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Walk Across America Report, April, 30, 2004


Walk Across America Report
April 30, 2004
By Brenda Spurlock

Ken and Jo Scott and Bob Enyart, the pastor of Denver Bible Church and radio talk show host, treated the team to breakfast this morning. Flip said, "They treated us like kings and queens!" To hear Flip's interview with Bob, go to http://www.kgov.com/.

The team made a trip to Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. Curtis sounded the shofar as they walked past the school. Students came to the windows to see what was happening. Flip said the school's football coach called them onto school property. He said he wanted to hear their message. They didn't realize that he had already called the police and was purposely luring them onto school property. They were talking with him about the meaning behind the living parable when police pulled up. The coach immediately began flailing his arms and yelling, "I want you off this property!" They were only eight or ten feet from the sidewalk and easily moved back onto it. Police didn't pay too much attention to the coach's bluster, but just asked the team not to go on the school grounds again.

Teachers tried to keep kids from coming to talk with the team, but some came anyway and took their literature.

Rusty was preaching from the depths of his heart when a Christian teacher came out. "Brother," he said, "you can't get anywhere by screaming at people. You're hurting your cause." He said, "You've got to build relationships with people before they'll listen to anything you have to say." Flip explained that it was difficult to speak to students who were 150 feet away without raising your voice. Rusty said, "I have a Christian duty to preach the message God has given me." He told the teacher he had no choice in the matter. They told the teacher they had just been asked by a young girl, Katy, to pray for her friend who had been hurt in a car wreck. "Have you prayed for Katy's friend?" they asked the teacher. He mumbled something about having a prayer meeting once a week.

They heard the same old refrain from the principal. He told them he is a Christian. He said he respected what they were trying to do but, "You aren't going about it the right way."

The team went to the Denver Capitol building and then to the federal courthouse where they held an Ecclesiastical court. Although absolutely frozen at this point, since it was snowing, they then walked 16 or 17 blocks to Planned Parenthood to stand with the saints there who have been coming out for years to seek mercy for unborn children dying in that place. One woman has been coming out 14 years.

Judgment left a deposit at Planned Parenthood in what was deemed by some as a prophetic movement.