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Walk Across America Report, April 26, 2004

Walk Across America Report
April 26, 2004
By Liz Thomas and Brenda Spurlock

Flip enthusiastically explained why nation-wide media had gathered in Eagle, CO just as the Walk team happened to be close by.

"Jesus set this up for us!"

"This was a God incident, not a coincidence!"

Bill Darr was the first to learn and inform the others that the Kobe Bryant trial was taking place in Eagle. So the team turned around and marched into the business district of Eagle right up to the courthouse where the case was being tried. Jim Phillips set up the loud speaker close to the courthouse and "We unsheathed the Word of God," Flip said.

There was no action taking place in the Kobe Bryant case, the media was not doing anything and so they all gathered round. Flip began to preach out of Micah 6:8, "...What does the Lord require of you but to do justice...." and from Isaiah 59:4,14,15, "...Truth has stumbled in the street...Now the Lord saw, and it was displeasing in His sight that there was not justice." He explained the ‘living parable to America" and then called Kobe Bryant to repentance. "Only then," he said, "will justice be served and true mercy be extended."

Rusty was interviewed by media sources, from Los Angeles and Denver. They asked him, "What is the connection between the Walk Across America and the Kobe case?" Rusty said, "Regardless of whether he raped the girl or the act was consensual, America has forgotten the real problem. It is that this man has committed adultery. He has broken covenant with God and with his wife." Rusty said, "That is a physical manifestation of the spiritual condition of this nation."

He said, " America has more gods and idolatries than the hairs on our heads. That is why we question and debate whether this was rape and whether or not it is wrong, all the while overlooking the sin of adultery." He said, "Our only hope is to repent, turn back to the God of our fathers and His Law, and only then will the Lord bring healing to our broken land."