapel. The pastor just happened to be in the hospital (nothing too serious) and needed someone to preach that Sunday. It turns out the pastor is David Meade, a former "rescuer," so the Team was made to feel very comfortable there. "It was like an old rescue church service," Rusty said.

The Team had a very successful time of ministry there, in spite of their setbacks. There were good times of fellowship with good people. Some even committed to come to OSA's National Event in Columbus , OH July 17-24. See www.operationsaveamerica.org for more details. We would love to see some of you all there as well!

-Liz Thomas

P.S. We've received news that the Lord has provided another horse to take Judgment's place while he gets taken care of! Read on if you'd like to know this amazing story, posted by Brenda Spurlock of OSA. They just crossed the Missouri border as well!

Walk Across America
June 15, 2004 report

Flip told me he had no idea what to do regarding the need for a horse. He said he wondered, "God, how are you going to get us out of this?" He asked Gib to drive to some ranches and suggested, "let's just tell them...(here he chuckled a little)...'Jesus has need of a horse.'" They stopped at several ranches. They even tried an Ace 'the helpful' Hardware Store. No one had a horse, or knew of anyone who had a horse, that they would be willing to loan to a couple of strangers.

Flip said he sat down and asked, "God, what can we do?" He admitted, "I had no clue." He finally decided to call the Athens , Texas ranch that was the staging area for the journey, and talk with Carolyn Palmer about their serious predicament. Carolyn did an on-line search for horse ranches in reasonably close proximity to Kansas City and called Flip back with two phone numbers.

The first one he called was Last Chance Farm in Nortonville where he spoke with Elsie Darrah who works with Tennessee Walking Horses. Flip explained the Living Parable and how important a part a horse plays. He told her that Judgment had gone lame and needed a chance to heal. When she had listened to everything he had to say, she said, "I may have a horse for you. Come and talk with me." Strictly on faith, Flip told the rest of the team to go east of Kansas City and find a place to meet tomorrow where they can prepare to hit the road.

He and Gib were about half way to Nortonville when Ms. Darrah called back and asked if his organization had a web site. He gave her the web address. Flip said, "I don't think she was sure about us." When they arrived at Last Chance Farm, Flip said, "The first thing Ms. Darrah wanted to do was take a look at Judgment." When she had seen him and knew he was well cared for, she seemed to relax. She knew they could be trusted with the horse she had for them. Gib started to lead Judgment back outside the barn when Ms. Darrah took the reins, smiled, and said, "I'll take care of him now."

Ms. Darrah had a Tennessee Walker that she'd had for 21 years that she wanted them to see. Flip said "Justice" is much bigger than Judgment and is a beautiful chestnut color, not white. Ms. Darrah told them she was giving them this horse to keep. This is an amazing answer to prayer and an exceedingly generous gift. At the end of the Walk Across America, Flip will place Justice with a therapy group close to Concord , NC , where children with muscular dystrophy have the opportunity to ride horses.

One of the team members will come back to pick up Judgment when he is healed. Flip said the Living Parable's new line-up at that time will be: the broken Ten Commandments, the broken baby, Justice, Mercy and Judgment. He said, "God orchestrated this."

You can visit Last Chance Farm on-line at: